Ranking the Green Party List – and they still have a Left faction?


Left-wing Green faction wants to axe co-leader James Shaw, and Eugenie Sage and Chlöe Swarbrick

A small group of left-wing Green Party members want co-leader James Shaw, as well as high profile MP Chlöe Swarbrick and Minister Eugenie Sage out of Parliament by placing them in an unwinnable position on the party list.

The Green Party is currently drawing up its party list for the 2020 election. 

The ranking of the list is voted on by members in two different stages; first by delegates at a conference for an initial list and then by thousands of Green Party members closer to the election.

An initial list is now before members for voting. It ranks Shaw second, with co-leader Marama Davidson first. Conservation Minister Sage is at four on that list with Swarbrick is at seven.

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The Greens still have a Left faction?


They have a woke middle class identity politics faction which waters any meaningful climate crisis policy down to meaningless bullshit while managing to alienate voters with their painful micro aggression policing but they don’t have a ‘Left’ faction.

They have pure temple acolytes and woke activists whose starting point is ‘if you are a male you are a rapist, if you are white you are racist and if you believe in free speech you are  Nazi’, but a Left faction?

Sure there’s the militant cycling vegan mommy bloggers Temperance union of the insufferable Spinoff, but a ‘Left’ faction?

Currently the Greens have all the firepower of organic edible moss and I’m not convinced they can even limp over the 5% threshold this year.

But let’s pretend they can.

As Green members look at their voting papers over the weekend, here is the top 8 that I as a class leftist who believes a populist radical green movement is desperately needed would select.

1) Chloe Swarbrick – She is stupidly popular with the millennial electorate, incredibly competent when it comes to policy and a brilliant leader. She is the future of the Party. That she has been left of this left list altogether by the ‘Left’ faction reeks of a group of people who would prefer to hold control over the losing team rather than lose control of the winning team. If you honestly can’t see the Broadchurch appeal Chloe has, you shouldn’t be commentating as a political pundit.

2) Steve Abel – Greenpeace campaigner and the exact sort of candidate required to push for meaningful climate change not the sophistry the Greens are offering up now.

3) Teanau Tuiono – Strong candidate who will be able to bring a new dimension to Māori leadership to the party. Won’t champion the reclamation of the word ‘Cunt’.

4) Jan Logie – Her work for women has been tireless and her policy upgrades needed, she is a real unsung hero of the party.

5) Ricardo Menéndez March – No one knows the sadism of WINZ like Ricardo, would force the toxic culture out of MSD.

6) Julie Anne Genter – One of their best candidates who never gets her recognition. Very good policy brain.

​7) Kyle MacDonald – Very smart and conscious in a way that isn’t as smug as The Spinoff.

8) Luke Wijohn – Led the school strike movement, very passionate.

I should have included Golriz in this list because with Guy out of work they are a one wage household and she could do with the cash, but I’m sure he will pick up a gig doing Nights on TheEdge soon so they’ll be fiiiiiiiiine.

I haven’t included Eugenie Sage because she is the perfect example of what happens when a Minister gets captured by her Ministry and I’ve left off Marama and James because their leadership over the last 3 years has resulted in a meaningless response to the climate crisis and they’ve managed to get so far into identity politics they don’t know if they are Arthur or Martha, and if they DID ever manage to work that out, there would be a 6 month hui to decide what pronouns to use.

I’ve been a Green voter all my life and part of me thinks that maybe they should just get flushed out this election so that something else could replace them, but IF they limp back in, the above list might provide some actual gains on the climate rather than the paltry wins this current leadership team are championing.

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  1. Steve Abel is the only environmentalist there and a veteran to the environmental cause … so I hope they get him high enough…. might get more lost Green Gen X and dare we say boomer without a trigger warning, voters back!

    My gosh, an authentic candidate running for the greens, not just there to up their career prospects for the UN focus groups or ‘blue green’ business friendly placeholder for climate change 2050, going forward!

  2. Martyn
    If, at the last election, in exchange for their votes, the Greens had been half savvy, and had seriously milked National for heaps of cash to implement and achieve their policies…would you still vote Green?
    That’s the kind of nouse I’d love to see, instead of whimpering and sucking to Labour “please Jacinda, can we please tag along with you, please please please?”
    You see, they pretend to be committed to some cause, but they’re not. That’s why they don’t get more votes when, really, they should be getting a lot more.

