Bolton’s revelations – surely the end of Trump?


There are just so many times in Trump’s mad reign that you think, ‘oh surely he’s over now right’? But just like his superpower of being able to lower the bar again and again and again with his deplorable behaviour, he manages to side step scandals that would utterly consume anyone else.

The criticisms by Bolton, who himself is a vicious neoliberal war monger, are simply spectacular…

According to Bolton, Trump told Xi Jinping that the mass incarceration of Uighurs was “exactly the right thing to do”, and asked the Chinese leader for help getting re-elected. He said journalists should be executed. He thought it would be “cool” to invade Venezuela. He was uninterested in disarming North Korea, but obsessed for months about getting a CD of Elton John’s Rocket Man to Kim Jong-un. He thought Finland was part of Russia. He defended Saudi Arabia over the slaughter of dissident and Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi as a wheeze to distract attention from a minor scandal involving his daughter Ivanka’s use of a private email account. And that are just the first scrapings from Bolton’s account

…I mean, there’s just so much in that one paragraph that is gasp inducing and should be career ending, but it’s only another paragraph in chapters and chapters and chapters of damning assessments of Trump that at this stage it just starts becoming white noise.

The fact he’s holding a rally/plague incubation public health hazard today should in of itself rule him out as President, yet here we are.

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Nothing manages to sum up the zeitgeist of madness that is the present moment right now better than Trump forcing anyone who comes to his rally to sign a contract saying they won’t sue him if they catch the virus.

He’s an ethical black hole.

With Covid disproportionately killing more African Americans & with many African Americans being Democrats, is Trump’s rally at Tulsa, the home of one of America’s worst racist massacres, less political pantomime and more potential political bio weapon?

My guess is you will see Trump using the pandemic and the BLM civil disobedience to choke off and suppress the vote itself this election…

‘A giant warning siren’: Concerns about November’s election grow after Georgia’s disastrous primary

A perfect storm of Election Day problems made parts of Georgia the new poster child for the perils states face as they adapt American voting procedures to meet the needs of voters during a pandemic.

In many ways, Georgia’s chaotic experience — which was concentrated in densely populated Fulton and DeKalb counties — was predictable. A high volume of in-person voters and absentee ballots combined with fewer available poll workers and polling locations due to virus fears were all widely anticipated problems that states like Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania had experienced in their primaries in the weeks prior.
But the state’s inability to prepare and rectify them underscore for many election officials, activists and experts the need to quickly ramp up funding, preparedness and training ahead of the November general election.

…Trump’s incompetence has exacerbated the pandemic in America and his spiteful malice doesn’t work when people are dying in huge numbers for a problem many suspect he’s contributed to so all he has left is simply killing off the ability for Democrats to participate in the process altogether.

I can’t work out what is a bigger treat to the planet – climate change, this pandemic or Trump himself.

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  1. Yes Trump is appalling, I make NO excuses for him.

    So that said, let’s now look at the USA system. You have to choose (99.999% of the time) between two people. Last time it was probably one of the worst persons in the world, Hitlery Clinton, so given less was known about Trumps ‘dum-ass-ness’ then, he just gets in.

    Now we know how insane he is, n.b. ALL USA Presidents should be hung for their cruelness and illegality ‘to most of the world’ using ‘Nuremburg rules’, and don’t get me going about Obama.
    BUT because the media is so biased, they have ‘protected the citizens from such unhelpful facts’. But with Trump they go out of their way to show how bad he is.

    So we have an appalling guy against Biden. F’ing Biden. The Dumocraps would be better off putting a sock-puppet up against Trump, the sock-puppet would probably win, but Biden….Biden…..for F-sake

    So that’s why my money, as of todays facts, is on Trump to win. Insane and as cruel as it is.
    The end of the USA empire is unfolding before our eyes. Most empires go through such insanity at ‘the end’.

    Trump is the symptom(s), not the cause.

    • Totally agree Kevin Brown. Having followed this fiasco as closely as is possible from our inconsequential isles. I am astonished that the dumbacrats have chosen a candidate that at many of the rallies / appearances i have watched gives the impression of not knowing where he is, let alone what day it is,(easier for the MIC to control i suppose). The thing that interests me most is the repeating by our own joke msm giving the impression that Biden is a viable alternative. (Has anybody noticed that THE POLLS have Biden leading), that should be enough to send a chill up the dumbacrats spine. Sadly through lack of decent opposition IMO the world is in for four more years of trump and his obscene hangers on bombeo etc.

