01 June will be the 2nd anniversary of the sniper killing of a 21-year old  female paramedic trying to reach a protester who had been shot. The young woman, walking with her hands in the air,  was wearing a white medic uniform.

I’m referring to Razan al-Najjar.  This incident happened during one of the regular Great March of Return Friday protests when Gazans gathered en masse to send a message to the world, pleading that their existence not be forgotten.  

The highly skilled Israeli snipers know what they are doing. They boast that they know where every bullet goes. Many, including journalists, medics, children have been killed outright or skillfully wounded  so as to permanently maim them. 

Every incident is tragic yet the killing of young Razan al-Najjar has particularly struck a chord. AFSC (American Friends, ie Quakers) for instance are calling on their supporters, and indeed on all humanitarians worldwide,  to remember Razan, and her still-grieving mother,  on 01 June. 

Lois Griffiths is a human rights activist

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  1. Remember all the innocent Israelis murdered by Palestinian terrorists, including many children and babies, using suicide bombings, intifadas, stabbings, guns, car rammings, rockets, home invasions, kidnapping/murders. The usual biased nonsense from Griffiths.

    • where is Palestine’s navy, army, airforce, etc? Israel is armed to the teeth committing mass murder on a scale not seen in any other ‘democracy’.

      & the Zionist criminals can always rely on the sheeple like you Gaby, to prop up their propaganda machine

  2. Black lives Matter..does that include Palestinian Lives ?

    Do Palestinian Lives Matter ?
    The SILENCE from the West sends a clear message to the Zionists that the sadistic cruelty can continue.

  3. Let’s remember the 78 Jewish doctors, nurses, patients, faculty members, murdered by the Arabs in the Hadassah Hospital massacre 1948.


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