    • The Greens super delegates operate on a higher level to that of everyone else. They couldn’t acknowledge the lower classes even if they tried.

  3. The GP was the only party to put their vote against the CPTPP, so they have mine (barring an unelectable poll position). Also Bradbury omitted Elizabeth Kerekere from his rundown – who certainly doesn’t make me less likely to vote Green!

    But until those GP members of good standing (ie paidup their dues for at least 6months prior) actually vote in this initial list, all the words typed about this are merely empty speculation.

    • So I take it you believe The Greens will limp over the 5% thresholds?

      Yknow Iv got a secret stash of CC’s, Rashuns, Twisties, Peanut Slabs, Party Mixes and a whole bunch of L&P and Yknow why I couldn’t bring all this to a Green Party meeting? Because it’s the patriarchy.

      I know, I know. I shouldn’t put the boot in. But what else is left when the party outright regents me.

  4. As someone considering defecting from Labour – despite JA, this looks a bit depressing. Although I’ve come to realise que sera sera, and we often get the politicians and gummint we deserve – the voting process hasn’t yet been corrupted through things such as technophile influence.

    And the reasons I am considering defecting (from Labour, at least if only split vote) are some of the things you mention (such as ministerial capture), and some still clinging to the neoliberal religion. Kindness? Yes by some (mostly JA) , but Transformation? No, no matter the reasons and excuses for hampering progress.

    And yes to Abel and Menendez and JAG (who I’d previously though should have been co-leader) and Tuiono.
    Hopefully they’ll get their shit together or I won’t even be delivering pamphlets or scrutineering for the buggers.

  5. Ouch,I must confess I dont know that much about the Green party inner workings or even some of the Mp’s… sad about Eugenie,… I would so much like to respect her age and wisdom,… but she did end up in a controversial quagmire….

    But Chloe Swarbrick is the one that stands out for her sensibility and conduct. She is pragmatic , cheerful and bright, and knows when to keep her own council. I like what little I’ve see of her, but always in a sensible , respectful way it seems. And never riding roughshod over others. I admire that in any person, not just politicians.

    But OH,… for the days of Rod Donald and Jeanette Fitzsimmons!

    Esp Fitzsimmons,… so many admired her, even if they opposed her!

    And then there’s Julie Anne Genter ( what is it about the Greens and their women?! ),… another one who seems perpetually in the background yet bristling with political talent and ideas.

    Why not two female co leaders?

    I’m sad about Marama,… I think her reclamation of a certain word was in bad political taste sadly for the NZ public. People just aren’t ready for that. Still, it is a poor standard to judge her by. I admire her for her stand with Mike Trent in the food / medicine delivery to Palestinians and the sheer guts both of them displayed.

    And that Gareth Hughes!- piking out when we need him most!- still , I guess family calls and we forgive him. Keep your finger in Gareth is all we can say ! Your much needed ! I’ll never forget that incredible speech you gave when the national party ran and hid…

    Gareth Hughes on the Prime Minister’s poor leadership, 11 Feb 2016

    Absolutely gutsy and non compromising. You’ll always be remembered for that. The Nats were just too damn gutless, arrogant or cowardly to even put in a showing. Yet your party prevailed and theirs didn’t.

    Alas, Mr Shaw,…I think its time to move over. I think its time for the ladies to now lead the way and have their say. We could do with that input now, esp after post covid 19. Its time for their talents to shine as it were. A revamped and rejuvenated leading political party with one or two women at the helm. And why not?

    That’s something Kate Sheppard would truly be proud of. And to hell with ‘images’ and acceptable societal expected norms. This is a democracy.

    Let the ladies loose and show us how it should be done. 🙂

  6. Ricardo Menendez March is from Auckland Action Against Poverty. His voice will be essential to any meaningful change towards dealing with poverty in AO/ NZ – and we so much need that. Green Party – AAAP Campaigner as Candidate

    He’s standing for Maungakiekie – One Tree Hill. Chloe ran there last time around. It’s been a close seat, N & L, presently held by National’s Denise Lee with Labour taking the party votes, as far as I can tell.

    (There are new electorates now as well? How will these change things I wonder.)

