Muller’s treachery already creating resentment within National

Todd Muller on winning National Leadership

There are already rumours of anger coming out of National after Muller’s treachery.

Remember, this wasn’t a coup to realign policy, this was a coup by Backbenchers frightened they would lose their jobs.

The growing suspicion that Hooton and Muller planned this for sometime is generating real anger and Muller has had to come out and actively confront it barely one weekend into the job

National Party leader Todd Muller is set to unveil his new line-up today but Simon Bridges’ fate is hanging after Muller rebuffed Bridges’ request for the foreign affairs portfolio.

Muller told the Herald he expected to set out the reshuffle of his caucus and his office today, and said that how people voted in the leadership election would not be a factor in his decision making.

He also warned that National MPs did not have time “to brood” with an election four months away.

The Herald has learned that Bridges was originally offered the justice portfolio, but has rejected it and instead asked for foreign affairs.

…when you have to actively tell those you’ve just stabbed not “to brood”, things aren’t looking great.

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It looks like Muller planned to steal the leadership but didn’t have much else lined up which is extraordinary for a Party with less than 4 months till the election.

Muller’s clumsy mealy-mouthed explanation for his bloody Trump hat suggests a chap who has no bloody clue what he’s doing…

After Muslim groups criticised its presence, Muller said it did not reflect any admiration of Trump or his views.

“I’ve been asked directly do I support President Trump’s style, and I say ‘not at all’.

“I find his style of politics appalling.

“Hopefully they can understand I am a respectful person, and that my collection of political paraphernalia doesn’t in any way seek to align myself to any particular political positioning of any individuals offshore.”

Asked if it was wise to publicly describe Trump as “appalling” given Muller might one day be prime minister while Trump was President, Muller said he did not think Trump would be bothered.

…you don’t think someone as thin skinned as Trump will take offence at being described as ‘appalling’? Are you paying attention Todd? You wouldn’t be in this position if you weren’t such a spoiled brat about your political trophy in the first place!

It feels like Hooton’s ambition has bitten off more than Muller can chew.


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  1. National always ‘eat their own’ – as they are ‘devout cannibals’.
    I do feel sorry now for Simon Bridges as he was much more of a loyal leader than ‘Natz Heir Muller’ is for sure.

  2. Lprent has some interesting (if anonymous) leaks from within National:

    I particularly liked the observation that; the anti-Bridges roll was supported by those who saw their list seats going up in smoke with the bonfire of recent polling. With an apparent caucus majority of a single vote, Muller now has the almost impossible task of lifting all his minions to electable positions on the party list. It’s not like he has any reason to expect loyalty, given his own conduct.

  3. This saga goes all the way back to the twin literary anchors of “The Hollowmen” and “Dirty Politics”. And to the NZ National Party’s conflicted makeup–it is several parties at least under one title–urban neo liberals, aspirational SME and neo rentier/developer types, provincial ‘born to rule’ tories, and old school reactionary nationalists who vacillate between Nats, NZ First, and occasionally ACT.

    Muller is unskilled at the top media level just yet–a Michelle Obama poster apparently was prominent in a rose water and hot towel media interview on the weekend–as if that would balance out memories of “the hat” on his office wall unit.

    To be somewhat petty, regardless how it all shakes out; it is good to see the malicious Paula Bennett on the way down, and finally, the travesty that is Mr Hooton’s “in plain view” conflict of interest, being acknowledged. There may be some tolerance among pundits of such weasels as “Hoots”, but he has been formally exposed at last with his admitted direct involvement, with no plausible deniability, in Mr Muller’s efforts.

    “Tora Tora Tora” is the only way the left can treat “Toad Muller” as Victor Billot has termed him in a wonderful poetic work “The rise of the Toad”. The Nats represent local and international finance capital always, and foremost in all they do–despite leading on the aspirational munters of NZ. Muller wanting to use the small business portfolio for a wedge agains the Govt. is hilarious. He worked for Fonterra, a company that kicked out invoice payment to small suppliers from monthly to 90 days!

  4. Don’t forget that Hooten is studying for a PhD and rolling Bridges and installing Muller might be part of his research.

  5. Good grief Charlie Brown. Leadership stolen when only just out of closed season.

    Can somebody examine Muller’s expenses?

  6. Why has no one interviewed Simple Simon?? Has he been sent back to level 4 Lockdown again? Maybe it’s that new “Irelevent” Tattoo on his forehead??? Well, there go all those free trips to Disneyland-Beijing that he was so looking forward to.. I guess there’s always the possibility of filling the vacated Lobbying positions left open by Toddy & Matt in the Hat (The Hoot that went Poot in the Pewl).. Bummer dude…You’ll really be pissed off when they bring back Jamie Lee Ross to fill your old shoes… Maybe you can qualify for the new WINZ unemployment benefit?? Good luck Old Croakie, life’s tough out there under the Bridges. Pretty crowded these days mate…

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