Israel must be excluded from any Covid 19 travel bubble till Palestinians are able to join the bubble as equals


PSNA has written to the Prime Minister urging the government to reject Israeli participation in a proposed international Covid 19 “travel bubble” until Palestinians are able to join the bubble as equals.

Israel is pushing to join Australia in a travel bubble which would include New Zealand as a group of countries with relatively low levels of Covid 19 infections.

Israel runs a brutal military occupation of Palestinian Territories in the Occupied West Bank and a military blockade of Gaza which prevents free movement of Palestinians within historic Palestine.

“Why should New Zealand facilitate travel by Israelis when it denies free movement to Palestinians?”

Already New Zealand provides visa-free travel to for Israelis but denies it to Palestinians. This policy must also be abandoned until Palestinians enjoy visa-free travel to New Zealand.

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Israel must understand that they will face consequences for their racist cruelty towards Palestinians. Accepting Israel into a “travel bubble” would reward their denial of civil, political and human rights to Palestinians.

Even in the last few days Israel’s racist brutality against Palestinians has been on display.

Meanwhile the new Israeli government is planning another blatant breach of international law with plans to annex (steal) vast areas of Palestinian land in the West Bank from 1 July.

These racist policies are driven by an Israeli Prime Minister whose blatant race-hatred towards Palestinians is legendary.

In the name of human decency New Zealand must say no to any Israeli travel bubble without Palestinians enjoying the same rights.



    • Really, nobody is boycotting Israel.
      Of course most of us know that Israel is hurting from the boycott, just google it Gaby and you will see that it is working, Just like it worked for SA!

      • Utter twaddle. Israeli genius is in hot demand as always. Sure it worked in South Africa? Now they have tribalism instead of white rule.

        • LOL. Every time you open your mouth you just show what a sick joke you are. There isn’t even any need to rebut what you say! You totally support our argument about a racist apartheid Israeli state!

  1. We all know that money and power trumps racism action in NZ. Racism action in NZ to stop genocide and war crimes around the world, is only when it doesn’t inconvenience a superpower, and not when it’s right.

  2. I thank you for continually raising this issue John and I totally agree with your views. I think soda stream is a product sold in NZ which is an Israeli company. It isn’t necessary the population but the government which causes a lot of the conflicts just like the US in exporting terrorism around the globe but one has to think well they have some accountability because they vote these fascists into office. I’ll add peanut brain whats his face in Brazil to the list as well

  3. Hi Denby

    Soda Stream has been targetted in Mitre 10 Stores with stickers in the past year. They also sell some hideous plastic furniture made in Israel.


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