    • Totally agree Kevin Brown. Having followed this fiasco as closely as is possible from our inconsequential isles. I am astonished that the dumbacrats have chosen a candidate that at many of the rallies / appearances i have watched gives the impression of not knowing where he is, let alone what day it is,(easier for the MIC to control i suppose). The thing that interests me most is the repeating by our own joke msm giving the impression that Biden is a viable alternative. (Has anybody noticed that THE POLLS have Biden leading, that should be enough to send a chill up the dumbacrats spine. Sadly through lack of decent opposition IMO the world is in for four more years of trump and his obscene hangers on bombeo etc.

      originally submitted at 7pm 21/6/20 ???

  2. The thing is Martyn that there some remaining attributes of democracy operating in America , massively compromised as they may be. But in crude form presidents once elected cannot be removed by the dislike of te other side of the political divide unless they do something bad enough to warrant impeachment . The opposition has to wait until another election and put up a more attractive candidate. And the fact that they have chosen Joe Biden would seem to indicate that they don’t actually care about winning the next election anyway.
    Mr Trump is likely to be around to abhor for 4 more years. Enjoy.
    D J S

  3. He’s certainly leading the Bolsenaro, Netanyahu, Modi, Rocket Man, Xi, Duterte, MBS club eh?
    It’s a club some Kiwi politicians would like a stake in

  4. The Trump faithful millions have gone no where, there is a good chance of Trump being re-elected due to a combination of voter suppression and the “second tier vote” Electoral College. The popular vote may well be 5 or 6 mill in favour of the Democrat candidate, but that does not mean they will win in the wacky, twisted world of US democracy.

    Bernie needs to be reinstated as challenger or at least VP runner. The ailing Biden will likely be slaughtered by Trump’s Fox News and all the rest of his enablers.

  5. I have friends in the US and whilst they voted for Trump in the last election they will not vote for him at the upcoming one. He never delivered on his promises and they just don’t like him or trust him one bit. And they live in Wisconsin which is one State supporters of Trump carry on about for probably all the wrong reasons.

    I am wondering when will someone in the medical world of the States finally call Trump out as being mentally unstable and unfit for being a leader of a country like the States???!!! But I doubt that will happen because it does appear Trump uses the full force of bullying and intimidation to get his way.

    Despite its poverty I believe Venezuela has oil reserves and Trump would be wanting that oil even if it means conquest by invasion. And Trump would ensure somewhere along the way the proceeds of any conflict results in more money into his bank accounts(which are probably many and varied i.e a black hole that no-one in the financial world in the States can find the bottom of).

  6. both hilarious and worrying is a conspiracy theory i came across recently which portrays Trump as a saviour. worrying because of the numbers of people out there swimming in more and more conspiracy theories, a lot of them aimed at the downfall og governments.
    enjoy this one:
    Apparently, Robert Kennedy didn’t actually die and he has been in hiding and researching who the illuminati are and how they are reaching into every aspect of government. And he will soon be ready to re-emerge and clear them all out, thereby saving us. He is hiding behind the code name Q. associated with the Anonymous movement. Trump is of course involved in these efforts. He was put in there to “clear the deck” or “drain the swamp” of the illuminati within government. Proof of this is in all the sackings he has done. The attacks on him by the media is proof that they are puppets of the illuminati. The end goal of the illuminati of course is world domination via the New World Order totalitarian government being developed by the UN funded by bill gates. But Trump is a brave warrior against that agenda. His apparent bumbling way of speaking and saying things that don’t make sense or have to be withdrawn or whatever are a way of disguising his real intent, a diversionary tactic so the illuminati wont click on to his real purpose. All will be revealed when Q (Robert) comes back and the anonymous group take out all the illuminati in one fell swoop.

  7. “Trump’s incompetence has exacerbated the pandemic in America and his spiteful malice doesn’t work when people are dying in huge numbers for a problem many suspect he’s contributed to so all he has left is simply killing off the ability for Democrats to participate in the process altogether.”

