New Horizon Poll another body blow to Todd Muller



The new Horizon Poll that was taken during some of the quarantine breaches and it has shown no bounce at all for Muller…

Voters think Jacinda Ardern better than Todd Muller to manage both pandemic response and economic recovery – poll

Out of the current crop of political leaders, more than half of voters would pick Jacinda Ardern to lead the COVID-19 economic recovery, a new poll has found.

The current Prime Minister had the backing of 53 percent of respondents in the latest Horizon poll, with her rival for the top job Todd Muller only getting 24 percent. The result is a near-match for the latest party polling, – Labour getting 56 percent to National’s 26 in the latest Roy Morgan poll, released nearly three weeks ago.

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…this is actually a more devastating blow to National than the pure party polling because management of the economy has always been National’s advantage. Despite all the evidence showing that Labour in power does well for everyone while National in power only makes those already rich wealthier, most NZers have always given National this aura of economic power that they don’t actually have.

This myth is slowly dying with more NZers trusting Jacinda now on the economy…

…what’s fascinating however is this…

Third place was ‘none of these’, with 13 percent, followed by NZ First leader Winston Peters on 4 percent, ACT’s David Seymour on 3 percent, and the Green Party leadership duo of Marama Davidson and James Shaw on 2 percent.

…more NZers trust bloody David Seymour to run the economy than the Greens?????

Oh how low have we on the Left fallen?

This poll is further evidence of the psychological change in the electorate. Many voters who had never seen Jacinda outside of news soundbites or short Breakfast TV interviews were blown away by her daily hour long briefings and they felt gratitude to Jacinda.

This emotional attachment can cut the other way if voters feel their lockdown sacrifice has been squandered by incompetent public servants, and we’ve seen that anger last week, but until the incompetence actually sparks off community transfer and forces us back into lockdown, voters will maintain that enthusiasm and gratitude to Jacinda.

Labour are still on track for a majority Government.

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  1. Yes in one Now Martyn.

    You can see that the young are beginning to make the polls switch to Jacinda as she is very popular to them as she represents the young more than others.

    NZF First will survive to become a coalition again with Labour as the older generation will vote for NZF as they represent the ‘middle to elders’ age of NZ more than Labour does.

    National will have some but falling away now due to Muller now raising his profile as “just another bitter angry white man”. I’m 76 this year and even me at my advanced age cannot look at Todd Muller as he is scary especially around and inside his eyes I see a troubled desperate man.

  2. Do what WHO told us all to do on 17th March to do to beat covid 19; – is to ‘test,test,test’,-or you will fly blind.

    That is the problem.

  3. Please make it so, despite the justified criticisms of Labour for not yet renouncing Roger’n’Ruth’s legacy…it remains hard to be convinced, for some of us that have personally experienced the voting patterns of this country since Norm Kirk’s great ’72 Govt. that the polls will translate to where that black marker pen lands on the Party Vote form…

  4. I noticed that Niki Kaye was present with another National MP in the foyer of the Stamford Plaza hotel during the debacle that going on there. Seems a coincidence.

  5. Possibly a tad disingenuous there Martyn?
    Horizon says: “An independent Horizon Research nationwide survey between June 10 and 14 (midnight Sunday)”.
    Radio NZ’s excellent Covid-19 timeline says: “On 16 June, after 24 consecutive days without a new case of covid-19 in New Zealand, two new cases are announced.”
    Yet you say: “The new Horizon Poll that was taken during some of the quarantine breaches…”
    I say: “Yes we know now that the breaches were in that period, but it wasn’t public knowledge at the time of the poll.”

  6. I am amazed at how willingly the mainstream NZ media are to sensationalise things eg the two sisters getting from Auckland to Wellington on one tank of gas as well as getting lost along the way and coming into contact with a number of people along the way.
    The reticence of the media to give more publicity to the fact Chris Bishop requested those two sisters be allowed out of Managed Isolation. And the fact the National sat on the information for a number of hours which placed the population at added risk all because National wanted to score brownie points politically and to Hell with the NZ population.
    I don’t trust National and I sure as Hell don’t trust Todd Muller. If he really did care about NZers at the time of hearing about the two sisters then a proper and respectable person should have let the authorities know. Not sit on it for perhaps 8 hours or so.
    On Wednesday evenings’ news I heard the report that National has ‘surged’ ahead. blah. blah. blah in the Colmar Brunton Poll. I found that use of wording really pathetic but figure the mainstream NZ media will always speak of National in glowing terms because they(the media)are so deep into the NZ National Party pocket.
    The thing about the polls coming out in the news right now is I take them with a pinch of salt. The most important poll is on election day. Lets hope Labour gets in in a landslide victory and kicks National into the gutter where it belongs.


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