  7. A ‘left’ faction?? Really? More like an ‘anti’ faction or ‘porangi’ faction. Like Trump Humpers but seriously in need of some proper Mental Health support and counselling.
    These ‘lefties’ need to stay in their bubble, for a very long time. Their contempt and hate for anyone who’s older than 12 I mean 20 is so destructive and dangerously toxic, not even Trump or his supporters could compete with these fuckers.

    They’re riddled with white mans subconscious guilt, borne from their middle class parents who have all done well from their family trusts and inheritance paid for by their parents and grandparents house-flipp’n and investment portfolios that have profited them for decades.

    Its cause this generation so much mental pressure, they dont know whether theyre “arfur or marfur”.

    You can not let these fuckers near any type of vehicle, look what they’ve done to the this one, they’ve munted it, well and truly.

  8. Hey Bombarino, you be sure and let me know when your party stops copying the US Democrats (choosing suicide over policy) and I may consider bothering to get to a polling booth in November.
    At the moment nada…

    • JSB
      Isn’t the election still provisionally set for September, or has there been an announcement I missed?

      Anyway, you really should get yourself to the voting booth, even if it is just to write in a vote of; “No confidence”. Won’t be my choice, but I respect those who do so more than those who just can’t be bothered with even that minimal level of social engagement.

  9. Well as a past 1999 to 2002 Green party member then; – I like Jilie Anne Genter and Jan Logie best but I will give Chloe Swarbrick a bit of suport.

    Sorry about Gareth Hughes as he was a resident in Gisborne we all expected him to step up for our rail;

    We all expected he would give us a good real fight to save the Gisborne rail back in 2012.

    Ever since then he has now lost his zest for a scrap now so it has seen for his future time to go elswhere.

    Loike most I have lost enthusiam for James Shaw as he has no fire in his belly similar to Gareth Hughes.

    Marama is to radical sadly to win votes, as she has no fairness in her rage.

    Good luck Green Party.

    I like ‘NZ First’ better curently, as one of the most “common sence’ Political parties in the bee hive now.

    Labour need to get their shit together and;
    **be uniform in their poliicies
    **as many ministers are tripping over policy and leaving confussion all around the electorate.
    **So where is the ‘climate change policy’ going to kick in?

    Get all regional rail going for gods sake!!!!

  10. I did not recognize most of that list of Greens who somehow think they can do a better job than the existing Parliamentarians. So, I am going to look at the ones currently holding seats in Parliament.

    Jan Logie could be a future Minister of Womens Affairs. She has the nous, the passion and potentially the policy know how to do it. How and when that happens is another point altogether.

    I am sorry to see Gareth go. But his priorities are credible. I have to give him credit for that. I hope he keeps with the party and continues to actively contribute because it looks like he could do them some good.

    James Shaw is one of two seriously credible Ministerial candidates in the Green Caucus. The other is Julie-Anne Genter (see further down). I think along with Ms Genter they best understand a coalition government means compromises have to be reached and when you have New Zealand First as the other party helping to form this Labour-led Government, some of those priority compromises are going to be substantial.

    Marama Davidson has no doubt helped to shore up the Maori vote and maybe some of the female vote as well, but that is about it. I can’t remember her having done much for policy making in terms of debates, constructing actual policy or introducing anything substantial to Parliament.

    I liked Julie-Anne Genter. When Gerry Brownlee was Minister of Transport she must have been the stuff of nightmares for him – she ran rings around him, in terms of sensible policy making. And a lot of it was on point too.

    I am disappointed in Eugenie Sage. She seems to have been taken by her Ministry. Granted it was before COVID19, her opposition to the West Coast having a Waste-to-Energy plant, means that a use for all of the waste already existing on the coast and the transport and disposal costs of new waste, has been effectively shut down.

    I can see how Chloe Swarbrick might be a leader in the future. Granted she is quite young, she is one of the few in Parliament that truly represent the millennial segment of the spectrum. Her time is some way in the future though.

    Golriz Ghahraman might be best going back to ensuring war criminals get a fair hearing at the Hague. I am not sure what use she has been as a Member of Parliament.

    Of the need for a male and female co-leader, I think that worked quite well and well done to the Greens for trying it. Why you’d give it up now would be beyond me.

