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  1. I think that we should bear witness to what is happening to Julian Assange.
    Some up to date news from The Guardian – Ben Quinn Jun.1/20:
    He is being held at Belmarsh prison in south London while the court system tries to reschedule his extradition hearing, which was postponed owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

    Eight Australian MPs, four senators and a number of members of Australia’s legislature are among those who wrote to their foreign minister before Monday’s hearing and urged that a diplomatic representation be made to the UK government to ask that Assange be released on bail.

    And an address given by Slavoj Zizek mid 2019 which refers to him. The general theme of the talk is our quest for happiness which Zizek says carries an ideological meaning now. It’s over an hour so could be taken in portions or listened to while doing something, which avoids his ‘tic’.

  2. Is this necessary: A state highway with a 60 speed limit for a long distance.

    …The Transport Agency/Waka Kotahi consulted with the local community , and road user groups between August and September last year on safe and appropriate speed limits in an effort to save lives and reduce the number of serious crashes.

    The agency’s director of regional relationships Steve Mutton said the route was one of the highest risk roads in Bay of Plenty, with five deaths and 26 serious injuries from crashes on between 2009 and 2018…
    The current speed limits vary from 100km/h along the rural open road sections to 70km/h through the rural towns of Paengaroa, Ōkere Falls and Mourea.

    There is a regular emphasis on deaths and injuries which are finite numbers, but not on how they relate to numbers of vehicles on the road. It could be that deaths and injuries are lesser now than decades ago if seen as a percentage of road usage.

    Also more emphasis should be made to encourage drivers to take pride in their driving and regularly ease the accelerator back, and just drive more carefully given examples like slow down by at least 10 km when approaching roundabouts, when on a narrow road with oncoming traffic etc. Examples of good driving should be referred to. The present is to follow rules and know the road code – but more real world examples of good and thoughtful driving would break through that one-track, go fast behaviour.

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