The Right’s claim of a Left wing coup to install a Socialist Police State seems to skip some goose steps

Where's the revolution Jacinda?

The new hysterically shrill battlecry of desperate Death Cult Capitalists is that Big Sister Jacinda has committed an illegal coup to install a Socialist Police State.

Really? This accusation seems to skip a couple of goose steps.

Firstly, what we’ve seen with the questions of legal legitimacy of the public health order is a functioning democracy. There were clearly internal questions made by the Police over what was permissible and what wasn’t and to clarify things the second Public Health Notice was submitted.

That’s a far goose step away from the Government plotting to install a Police State for political power. This was a response to a bloody pandemic, not a late night attempt to take over the country under martial law!

Context is everything, yes we became a Police State, but it was a begrudgingly accepted thing because of the public health threat, it wasn’t an attempt to usurp the Realm!

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Watching the right scream Che Jacinda committed a pandemic coup to take over the country with a Police State would be far more valid if they’d also been just as vocal when Key misused urgency & passed mass surveillance powers and colluded with the SIS to falsely smear Goff months before the 2011 election!

I mean of we are going to start claiming abuses of power, let’s line them up with actual abuses of power under Key – and that’s no ‘whataboutism’, that’s straight comparison. If the Right are honestly claiming a misuses of power, then compare that with previous examples to see how ridiculous this accusation is!

This Government saved this country from a pandemic, that they were rushing ill fitting legislation through to ensure our safety does not equate to a malicious conspiracy to take over the country and insinuating that it does is disingenuous at best and purposely deceitful at worst!

If anything, the Friday document dump shows a Government tackling one of the most unprecedented events in NZ history with real leadership.

The leaked media advisory shows an incompetent staff member emailing smug advice which should have been done on the phone.

The dump reveals a Government doing the best they could, the leak reveals arrogance – the former matters, the latter is clickbait journalism.

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  1. I still can’t get upset at these alt right Mike Hoskings type death cult capitalists who are clearly suffering severe mental health issues.

  2. ……………. “LOL” …………
    some things are ekshully a matter of record, which is why they’re probably getting a teensie bit desperate about now,
    (Not that that’ll stop them)

  3. Whether the legal basis was sound or not, I’d have done what they said to anyway – they were acting on pretty good advice. Was I going to run into the market square wailing, “Is this legal ?” No. I defer to experts.

    If, as Prof Claudia Geirginger, public and constitutional law expert, has examined dispassionately, some legal boundaries may benefit from being revisited along the track by the legislature, then this is excellent, for it will ensure legal legitimacy whatever could occur in the future, of which we have little idea now – and soothe the present savage beasties’ bumbling brows.

    The paranoia of Death Cult Capitalists about the state of our democracy is comical in the context of what the National Govt did to New Zealand in 1951. Much of this, possibly all of it, was fuelled by the cold war fear of Russian communism, and the almost hysterical belief that an iron curtain was going to be hung all over New Zealand by the Labour movement. It was reds under the beds time.

    In the 1951 snap election, clergy ordered their congregations who to vote for. I knew well the ancient widow of a Catholic layman Labour candidate who the then bishop of Christchurch told the nuns, and the priests, not to vote for, and his family was subject to a communist smear; this impacted majorly upon the family, particularly one adolescent labelled ‘communist’ for not kneeling in church- because they had water on the knee; I understand the candidate to have unionised the Addington Workshops, but do not know the time sequence; he was also proactive for many years in the WEA, at a time when well educated workers were very likely perceived as a threat to the establishment – hence the dumbing down of the state education system under the aegis of neoliberalism.

    The influence of the clergy at that particular time cannot be over-estimated. Later on Muldoon had links with odd prominent Catholics, and ironically The Catholic Candidate, morphed into a Muldoon supporter and penpal. The adolescent communist became the kindest woman in the Hutt valley – hounded by her good Catholic family for morphing into atheism, died too young.

    We all know where the political clout is firmly embedded now, it is with the ‘Greed is Good’ groupies, and what’s more, any notion that the NZ Police would be party to any left wing conspiracies, is – with due respect to the cops – as realistic as Elvis being alive and my winning Lotto.

    • Well,… between Martyn’s Death Cult Capitalists and your ‘Greed is Good
      Groupies’ – I reckon we’ve just about got it sorted out nicely!

      It them ! Its those bloody Capitalist Groupie bastards !

      The DCCGGG’S !!!!

  4. Last month I was chipping away at a timeline of NZ Pandemic preparedness this Millenia; from SARS-COV-1 to SARS-COV-2 (never got the graph looking presentable though).