  11. I’m gobsmacked that Martin Bradbury apparently voted for this lot in the last election. Most of them sound like woke neoliberals to me, and the more left-leaning ones are even more hopelessly besotted with identity politics. I’m not sure I’d trust the current lot of Greens to run a gender-neutral vegan bake-off, let alone a country.

  12. All The Green Party ‘needs to do’ is to reach out to our farmers, the proper farmers. Not the bankster enslaved corporate-minion cowsploiters. ( Sorry guys but you’re doing it wrong. ) Trust me. There is a difference.
    That could be done a number of ways but my favourite way, as a farmer albeit without my farm ( thanks manager of the bnz timaru, I know, you’re dead. But trust me, you’re not forgotten ) is my way.
    All farmer mortgage debt is to be written off and all foreign bankster activities in Nu Zillind is to become illegal and any cash and assets are returned to our primary industry via a specialised Ministry of Agricultural Finance and Development.
    An *’organic foods’ development fund could be established and overseen by that Ministry to enhance and encourage the use of *organic fertilisers and to deregulate public lands so as urban populations can use designated public lands to grow plants and vegetables. Think allotments? Think of the absurd, fallow land of Christchurch’s ‘red zones’ being used to grow food? ‘Red Zones’. What a sad fucking joke, that is?
    Where there are, or at least were, signs that read “Caution! Do Not Enter! Authorised Personnel only! Pools of water may form without warning!” Yep. Puddles might form without warning. I kid you not.
    The new ministry could reintroduce agricultural apprenticeships schemes. Introduce free public rail transport to our rural hinterlands and create ‘tax free’ zones in the more remote parts of AO/NZ ( Like Ohai, Nightcaps, Dipton and those parts of the North Island that I’m sadly unfamiliar with.) To the towns in those regions that now cook meth instead of grow foods and wool. ( Wool? Writing of wool…Why did david carter de establish the wool research unit at Lincoln College those few years ago? 26 or so staff were made redundant. Why? Wool’s the best organic garment fibre known and is desired the world over. And yet david carter closed down a successful research unit. Why david? And you being a farmer? Minister of Agriculture
    “In May 2010, Carter issued a ban on kosher slaughter, rejecting the recommendations of his advisers.[7] Carter held shares in a firm that exports meat, and prior to instituting the ban he met senior managers of the firm who wanted a ban on kosher slaughter to reduce their competition.[8] ”
    Who’s competition were you reducing when you fucked those Lincoln College guys over?
    I guess we could simply buy cheap Chinese polyester garments from The Warehouse. They look fucking hideous, are cold when it’s cold and are clammy when it’s hot and they’ll make the wearer look like a dero but who cares I guess? By the shabby looks of some of our AO/NZ’ers not many, if any.
    Moving on.
    Free, high speed internet and highly paid teachers in modern schools for our country people?
    How about income tax free zones to build confidence in budding young families to put down roots in all permutations of the phrase out in our rich and abundant countryside too. Instead of having to kowtow to the rapacious greed of the district councils waving their little diddles at anyone who disagrees with their tyranny.
    All of the above re agriculture WAS the case. And can be so again. In fact, it MUST be so again.
    Because after the Wuhan virus there’s the small matter of global starvation worsened by a global economic collapse.
    And lets not forget the vengeance. I’m a deeply vengeful person. I carry my grudges like a Christian carries the Cross. With a righteous determination and an equally righteous sense of justice burning in my trousers.
    Who did this to our agricultural infrastructure? Who damaged us so badly that we allegedly had to rely on hand outs from happy snapper tourists to pay for our imported stuff and things? ( Which I think is bullshit btw. )We need to know.
    What’s that sound in Dear old leafy Ponsonby, Herne Bay, Remuera? In Wellington too? What’s that sound…?
    Is it bricks being shat onto the heated tiles of the designer bathrooms of the farmer-swindling criminal elite?

