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  1. Another way that big business which is often foreign-heavy and has grabbed contracts from locals, or have forced locals’ prices down to a level that is edgy is showing up. In today’s paper there is an item on this.
    …There are about 12,000 plumbers in New Zealand. Master Plumbers chief executive Greg Wallace says plumbing merchants were only seeing about 12 per cent of their normal turnover…. Wallace says he has heard “disturbing reports of large (corporate) companies advising plumbers that they will not be paying outstanding invoices for work completed”.
    “Plumbers have the same concerns that all Kiwis have – how to keep their employees, their families, their customers and their community safe.”–they-keep-the-nations-fluids-running

    But in 2017 this heading showed up – Large companies ‘killing’ small businesses by withholding payments

    In 2019 – I owe money, but do debt collectors have to chase so hard?

  2. Now that the NHS saved Boris Johnston’s life perhaps he won’t consider selling it off and turning it into a for profit health system like the failure in the USA.
    What does it take for a spoiled ,born to rule, Etonian toff to change his mind?
    Cant abide the man but I’m glad he’s better.

    • I’m still trying to process the fact that some people hated Johnson’s guts and all he stood for one day and literally fell in love with him after he caught the flu the next. 9000 people have supposedly died from Covid in the UK to date while 150 thousand died in England from other causes in the same period. Johnson wasn’t one of them.

      • It seems that the public goes in and out like a tide Popeye, on a flood of feeling. In NZ mass grief at one moment, but a few months later, no change BAU except perhaps some little improvement, and an expensive monument to whatever.

        We’re on a mousewheel, and need better training in citizenship and responsibility of choice; the elections or times for putting forward the wishes of the citizenry is not a birthday party where you get what your heart’s desire. I think voting should be open to everyone of a certain age and capacity, but there has to be knowledge of what the issues are, and the pros and cons and outcomes of the various options, and an explanation of why those options have been chosen out of a wider range.

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