Political Caption Competition


Can someone tell this National Party moron that we are already in level 2?


  1. Look Mum I can’t count yet!!!!
    I am; ‘ Spokesperson’ for Education Associate, Corrections, Youth.
    I got the job beginning from 2017 and need to go to school to learn, can you help me?

    *Parliamentary role of Simeon Brown
    *National Party
    *Brown, Simeon
    *Member for Pakuranga, National Party
    *Date first elected: 23 September 2017
    Member of the following Parliaments: 52nd
    Member for / List
    Party; – Pakuranga
    National Party
    Current Roles
    *Select Committee Role Justice Member
    *Party Spokesperson for Corrections
    *Spokesperson ; Education Associate Spokesperson
    *Youth Spokesperson

  2. National Party of New Zealand demand Level 4 restrictions be changed to level 5 with immediate effect. ‘After polling our own members we found that they all agree with us”.

  3. Simeon the Brown – Time Traveller Extraordinaire – Available for Children’s Parties – and Judging Turnip of the Year Competitions throughout the whole of the South Island for 10 kilo bags of rice and suckling pigs.

    Also available for blue tie-tying lessons – conditions applicable – all offers considered. Cash only.
    Navigating shoelaces an optional extra for walking backwards and downwards. Cash only.

  4. Amazing performance illustrating National’s stellar peformance as contortionists and tag wrestling. See Simeon Brown simultaneously shoot off his mouth and shoot himself in the foot!

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