    The Key government’s shoving-in the requirement to (holistically) focus on economic over health outcomes in 2016 was particularly interesting. I assume some thought that that (influenza) Pandemic plan would be followed automatically in response to a different novel virus. However, through blind luck this exercise seems to have been a real wakeup call at just the right time (with a coincidental coronavirus-looking image even):

  5. Yea, but you see…. ‘neoliberalism’ …?
    That’s what fucked the Labour party. The proponents of the criminal enterprise that’s known locally as ‘neoliberalism’ had time on their side ( I.e. no one saw them coming because no one knew they were there to see them come. ) to design the perfect means to fuck the evolving urban socialist ingredients of Labour which would have seen Labour evolve with the passing of time into an egalitarian society more resembling Finland than fucked up ‘Merica thus keeping pace with civilised political trends and fashion.
    But little roger and his greasy mates spotted what was happening within the caverns of the dreaded neocons of U$ politics so all [they] had to do was to tweak the U$A model to suit AO/NZ’s political climate.
    What [they] did to us was exploitative, manipulative and abusive thievery but worse it was treason because The British Crown is our head of state where-as the U$A is wide open and unprotected. ( Apols @Maori. Bare with…)
    What roger and his roger-clones did to us was, in my view, treasonous and roger and the clones should be arrested and tried for that. The U$A, of course, isn’t governed by any such distant benevolent dictatorship which is why the Americans have a narcissistic fool as a President who openly claims that a few thousand c-19 related deaths is worth getting the U$A opened up for business again without fear of reprisal.
    What Labour must do is throw open the closet doors and trot out the skeletons of the 1984 gang and drag douglas and his cronies through our courts. Labour absolutely must declare an open war on the last vestiges of neoliberalism and Labour MUST initiate a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the relationships between big Kiwi business and past ( and present) politicians.
    Labour must come clean. Until then, Labour will always have to bite its tongue when the scum neo liberal right sling shit at them with impunity
    I heard for myself when David Lange came on the radio. He said he was resigning as Prime Minister of NZ because caucus allowed roger douglas to come back to the fold. Lange told caucus that if douglas came back? He’d resign, and he did.
    Labour 2020? Where’s that kind of spirit? Where’s the wit of Lange or the bravery and eloquence of Norman Kirk? Where’s the spirit of M.J.Savage?
    Labour? That’s what roger douglas and a few others did to you. They stole away with your soul. You need to reclaim it.
    Look? Re C-19. This is big. Labour did what it had to do which was to do its best to keep us safe while mindful of the toxic stain on Labours relatively recent history coming up from its guts to bit it on the arse. I know. Dubious anatomy.
    Yet despite that, Labour did it. They kept us safe in our houses and kept foreigners out who would surely have further infected us.
    What national are trying to do to Labour is pathetic and desperate. National are sad little people trying to step up just to get their trotters back in the trough and to protect their masters, aye Boys?
    Serious question? Has anyone ever heard this Labour government mention ‘neoliberalism’?
    If the Labour Party really want to give national a death punch The Labour Party should read this and adopt as required.
    Take our primary industry off national and national are buried.
    Read this. Go on, you know you want to.
    I know you need to.
    This is how we farmed our 650 acres back in the late 1960’s.
    Regenerative agriculture: How a dairy farmer learned to trust his instincts

    Because…C-19 is just the beginning and we have a world to feed. Or at least what will be left of it.
    The Guardian.
    Potentially fatal bouts of heat and humidity on the rise, study finds

    • That’s as bat shit crazy as the righties nonsense. Neo liberalism had it’s place as a replacement for the disaster of Muldoon’s economics. Lefties like you are the other side of the coin from the right wing conspiracy theorist. I have no doubt Roger Douglas believed he was doing what was best for nz at that time. We didn’t know better until we tried. Now we know better.

      • douglarse – member of Mt Pelerin Society
        Don’t be naive. He was a plant along with others who were paid well for what they did to NZ

  6. Coup or no coup, which is the reality, I rather suspect the public buy in is fast fading. And if there government is blind to this, they’d better wake up fast.

    We’re tired of mindless queues at the supermarket, only to find once your in the place morons stand in bunches where 2 metre rules die a death. Without the level 3 regulations people would not have mindlessly queued at Burgerfuel. That was simply not a feature before regulations.

    We’re tired of being watched.

    We’re wanting to go somewhere, buy something and to be trusted to be adults, to be careful and, shock horror, police ourselves.

    One or two infections per day tied to a known cluster no longer justifies restrictions on the freedom of movement nor does it stop the world turning.

    And law abiding businesses should not suffer any further delay in getting back on their feet through ironic poorly thought out and massively inconsistent regulations.