    * Organic. As in naturally organic. Recycle animal shits and use seaweeds and leaf moulds. Under-stock by 25% and allow your living, breathing soils to have a wee snooze now and then. NO SPRAYING! No ! NOO! STOP IT ! YOU NAUGHTY FARMERS.
    Cannabis is a far more important plant than they allow us to realise and it’s still illegal for a good reason. And that reason is because it’s far too competitively valuable for its own good. You don’t need to spray it and the plant is as environmentally sound as something that’s environmentally sound.
    When the more ‘industrial’ strains of the plant are harvested most of the plants nutrients, which are in the flowering heads, are returned to the soil to become mulch and as most of us know, the ornamental varieties are eminently smokeable, edible, health giving and, of course, illegal.
    The illegality of cannabis is a swindle. You do know that right?
    One more thing?
    Make the use of glyphosate in the form of ‘Roundup’ on farm land illegal. Glyphosate is a curse of a chemical and the promotion of its use is also a swindle. The foreign banksters and monsanto don’t care if you poison the lands and waterways and in so doing killing aquatic animal species while giving yourselves cancer so long as they get your money.
    Hey! You’s Greens? I’ve just written a script which would enable you to not only assure you of enormous political power but you could go down in history as the ones who turned AO/NZ around to become one of the richest countries per head of population on the planet.
    Since I’m full of piss and wind like the barbers tomcat, as Mum would have said of politicians then perhaps I should become a Green MP of some sort ?
    Pot, fame and riches… Sounds alright doesn’t it?
    @ The Green Party. Serious note.
    Now, more than ever, it is vitally urgent that you either grow a decent set of ovaries/balls or fuck off. Because currently you’re wasting everybody’s time, energy and money by appearing to be weak, dithery and hypocritical.

    • +100 Good Post Countryboy…why dont you join the Green party and shake them up!

      (I might even vote for them again….as it stands they have the reputation of being idiots, betraying their principles , not grounded in the land, carpet baggers, ageist, wokies …. and away with the fairies)

    • Excellent point Countryboy, about the Greens reaching out to the farmers (farmers make our food and the Greens could be helping them make better food for NZer’s, rather than blaming our farming/horticulture industry and not stopping the sell out to big foreign business that create mega pollution intensive farms). The Greens really lost out, with the loss of Sue Kegley who seemed to be able to tell the difference.

      Not sure what happened to the Greens buy local campaign as increasingly our food has come in from China (in particular frozen foods and Chinese ‘organic’ ranges), however while that might be good for the grocery industries profits, China has a long history of extremely poor food quality that their own nationals try not to eat Chinese food (hence the desperate stripping of baby milk powder from NZ supermarkets to be shipped back to China) and are regularly killed or poisoned by the latest scams from China which are relentless. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/china/8476080/Top-10-Chinese-Food-Scandals.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008_Chinese_milk_scandal Gutter oil obtained from the gutters and sewers in China to be reused to save money https://foodsecurityfoodjustice.com/2017/01/24/chinas-gutter-oil/

      While the Green Party (and the rest of COL) has become indoctrinated by the construction industry to their peril with the woke warm, dry houses fixation (apart from state and community housing that apparently does not have the same timelines as private rentals to upgrade to warm dry standards, I guess the faux woke housing committees, that created the fake Meth levels, strikes again with hypocrisy????)

      But apparently the muncher greater obesity crisis of 1 in 3 adult NZer’s being obese and the resulting early deaths of in particular Maori and Pacific Islanders, are fine, takeaway businesses, liquor stores, dairies biggest profits of smokes, and supermarkets selling 70% highly processed non foods are the governments new heroes and priority with Covid and given a free pass to continue their paths to help kill more people for profit in this country! It’s so bad now that cigarette factories in NZ are considered essential services during Covid.

      Instead of the Greens trying to divide people they should look for points to help people, that are important to large groups of people, like food quality that many people are very interested in (or need to find out about), in the green movement.

  13. Chuck Shaw out out out, he should never have got the job, chuck Marama out, good woman but not up to it really. Yes to the rest of him, although Steve Abel worries me, yes a man of principal and such a good man but parliament really, it will be shit for him, constantly he will be restrained, and he won’t like that. I think every one lining up needs to show that they have been grass roots activists and have actually gone on demonstrations, signed petitions in their life.

    AND each one of them should be contributing far more financially to the party than they currently are. Why should anyone ring pensioners to get them to put in $20 when most of those pensioners will never have earnt $150,000 free travel and all the rest of the perks. And of course some of them are earning way more than that as ministers.

    Personally I think they should have stayed out of being at a table which is dominated by Winston. They have voted FOR things that they did not have to, although they used Winston as a reason when queried about it.

    Eugenie Sage definitely needs the boot! No one I know is impressed with her at all, totally captured.

