MEDIA WATCH: Is it censorship if no one else is interested in your Death Cult Capitalism sociopathy?


Oh really?

Coronavirus: Health experts feel censored over alternative lockdown plan

A group of health experts who believe the Government’s lockdown response has been too harsh say they feel censored, with the Government and even the media disinterested in any dissenting voices.

Is it censorship if no one else is interested in your Death Cult Capitalism sociopathy?

A bunch of middle class Ivory Tower Academics weened on the public teat & inoculated in plush self-isolation, demand we go back to work in the teeth of a pandemic which viciously impacts the working classes worst and they feel sad sad because no one is interested in their terrifying zeal for a blood sacrifice to the Gods of the Free Market?

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Boo fucking hoo.

While we are feeling sorry for psychopaths, can someone please check in on Hooton, Hosking, Soper and the rest of the Death Cult Capitalists? Jacinda’s competence and calm leadership yesterday will be doing terrible things for their mental health this morning & they’ll need a hug.

The reason the Death Cult Capitalists are so hell bent on demanding the slaves get back to work to protect their Gold Card Air Points is because this pandemic destroys the neoliberal paradigm that has built their exploitative wealth.

As the great Shamubeel Eaqub points out…

…these Death Cult capitalists don’t give a shit about us slaves, they fear the repercussions of this pandemic will erode their wealth.

I’ve suggested that the NZ Left urgently put together a virtual conference to thrash out a basic policy agenda platform as a response to this unprecedented crisis of free market capitalism because the Alt Right Death Cult Capitalists are ramming their agenda through and will throw the working classes who suffer most from this virus under the bus faster than they can say untaxed capital gains.


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  1. Should implement a tax free threshold of 40,000-50,000 thousand dollars so its impossible for the poor and middle class to pay for a neoliberal recovery.

  2. Is it possible to have a TDB dictionary somewhere on the site?

    For those who pop in now and again it is very hard to try and keep up with all these new phrases and WTF? names used in the utterances, so much so many posts/comments/articles make absolutely no sense.

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