    Unless his supporters – all clumping together, shoulder to shoulder, at his rallies – all catch covid19 and drop dead first…

  8. I can’t work out who’s worse; – ‘climate change, the pandemic, Hitlery Clinton, trump or the supreme warmonger Bolton’ ;- you choose;

    News Desk
    John (“Bomb Iran”) Bolton, the New Warmonger in the White House

    Bolton, a Yale-educated lawyer whose trademark is a white walrus mustache, championed the invasion of Iraq in 2003, which produced chaos followed by waves of extremist violence in the region. He also advocated international intervention to oust Syria’s Bashar al-Assad. He has repeatedly urged military action in Iran and North Korea, which he has called “two sides of the same coin.”
    In an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, written two months ago, Bolton condemned the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran as a “massive strategic blunder”—then went further. American policy, he wrote, “should be ending Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution before its fortieth anniversary,” next February. “Recognizing a new Iranian regime in 2019 would reverse the shame of once seeing our diplomats held hostage for four hundred and forty-four days. The former hostages can cut the ribbon to open the new U.S. Embassy in Tehran.”
    Shortly before the Iran deal—brokered by the world’s six major powers—Bolton wrote a piece in the Times entitled “To Stop Iran’s Bomb, Bomb Iran.” In it, he predicted, “Iran will not negotiate away its nuclear program. Nor will sanctions block its building a broad and deep weapons infrastructure.

    The inconvenient truth is that only military action like Israel’s 1981 attack on Saddam Hussein’s Osirak reactor in Iraq or its 2007 destruction of a Syrian reactor, designed and built by North Korea, can accomplish what is required. Time is terribly short, but a strike can still succeed.” Three months later, Iran accepted the nuclear deal, the most significant nonproliferation treaty in more than a quarter century. The deal was endorsed unanimously in a U.N. resolution. Trump has vowed that he will withdraw from the deal without fixes by mid-May, a move that Bolton clearly supports.

    Bolton has also long backed a cultlike Iranian opposition group, the Mujahideen-e Khalq, or M.E.K., which has been held responsible for the murder of multiple American military personnel, the attempted kidnapping of a U.S. Ambassador, and other violent attacks in Iran before the 1979 revolution. The M.E.K. was based in Iraq during the regime of Saddam Hussein, who provided arms, financial assistance, and political support. In 1997, it was among the first groups cited on the U.S. list of foreign terrorist organizations. It wasn’t removed until 2012. Bolton spoke at an M.E.K. rally last year—for the eighth time—in Paris. Other speakers at M.E.K. rallies have reportedly been paid tens of thousands of dollars for their appearances.

    Bolton’s policy recommendations on North Korea are also militant, and they break with the man who just hired him.

    Earlier this month, Trump pledged to meet Kim Jong Un by May. “Talking to North Korea is worse than a mere waste of time,”

    Bolton wrote in The Hill, in August. “Negotiations legitimize the dictatorship, affording it more time to enhance its nuclear and ballistic-missile capabilities.

    Today, only one diplomatic option remains, and it does not involve talking to Pyongyang. Instead, President Trump should urge President Xi Jinping that reunifying the Korean Peninsula is in China’s national interest.”

    The answer to China’s fear of an uncontrolled collapse, Bolton wrote, “is a jointly managed effort to dismantle North Korea’s government, effectively allowing the swift takeover of the North by the South.” Not even the South Korean President, Moon Jae-in, supports that idea; he has been trying to broker a rapprochement with the North.

    The deepest disagreement between Bolton and Trump may be over Russia—especially its President, Vladimir Putin. In an op-ed last July, Bolton wrote that undermining the U.S. Constitution “is far more than just a quotidian covert operation. It is in fact a casus belli, a true act of war, and one Washington will never tolerate.” He charged that Trump had been duped by Putin in their meeting on the sidelines of the G-20 summit last summer.

  9. Agree with Kevin Brown. Trump is the symptom not the cause. A Trump was always going to come on the scene as the US political system is a basket case with obscene amounts spent on the Presidential elections. It is captive to two parties that are controlled and supported by monied elite who are as ethically corrupt as each other. Sorry, but this is not a fight between good and evil – more trying to choose the nicer devil. I was telling friends long before the last election that Trump would win. The Democrats made several major blunders.

    Firstly they put up the wrong candidate. Hilary Clinton was just wrong – nothing to do with her being a woman or a glass ceiling. Far too much baggage. Also she was a hawk – many of her biggest contributors were weapons manufacturers. Then they totally misunderstood what was driving the support for Bernie Sanders. Grass roots people were just sick of a system run by two monied elites that were totally out-of-touch with the average American. Then they arrogantly assumed that all the Bernie Sanders supporters would automatically swing in behind Clinton once they had shat on Bernie. But the supporters didn’t do that – they were sick of being ignored and taken for granted.