  14. We should have got a DNA sample from Rod Donald and Jeanette Fitzsimmons and cloned new copies of them years ago .

    While we are at it , we might as well get a couple of Russel Norman clones and a couple of Meturia Turei clones as well.

    Now that would be a real front bench.

    The key to improving the Greens representation resides in constitutional law .

    If we change electoral law to allow for an optional double party vote ( as opposed to the current 1 electorate and 1 party vote ) we could double the number of green MPS overnight .

    Voting for a green MP in an electorate vote is a wasted vote . So lets not waste it, and lets not vote for a lame electorate Labour MP just to keep National out .Lets make both votes count .* 8 Green MPs with 2 party votes gets us 16 Green MPs with the same voter base .

    Now trending … # Double Party Vote GREEN .

    Just saying we need to be lateral ,
    Lockdown Lemm .

    • Lemm, your comment is supposed to be a joke? The; “Now Trending…” Ridiculous hashtag, certainly raised a snort out of me (though I don’t bother with Twitter, so it could be true). But apart from that punchline, I think I may be lacking context for the rest.

      Is there presently a committee working on constitutional/ electoral system reform (because that was so productive last time), that I haven’t heard about?

  15. As I see it being green is OK if you are wealthy but it is just a dream or nightmare to the average NZ on the average wage. Organic vegetables free range eggs woollen clothes all great and laudable but not if every dollar counts. This country along with the rest of the World is going to be poor and struggling for some time to come . Wind power or coal power will come down to what is cheapest not which is nice to have .
    Personally I would love the ideas put up by countryboy to hold sway but I have been in business with a huge mortgage and a family to feed and it is going to be dog eat dog out there once the bills start to roll in . The Greens need to be there to help the underdog but I see nothing in this current group that relates to them . Sage signed away the water rights and was slow in help out the West Coast and Genter and Shaw have both failed to make a mark as they play second fiddle to Winston

    • @Trevor, I agree with your point, many poorer people do not prioritise the Green movement because their focus is ingetting by. This is eagerly taken up by neoliberals who try to stop any pollution crackdowns or regulation, by disingenuously pleading the voice of the poor!

      This inconvenient truth which the greens choose to ignore, is part of their failed voter strategy.

      Aka as they become a party more akin to Labour socialism than the environmental green movement they scatter their supporters, the middle class environmentalists who the new identity Greens now purport to hate, while tying to entice the poor who don’t understand anything of what they are on about and even if they did, it doesn’t make any sense on a practical level (aka adding in 300,000 new temp workers each year into NZ to compete for jobs, food parcels, housing and welfare or giving private Chinese businesses companies free water for bottling while water rates for everyone else are increasing, we are facing water shortages, and the quality of water is decreasing).

      Also to make the above worse, if you disagree with the above, you are apparently a racist, xenophobic in woke circles (which are taking over Green circles faster than Covid-19 and with as much destruction to the host).

      There is a difference between mutually beneficial immigration and a scam to destroy a country for privatisation. NZ has become the latter.

  16. Sam – you seriously eat that junk? I mean; yay! Peanut Slabs are nice once in a while (though Whittaker’s Almond Gold is more my thing, if I don’t just get a big block of Dark Ghana and eke it out over a couple of weeks). You’re sure that your local GP branch members just don’t have better taste than you? I am no longer a member myself – as I do like my rodent cyborgs!

    At present, I do believe; on the basis of statistical trends, that the Green party will exceed the 5% threshold. Though not knowing the election date, nor their performance on the hustings, it’s really to early to say for sure. Davidson might even sneak Tamaki Makaurau away fromJones, though given that Turei couldn’t prise Dunedin from Clarks grasp, I wouldn’t bet on it.

    But no other party voted against the scam that is CPTPP, and I feel that this iteration deserves recognition for that.

    • I think the trouble with the Green Party is that everyone expects them to be super-human and they try to be. We need to remember that kryptonite is very rare and the dose to be taken is very precise for best outcomes. The wisdom of the crowd is a suspect meme to my mind.