    Release the brakes with the warning it’s up to all of us now, we the government have achieved all we can because times up, the goodwill has evaporated

    • Your confidence in NZ being a country of adults who can police themselves has already proved to be misplaced. Since you are of the opinion that “….law abiding businesses should not suffer any further delay in getting back on their feet through ironic poorly thought out and massively inconsistent regulations….” prove your genius and present an alternative structure that would preclude the dickhead element from stuffing things up completely. While working on your proposals, keep in mind that the current international carnage was started with only one single solitary case of a mutated infection. Also note that Sweden, where there are proportionately far more sensible adults than NZ can boast, isn’t faring too well under the structure you are advocating. Yesterdays statistics Sweden – Population: 10.23 million Coronavirus Cases: 25,921 Deaths: 3,220 Recovered: 4,971.

      • I’m not knocking the original premise for the level 4 lockdown but I am telling you, the consent is gone from the majority of people to keep going. Level 3 had been a farce, more of a level 1.8. Anyway you prove your genius and look around you. People are over it!

        How do you propose we police this without buy in, use the military, at gun point?

        What the lock down did was buy time, to give our hopelessly disjointed poorly equipped health system a chance to prepare and get some kind of systems in place.

        This will either succeed with the will of the people or we take our chances knowing that to be the case. The alternative is the China model, as dishonest as that is and good luck with that one.

        • You’re spot on with both those posts. It’s pretty obvious the population are generally over all the blaa blaa blaa and have decided enough is enough, it’s time to get back to life.

          I did Akl – Dargaville return yesterday, I do it at least once a week and have since Xmas. The ONLY difference between yesterdays run and any other, outside of the covid few weeks, is the traffic on SH1 is maybe down 15% odd but it is moving a lot faster. Apart from that it was business as pre-covid usual.

          The smile the government relies on and hangs everything off appears to be very fast running out of it’s mojo.

        • Yep absolutely bang on xray.
          Also agree with lockdown but should have been earlier and less draconian.

          Last couple of trips to town, folks are yarning with the neighbours, having coffees at cafes outside with mates or catching up in the supermarket.
          God spare us another 1 o’clock presser where we are patronized with how good we are and how to add the latest 2 cases to the total to reach whatever it is now.

          NZ is already at less than level 2, the great unwashed are moving on, let’s hope the bureaucrats can keep up.

        • Xray
          Get over it. Take a shower
          The “economy ” has a lot of adjusting to do before we are ready for the next pandemic.

  7. They’ve really gone off the deep end. Kiwiblog comments are usually gold, but reading them in the last couple of weeks has been like watching a patients’ revolt at a lunatic asylum.

  8. Goff? Goff is a right-wing traitor and Rogernome who signed the Free Slave Agreement with the Chinese dictatorship… if the Wage Slave Labour Party is “left” then I guess your mates Damien Grant and Chrisfran O’Trottervan could be left”… what a joke, Wokester…

  9. Who knows what intent lies beneath?

    Two points:

    Jacinda’s gagging of her ministers and going against the official advise to remain in level 3 seems to beg more than a few questions.

    We’ll know our democracy is secure once the emergency powers are relinquished, and not a moment before.

  10. Well they had the chance to move quickly to create a Republic, but unfortunately, they have no balls to do such a thing, because that would need courage and a spine!

    So what did they do instead?
    They paid off the Corporates and are still paying them off to ‘keep them happy’.

    Take up some dodgy legal advice from Crown Law to lock-down NZ instead of using their collective intellectual grunt and introduce some new legislation overnight that would have avoided this bullshit that theyre in now.

    They’ve also allowed the workforce to be used against them! Duh! With 600,000 people on a bene, dont expect them all to vote for you.
    Oh! And the bullshit 20% paycut?? There are 3 other portfolios she holds worth more than $600k that was not included in that calculation! Thats gunnah hurt in August/September. The PM and Minister of Poor Kids rips the poor off by 20% of her income! You couldnt be so dumb by exposing yourself like this.

    Labour are out to lunch, no wonder their PR advice the other day was for them to scurry away and hide in the corner and hope that no one notices them. ffs!

  11. Left wing coup???
    The word I heard is that the rabid right are scheming to organise a real coup if Labour win the forthcoming election. Even as I write the contingency plans are being laid down.
    After the latest political polls there is a new urgency to their dirty mission to seize power.

    • The Neolites in Labour have a cunning counter-plan for that eventuality if it happens. Its called; “The Neo-Latte Left Capitulate Again and Pivot”.
      Roger Douglas would be so proud of them, the useless pricks!

  12. Left wing coup !!! for fucks sake what next !!

    The left wing in this country rolled over and died many years ago after coming in contact with the real disease
    the neoliberal plague that has taken over every facet of our lives.

    The last three coups in this country were right wing ones
    1984, 1990 and 2008 and were orchestrated at the ballot box.

    The silence was deafening while Key and his gangsters got away with raping the countries finances and bringing about the total surveillance state which was far worse in that it attacked our freedoms and liberties including targeting certain journalists attempting too highlight their activities.

    God help us if we ever have anything that resembles a real left wing agenda and actually got a chance too vote for it.

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