MEDIA WATCH: Shane Jones signals to Matthew Hooton what the price of NZ First is at the election


Last night on Q+A, Shane Jones signalled to Matthew Hooton what the price of NZ First is to National at the election.

Moving the Port North.

Now seeing as Matthew Hooton’s RNZ and NZ Herald contributions fell into 4 broad categories, (Labour is about to implode, the Port needs to be moved North, Simon Bridges is about to lose his leadership and the Port needs to be moved North), it’s fair to say that if Shane needs the Port moved North, Hooton’s new role inside the Muller administration can ease that transaction.

With NZ First barely polling 2% in the Polls, this gasp for political relevancy faces a more desperate struggle this time around because of the enormous political capital Jacinda has built over the pandemic.

Sure, NZ First might attract National Party vote, but anyone who has moved to Labour have done so out of actual gratitude, horse trading doesn’t appeal to those voters.

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The reality is that Labour could govern alone, which means NZ First’s desperation is starting to reek as badly as National’s.

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  1. Sorry about Hooten again trying to poison the political pool again as he is attempting to make another political Party (NZF) now look unreliable to anyone again.

    Hooten is using Shane Jones as a NZF ‘fall guy’ with his own track record of tripping over his own tongue in media blurbs is often seen by this unstable politician, who many times have embarrassed the NZF Party himself. We all are backing his leader Winston Peters;
    Shane Jones actually warned Winston when Winston gave him the portfolio of ‘Regional Development Minister’.
    Now Shane Jones has become one of the most unpopular MP’s in East Coast today.
    Especially with his lack of restoring the badly needed rail services to Gisborne; – which was one of the promises Winston made to all the Gisborne folks at meetings before the 2014 and 3017 election.
    Gisborne Rail Action Group chairperson Gillian Ward said the project could still get the green light.
    She believed the final decision would rest with Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters — the MP responsible for state-owned enterprises, including KiwiRail.
    “He seems to be the main driver for moving this forward,” said Ms Ward, a founding member of the lobby group established in 2010.

    Hooten sadly is a puppet for National as usual.

    Hooten should shift his talents to being in the ‘advertising industry’ not the political game as folks don’t listen to him any more.


      “Mr Peters said nothing could be more compelling in his argument than closure of Gisborne’s rail line.
      New Zealand First supported it from beginning“ No one put their hand up to defend it other than one party: New Zealand First. Not now, not last month, not last year, but when it happened and since then.
      “You give us a chance in this campaign, we are going to open it.”
      He said no treasury analysis was required. No transport infrastructure was efficient everywhere. There could be both inefficient and efficient sectors, which together made a successful operation.
      If inefficient areas were wound back, efficient areas were affected because overall numbers diminished”. Unquote.

  2. You probably forgot about the New Year’s Honours list for both Winston (the deserving) and ‘The Shane’ (the undeserving), and one or two treats and trinkets that might keep Trace and Ron on board with the crusade.

  3. Yes Tim it seems that ‘horse trading’ is still in vogue eh no matter what political side of the aisle they come from.

    Jacinda; ‘Lets fix the Wellington Swamp’ – as it is the way forward for Transparency. .

  4. easy fix….. since every from Helen to John to Jacinda to Winston and just about everyone in the country thinks moving the port is a good idea and they’ve talked about it for years.

    Just do it. Removes it being a coalition weapon. Make it labour policy. The building of the infrastructure will create jobs, The dock workers will be able to afford to live up north much better, huge amounts of inner city auckland property comes available for affordable inner city housing (God I’d love if labour fully trolled and made even some of it state housing … Right next to the bank and corp hq)

    It would hugely benefit the new port site economically and ease traffic downtown.

    Upgrade the trains and do it since everyone agrees …..

  5. Dear Bomber

    You overestimate NZ voters especially the middle. They will go where the biggest bribe is or indeed who benefits them the most.

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