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Todays gratitude – Shout out Monday to all of you New Zealand. We went fearfully into this lockdown not knowing what to expect with a level of social disruption unseen outside of war. Democracies rely on well informed citizens acting in solidarity for the common good, history was watching and we passed. Good one NZ.

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  1. I don’t understand the logic involved in protesting against lockdowns around the world. To my eye, it’s the equivalent of drink drivers bitching about drink driving laws. Aren’t these bellends seeing what is happening to so many people around the planet? Why would anyone with a brain bigger than a sultana be pushing for more death? How loud would these thoughtful unselfish people protest if their mother / father / grandfather / grandmother etc etc were dying in hospital from Covid-19, especially if they were prevented from being with their loved one as the big comment approached? Talk about that “freedom”.

    I especially dislike the shitheels that are saying due to our numbers, the lockdown measures here have been an overreaction and are unnecessary. Should we have waited to see bodies piling up before deciding on a lockdown? Do you want politicians gambling with the life of your loved ones? Are they aware of the 14-21 day lag in time where actions taken during a pandemic take that long to show in the stats? You miss the boat with the call you make there, you’re munted. You can’t unscramble a scrambled egg.

    One of the lowest things I’ve witnessed during our lockdown have been narcissistic eggplants exactly like Mike Hoskings etc attempting to score hits against the Government on behalf of his beloved National Party by divisively undermining the need to have or stay in lockdown. That is tantamount to treason and again proves Hoskings is every bit as despicable and vile as Slyman Bwidges. It also encourages an army of selfish gits out there to ignore lockdown rules. Those people don’t need any encouragement.

    The age of the deceased we’ve had so far in no way lessens the impact of their death. Noises coming from some people are the equivalent of spitting in the face of those Kiwi’s.

    Decent people would never use a pandemic with so much at stake to undermine a Government and attempt to score political points. Those that do should be forced to eat 20 kilos of rotting fish guts as that is what it’s like for others having to listen to them. This is a public health emergency. Viewing people like Hoskings should be strictly prohibited. The nausea it ensures could easily lead to excess vomiting and eventual dehydration. That’s not an added health complication NZ needs at this time.

    My last shout out goes to the wankers at TVNZ. It wasn’t enough for them to run almost an entire news bulletin early on trying to give New Zealanders “perspective” about the pandemic by showing examples of how many people die from other this or that’s. Their giving “perspective” was all about minimizing the potential impact of Covid-19. They did this at EXACTLY the time Kiwi’s should have been pulling out all the stops. Then we look at “sanitizing”. I assumed this was going to be mainly about hand washing etc. I didn’t realize it would be about sanitizing the fucking news. People don’t need to see graphic scenes of death but there are millions of big stories of huge interest happening every day that are never seen here. Unmistakable incompetence from the World Health Organisation and unquestionable Chinese cover-ups etc etc but these and a million other stories of interest are blanked by the network as if they don’t actually exist.

    What is your understanding of level 3? Mine is that most things are the same as they are in level 4 except for some exceptions. As many have joked, level 3 is the same as level 4 but with KFC. Why then do we need our National broadcaster doing a 30 hour countdown until level 3 as a feature in their news last night? Surely, you want the vast majority of the NZ Public to continue on with a level 4 mindset? Have they not noticed there is still Covid-19 cases in NZ? Is running a potentially devastating piece more important to them than a second wave of the virus taking off here. I strongly believe their actions are short sighted and irresponsible. We all know when the change to level 3 occurs. This change should be downplayed so put the party hats and streamers back in the cupboard TVNZ…..and stick your countdown right up your arse where it belongs.

  2. Tip if the day:

    Don’t go out to get takeaways on the dot of midnight (even if your local is doing a special opening then). Or any of Tuesday for that matter! The queues will be crazy, so that fast food will be very slow.

    And if you really must get your fix of greasies, remember that any problems are not the fault of the serving staff. By all means; send a complaint to management, but don’t abuse people who are just trying to scrape a living from the bottom of the barrel!

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