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  1. The boy in the plastic bubble has some more questions

    Q. Why are only some people deemed essential workers in NZ? Shouldn’t we as an entire country be essential to our past, present and future? What is the government going to do to ensure full employment of all people in this country in future?

    Q. Why are 20-29 year olds suddenly the movie villains of Covid-19? A recent media release suggests this age group is to blame for community transmission because they are 20% of Coronavirus carriers. Doesn’t this mean that 80% of carriers are not in this age group?

    Q. Why are some people insisting that we accept this lockdown without question including not holding the government’s justification, information and methods to account? Should we refrain from any scrutiny of actions in future and just trust the government? Not question the lawmaking, the police and military; discard any academic critique and review; reduce social awareness and participation to an infotainment sideshow; accept totally the corporate orthodoxy and lobbying model?

    Q. Why are some health professionals rabidly entering into social commentary on pandemic best practice (recently a doctor was reported as saying outdoor exercise should be avoided because of the risk of touching potentially contaminated surfaces such as gates and benches)? Isn’t there a potential for everything we touch/breath/ingest to be contaminated with pathogens, including from untold sources governed by health and safety protocols such as supermarkets (600,000 pallets of dry goods are distributed from one supermarket alone each year, encompassing over 700 outlet stores with 3500 international product lines) to sources where contamination can’t be fully contained, such as recycled municipal, waste and storm water?

    Q. What will happen to the country’s health when the international borders are reopened? Will our quarantine have been for nought when those who do not have Coronavirus will be infected eventually anyway through community transmission? Should we just accept the herd immunity mechanism and share DNA and disease with foreigners? If not will we as a country have to live in isolation for ever now without contact with non residents?

  2. Fact checking the facts on fact checkers

    Anyone got the inside word on the fact checking organisation Bellingcat? I wrote them off in the past as deep state shills after reading directly and about their reports on Syrian chemical weapons and the evil Russians. Al-Jazeera are now running an expose on them. Is the organisation totally objective and independent? Can they be trusted? [Whispers] Are they one of us?

  3. Jody Are you looking for things to have a moan about, find fault with, or are you genuinely interested in trying to understand a difficult situation where no-one can be pleased?

    • Hosking hasn’t any tinfoil. Tinfoil can be useful. He isn’t. (Tinfoil and boiling water, and salt can clean silver.
      First you wash it in the normal way. Then you dip it into water containing tinfoil and say half teaspoon salt – can’t remember just how much, could be more.) By doing that you will find the sterling qualities in the article. Don’t try it with Mike H. though – there aren’t any. He only chooses to have gold. There is money in being a boofhead to people who are akin and easily amused.

      • We will need the silver for the manufacture of advanced battery technologies, solar panels and industrial soldering. The Hosk can just stew.

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