Political Caption Competition


Welfare Beneficiaries 2020


  1. I just find it disgraceful that those who come out hard against single mothers on welfare suddenly have smooth headed foreheads.

  2. “If we declare that we’re not in a ‘relationship’, our benefit wont get chopped!” You know what they say,”A scam a day …”

  3. Jordim: “A lot of people are calling us moochers for taking government money
    Piggy. But that’s not fair! We’re just garden-variety hypocrites – like we always were.”

  4. “And after this we’re off to see Simon Bridges about the clusterfuck at Transmission Gully!”

  5. What do you wanna make those eyes at me for
    If they don’t mean what they say
    Ooh, they make me glad, they make me sad
    They make me want a lot of things that I never had
    You’re fooling around with me now
    Oh, you lead me on and then you run away
    Oh, that’s alright
    I’ll get you a lonesome night
    And baby you’ll find you’re messing with dynamite

  6. C’mon, we both know that Gordon Gecko was right. “GREED IS GOOD!”
    hypocrisy is irrelevant…

    • But for physical manifestation of greed, Gekko is pretty tame. In the end, he realizes that all his ambition far outweighed his skills and education, and that if you don’t fly private then your daughter in law will.

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