MEDIA WATCH: When Mark Richardson and Mike Hosking are flaying Todd Muller, things have gone very very wrong


In every single media interview, TVNZ Breakfast, The AM Show & Q+A, Muller was more self mutilating than a depressed teenager.

How on earth do National strategists think this omnishambles will win back 400 000 voters?

The unbelievable manner in which Muller gets that real time David Shearer brain freeze look on his face as he’s desperately trying to work out if his answer lines up with all stake holders makes you wonder how the Christ drowning National MP’s thought this straw was the last thing to grasp at.

Remember, this coup was driven by self interest and the fear of unemployment – as such it has no real political depth or value other than self preservation.

Muller is upper management class, he barks orders and others follow, he is clearly not used to being challenged, and the most disturbing thing about his terrible media performances to date is that he’s actually lost his cool in every single interview, he gets angry at being challenged!

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That privileged temper of his has got to be worked out immediately because if he snaps like that at Jacinda in the debates, National will be lucky to limp home with 20%.

And this isn’t just the Left piling on, the hard right voices in NZ media are equally appalled at Muller’s bewildering incompetence…

AM Show host Mark Richardson lashes out at new National leader Todd Muller: ‘He has failed every time’ 

Mike Hosking: Could Todd Muller have had a worse start?

When Mark Richardson and Mike Hosking are flaying Todd Muller, things have gone very very wrong.

That’s like Trump criticising KFC or Farmers attacking milk or alt-Right Nazi’s demanding equal pay for women.

It’s criticism from a quarter you don’t expect and suggests that National will look back on Simon’s 29% as the halcyon days of gold.

Muller is a train-wreck that crashes into a school bus that starts an explosion in a rest home.

Did Hoots really destroy a career at RNZ and the NZ Herald for this?

NZ can go 5 days without any Coronavirus – can Todd Muller go 24hours without any self-mutilation?

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  1. If he is a product of the typical NZ middle to upper management in a large organisation then the game plays out pretty much like this;

    Ambition wins over everything else including pride in your self worth, common sense and most importantly, the ability to do the actual job.

    Ambition equals selling your soul vis a vis burying your beliefs and morals to deliver obsequious subservience to the man on the rung above to get to his level. There is a rather colorful term in that world, “sucking cock”. Something unpleasant one has to do to get the prize that forever leaves a bitter taste in ones mouth. Hence the bitter resentful current and former corporate high flyers who got to the top, not through “smarts” but through “hard work”, I.e. living the daily humiliation of being someone’s bitch as they climbed the greasy pole.

    Muller now at the top with his coup expects his organisation will just fall into line because that was the way the structured corporate world played it. But for some reason he failed to notice politics ain’t structured like that and what a bunch of self serving pricks his colleagues are. Unlike corporate appointees, politics relies hugely on relationships, without that covered off, you’re such a dead man walking. Just ask David Cunliffe.

    • Xray
      Really? I have always found providing felatio quite pleasant, with the; taste, and mouthfeel, being integral to that pleasure. But then I have never been interested in blokey status contests. It used to be called; kissing ass, which; likewise, is not so unenjoyable an activity (provided a certain amount of hygiene standards are observed).

      But yes; management do often seem peculiarly incompetent at managing.

  2. And on top of all this, ChCh. airport security barger “big Jezza”, has announced some kind of National Party Intelligence Unit to snoop on rival candidates…good grief. And Nat MPs keep on with attack ads on their FB pages that are constantly referred to ASA for being misleading and worse.

    • Heheheheheee…!

      And our lovable “big Jezza”, – I kinda like our Gerry though, the stroppy big man. I really do. I hope he stays on. He’s so much a part of the furniture. Just so long as he’s always in the opposition where he cant cause anymore problems or gaffs. He’s safe there .:)

  3. The Hooton part in this is a real hoot. It reminds me of the old saying about ‘falling down the sewer and coming up with a gold watch.’

    That no doubt was his grand plan. Visualise it though as it has gone so far. Hooton’s spluttering head breaking into the open air and behold, he’s covered in shit. It so suits him too, the horrified look as it drips off him, the “What just happened? What did I do to deserve this?”


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