      The Greens may be the only political party trying to be both practical and future-thinking. They don’t always get the balance right, but aren’t they streets ahead of the other contenders? Keep encouraging them to go the right way, do the eye sheepdog thing and keep them near the open door to the pen, edge forward slowly while they eye us nervously, don’t spook them but just watch and keep pressing them mentally towards the goal and they’re In! And don’t anyone pull wool over any of our eyes – there is a lot to do – and not just one way or avenue to go, they and political activists must beware of narrow political mind-channelling; we are conserving the world and looking for new ways of humanity too, and need to be mostly generalists listening to honest, wise specialists.

      I did a comment recently on how Labour has sunk low in the water. I think they can be compared to Rob Hewitt, who was an outstanding example of someone surviving in perilous waters beyond the ‘norm’ with strong mental powers and ties to his family and home that enabled him to live on, until he was rescued when he was exhausted and nearly finished. And Norm Hewitt, his brother, is also an outstanding man who has thought hard to build his mental strength to match his physical prowess as an All Black. They are examples for all NZs to follow, but especially Labour. I just don’t know how close Labour are to their moment of truth about what is truly important about their role and closeness to the NZ people, vestiges are there but the family feeling is a faint thread. Can they be rescued, will they still be conscious, or are they floating in a coma?

      I like to use analogies and examples when I am talking about politics because we have been trying to explain and illustrate and prove that what we have had since 1984 with neolibfreemarket politics is killing our spirit and stifling our nation’s economy; all arguments have hardly penetrated the surface. Gardeners, workers with the soil, know it can become so dry that absorbency is lost – called hydrophobic soil which tends to repel water.
      That is what has happened to pleas for change of thought and action in NZ, and the harsh, competitive, winner-takes-all system has been embedded. So we need different approaches and Greenies want to move forward in new ways – keep them on track, don’t ever think of abandoning them. TINE – there is no-one else.

  17. NZ seems to have had it’s own cultural revolution which nobody noticed, but seems to have left this country full of glorified peasants eking out a living at the local supermarket and a Kleptocracy full of their own self importance while expelling from NZ through government policy, intellectuals, experts, freedom of speech and the skilled middle class.

  18. Lol, no wonder you’re an angry man Bomber. You seriously voted for these muppets?
    I can’t believe anyone gives Genter any airtime at all!
    This failed delusional American import with no public mandate who wouldn’t even exist in our political biosphere without her name being on a list….
    The rest of them are so fringe worthy let alone cringe….
    Example: Genter appears to think widening footpaths is a better spend of taxpayers $100 million than building a new Dunedin Hospital which is sorely needed.

  19. They could all run an asylum im sure….. into the ground.
    Complete an utter whackjobs
    I can see now why the Maori Party are reinventing themselves…because they have more chance than this lot

  20. “something else could replace them” like what? National’s Tava imploding party that cant even scrape up enough members to make it legit? If you want the Greens to have more say in the government’s decision making then increase its share of the vote, dont mindlessly flush it away, some gains are better than nothing and it’s thanks to James Shaw that the Greens made it back into parliament and got the party into a position to be a C/S partner.

    • James OMG you have to be joking…. worst choice as co-leader.

      The world will be over by the time his ‘climate change’ deal comes in.

      ‘I will double the party numbers’ yeah right!

  21. Ross – You’ve done nothing but whine ever since you got up this morning. Whine Whine Whine.

    Had Genter got the co-leadership of the Greens, I would have joined them; she has qualifications from universities I doubt you’ve ever heard of, and in disciplines which I doubt you’d even begin to understand-
    you don’t have the words, and without the words you can’t have the thought processes.

    Please tell me that you are not NZ born and bred, because if so, you are quite a sad indictment of our education system – and a bore – though to what extent one follows on from the other je ne sais pas nor care.

  22. James Peter Edward Shaw should be replaced.

    Better: he should resign.

    He has hardly shown any ecological vision.
    He has not provided strategic orientation to the party (and to the country).
    He does not have sufficient skill to harness individual qualifications of the parliamentarian team members toward a common Green priority.

    The common and overruling priority for the Green Party is climate resilience through socioeconomic adaptation across Aotearoa/New Zealand,

    As quick as possible.

    His zero-carbon law will turn out to be an exercise in sophisticated window-dressing.

    The climate change commission will produce straw fires, wasting time and competencies of the stakeholders.


    The members of the Green Party of AO/NZ are asked to take responsibility.

    PS … he also seems to have only one sort of a greenish tie that he wears on all occasions. Terrible.

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