    I had hoped that one or both parties would learn the lessons of the last election but neither have. The Republicans have not sought to come up with a credible alternative or made structural changes. The Democrats have spent all their time being negative and fighting Trump as they don’t want to face up to how they need to change. They are more about what they are against rather than what they are for. Their strategy seems to have solely been hoping that people will turn against Trump. Pre Covid Trump was sleep walking to a win. Covid may have changed that but, if so, the Democrats will get a win they don’t deserve and haven’t earned. Honestly – if Joe Biden is the best they can put up then they are totally bereft of ideas and principle and have learned nothing.

    In some ways a Trump victory may be the best thing that can happen if it brings the whole political edifice crashing down and both parties are forced to confront their failures and rebuild for the better – or a whole new party rise out of the ashes.

    • Chris you are spot on with your comments.
      And Trump is just a sideshow and tolerated by the real , hidden interest groups who control America.
      As long as he maintains the new status quo of neo liberal protectionist policies he campaigned on in 2016 whether he wins or not is not the issue because if he fails to carry enough states and Biden wins the neo liberal control will continue as we go from one tyrant to another who is clearly not up to the task of the office.
      Expect Biden’s running mate to be the the critical choice here with firm Neo liberal , market economic credentials who will have to be ready to step up should a president Biden falter.
      That rules out Bernie getting anywhere near the oval office.

  10. The election comes down to 5 million swing votes in 10 states. Unless there is downright treason that comes from the book that can be verified all it has done is harden the people that will vote for and against Trump. These aren’t swing voters in these key states. What happens in the economy will determine Trump’s chances as well as if black Americans are going to get out and vote due to BLM.

    This is just candy floss for democrats and people on the left.

  11. Oh, but when he’s gone, the unicorns will come out of hiding and Emperor Xi and the unicorns will make everything right with the world… oh joyous rapture day!!!

  12. There’s no question about it, ‘Climate change’ (Planetary Meltdown) is greatest threat by far. But since it is a relatively slow process in human terms, even if it is super-fast in geological terms, most people still don’t get it.

    And here’s the irony: Trump and his policies of promoting the rapid spread of Covid-19 are the best thing to ever happen as far as ‘climate change’ (meltdown) is concerned. Trump’s demolishing of the US economy has already caused a massive decline in consumption of petroleum, both in the US and in China (where goods for the American market are made). Trump’s ego-based policies and irrational ranting have already destablised both the US and the world order. And a few more weeks of the current trends will put the US into rapid terminal decline, culminating in collapse some time over the coming months.

    As for the people who have suffered/died as a consequence of Trump’s bizarre policies, when has any POTUS genuinely cared about the welfare of the people? You’d have to go back decades to find one. Carter? Kennedy?

  13. By the way, I’m not a fan of GDP but in the absence of anything else it is the only metric we have, and anyone not convinced the US is rapidly going down the drain might like to read this:

    ‘The American GDPNow tracker suggests that their economy has shrunk at a stunning annualised rate of -45%. If you are sceptical of AI models, then know that the median “blue-chip” economists’ estimates are for a -35% shrinkage rate in Q2-2020. (On a similar basis, New Zealand is facing its own -15% Q2-2020 economic shrinkage – an all-time record decline, but nothing like what other countries are facing.)

    In the US, Apple has said it will be closing retail stores, especially in states where the virus is raging still. This is being taken as a signal that the American economic recovery from the virus shutdowns will be weaker than previously assumed.’

    Yes, minus 45%. And Covid-19 only just getting started in the US.

  14. Well, the biggest treat [sic] would depend entirely on your point of view and circumstances… as for the biggest threat, well, if you can’t work that one out or you think it might be Trump, well… buckle up for the ride to get a helluva lot more “interesting”…

  15. HL Mencken in the 1920s: “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

    Oh, and the revenge of the tech-teens who hollowed out the attendance at Tulsa. How was that for schadenfreude?

  16. Trump is precisely what you get when voting is not mandatory.
    Or, for all you God botherers out there and I paraphrase:
    “evil prevails when good people fail to act.”
    trumps happy clappers should be amused by the irony.

    • Wolves like to dress in sheeps clothing. “satan himself appears as an angel of light”. half of the church in the USA is completely apostate

  17. According to John Bolton. Are you kidding Martyn? I smell another impeachment hoax in the run up to the election. Anyways, don’t let your selective outrage change you.

  18. The 278th article saying this time Trump is gone. And for the 278th time it will not be true. Bolton has one major credibility problem. All the things he mentions in his book he has not repeated under oath. Therefore his can any of this be treated as credible? It sounds like getting a book sold in a congested media environment.

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