Green Party reshuffle deck chairs on Titanic


The final Green list is out…

Election 2020: Green Party places seven women in top 10 positions in new candidate list

The Green Party has revealed its candidate list for the 2020 general election, and seven out of the top 10 people are women.

The list rankings were voted on by members in two stages. The first by delegates at a conference for an initial draft list, and the second by the thousands of Green Party members throughout New Zealand.

The party currently has eight MPs and seven of these will campaign for re-election this year – Gareth Hughes announced in November he was retiring.

Of these current MPs, co-leader Marama Davidson is ranked first, followed by co-leader and Climate Change Minister James Shaw at number two. This is a change from the last election where they were listed the other way around.

Chlöe Swarbrick comes in at number three, a significant move up the list from 2017 where she was listed seventh.

Julie Anne Genter is fourth, Jan Logie is fifth, Eugenie Sage is sixth and Golriz Ghahraman is seventh. In the party’s list for the 2017 election, Genter was third, Sage was fourth, Logie was sixth and Ghahraman was eighth.

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…good to see Chloe and Julie Anne Genter get the respect they deserve in the final list rankings. Good to see Ricardo Menéndez March, Steve Abel and Kyle MacDonald in the mix as well.

However it’s all probably doomed.

The Greens are now polling beneath the 5% and they over-poll every election. Add on top of this that they have gone backwards every election over the last decade and that the international vote is more likely to go to Jacinda this time and it’s looking increasingly likely that the game is up for them.

Their woke middle class identity politics fetishisation and insufferable micro aggression policing social media lynch mob make them about as welcome as militant vegans at your average Kiwi BBQ.

At a time when the climate crisis is the only issue and shortly after 170 000 took to the streets to protest against climate change, the Greens have squandered these opportunities to reclaim the word Cunt, demand inclusive language for trans abortions and meaninglessly champion being carbon neutral in 30 years time.

Take this ridiculous issue with Muller having a Trump hat. For me it’s further proof of how out of touch he is, for the woke of course it’s a war crime against civilisation…

Golriz Ghahraman ‘exhausted’ at debate over Todd Muller’s ‘MAGA’ hat

Green Party MP Golriz Ghahraman says she’s “exhausted” at the debate over new National Party leader Todd Muller having a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat.

…Muller having a MAGA hat doesn’t make him a Nazi, it just makes him dumb but the issue quickly stops being about Muller having a hat, and quickly becomes an issue of the intolerance of the woke left.

There are serious climate crisis issues we need addressing in New Zealand, there is an economic meltdown that will force us to radically reform the neoliberal hegemonic structure while tens of thousands of Kiwis are made unemployed and what are the woke activists of our movement screaming about?

A bloody hat!

With Labour polling a majority, the Greens have become politically irrelevant at the time when they are needed most.

The irony is that if they do crash and burn under the 5%, they won’t ever accept it was their middle class woke identity politics that killed them off, oh no, it will be the white cismale heteronormative patriarchy that dids it.

PS – James Shaw’s love for Muller is political Schizophrenia...

But they would now have a tough competitor in the new National Party leader Todd Muller.

“[His leadership] is a good thing for the National Party and I think the Government’s got more of a contest on its hands than it did a week ago.

“I think that he’s a person with integrity and dignity and decency and I think he’ll be a tough opponent in the campaign to come.”

…you are still in the Green Party James, you can’t start jumping to National now! You’ll have to get Matthew Hooton’s permission first.

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  1. Their top 10 is kind of ironic as it demonstrates that gender equality only meant something to the Green Party when it apparently advantaged men. Now, not so much.

    Such robust principles rendered so meaningless. A bit like climate change.

  2. We are still four months out from the election, I wouldn’t be writing the parliamentary Greens off until the election campaign has developed a bit. They are in a better position than MANA anyway, hopefully TOP just soak up some disillusioned National votes without getting over the threshold, but they have got campaign dollars. Still, it’s a bit of a shame that Tuiono dropped down from a safe(ish) 5 to marginal 8 in favour of name recognition for the sitting GP MPs.

    Kerekere at 9 on the list would take over 7% to get into parliament. Which may take a bit of work. May be time that I have to come off the bench and volunteer to assist a GP campaign again? I guess I do have time at the moment, and it’s been a while since we have had a trans MP (Beyer?).

    Which might not be a priority for everyone, but could be part of a remedy to the culture that is so accepting of violence towards trans people. Bleeding in the gutter for the “crime” of; walking down the wrong street at the wrong time, level violence, not just online “micro-aggression”. I do admit that the woker-than-thou types who won’t lift a finger except to type on Twitter, can be a bit tiring. But I just can’t be bothered with Twitter anyway. At least they aren’t actively promoting the social norm of trans people being a safe target for abuse (“othering” for short/ irritating jargon).

  3. I guess the men deleted themselves, bro.

    The other sad thing is that they will probably blame Jacinda’s popularity not their own lack of performance in how scarily and astonishingly in one term of ignoring the environment, they destroyed the Green Party in NZ IF they fail to reach 5%.

  4. I arrived in New Zealand in June 1973 after reading in the UK Ecologist Magazine that a party had been formed in New Zealand which was aligned with the magazines environmental manifesto.

    I joined the Values Party in November 1973 and in 1975 manage the campaign for the Hobson candidate. I continued as a member until the demise of the party in the late 70s. I joined the Green Party when it was formed and continued as a member until I could no longer stomach it has Woke tendencies.

    The party has now become a voice for those intent on rewriting the Treaty of Waitangi with its fictitious partnership and principles. Furthermore, the party subscribes to the censorship of those who would present a contrary view on the treaty, race, religion, and anything which might offend any section of the community. In other words, it now works to suppress free speech.

    • Bill I think your comments about te tiriti o Waitangi are complete nonsense. Have you actually read Claudia Orange’s book. The indigenous people of Aotearoa have had a rotten rotten deal from the colonisers and anything that helps to put that wrong to right is where we should go. I would not want to be born Maori in this country, second class citizens, proportionally way more in jail, more likely to be sent to jail for the same offence as pakeha.

      It is not a party that ever ever wanted to suppress free speech, I know because I was in it for years too. I left because I am appalled at Shaw who is next to useless, but ‘oh I am a minister’, Sage is dreadful as a minister, and the party mostly gave up their push on social policy which was the main reason I was in the party.

      Having said all of that I will probably party vote for them, I just couldn’t stomach the idea of voting for Labour whose leader said she would halve child poverty in 10 years. That is a bloody disgrace!

      I would think that Jeanette and Rod are somewhere shaking their heads as to what has become of the Greens in parliament.

  5. Ohhh FFS Martyn, I agree with you about the irrelevance of the Greens, but it means that Weka over at The Stranded will now have to pen a post refuting your clams as she, once again, dances on the head of a pin telling anyone who will listen that the Greens are not only needed but are essential to democracy in NZ (yes, even in their current format of virtue signalling wokeness nonsense)

  6. Happy days are on the way! The Gweens dead as a political party will be the best thing for NZ.

    Jennette & Rod can then rest in Peace.

  7. A party that is supposed to be enviromental driven will be remembered as a party that tried to reform the drug law and will get credit for little else.This is at a time when young people are filling the streets with protestors on the enviroment and we have a once in a life time chance to change thinks.

  8. A party that is supposed to be enviromental driven will be remembered as a party that tried to reform the drug law and will get credit for little else.This is at a time when young people are filling the streets with protestors on the enviroment and we have a once in a life time chance to change thinks.

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