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  1. If you agree with the following letter, then please send similar wake up calls to all your media, even worldwide. There is very little time left.
    Letter to the NZ Herald posted today April 2 2020:–

    “Luckily there is safe water in abundance. But to be really safe we must stop the brash time-consuming supermarket food model right now.. Animals and humans survived and survive extremely well on foods that never saw a factory, example: farm animals eat grass, not sugared refined grass, Japan makes rice its mainstay, and so on. In this perilous emergency our masters are too hidebound and blinkered by convention and lured by profits and food taxes. We urgently need to set up outside tables in the fresh cleaner open air, with awnings to keep off the rain to supplant the present thoughtless fiasco of food buying which cannot stop the virus overcoming us. There is presently far too much touching by bared customer hands .Then supply bags of healthy satisfying brown rice, say, distributed speedily by well gloved properly masked staff (N95 standard masks with air vents only to be used since these save the eyes. The others do not.) This is a much safer food delivery model, that also ensures healthier bodies to fight and beat the virus. Learn from centuries old Japan not brash America.
    Brian John Evans Mt Eden Auckland
    April 2 2020”
    But will they print it or not? Aye there’s the rub. Always Bottom Line with Media Send off your own thoughts everywhere before it is too late……Thank you all and good luck.

  2. Lots of couples out walking their dogs. Maybe we should not pat the dogs as the previous patter was a carrier of the virus? Here is my poem site with a poem that will surely soothe folk Google brian john evans and Albatross.

  3. I have a Police Officer close mate.

    He shares things with me discreetly over the years. I normally never repeat them elsewhere and I can honestly say, I can’t recall one single example of something he relayed to me that wasn’t accurate.


    Police will now NOT be pulling vehicles over to examine if they contain essential workers. Why not? Because the Police have been given instruction that these examples of pulling vehicles over are a breach of the car drivers human rights.

    I would very much like the Police to be questioned about this diabolical situation. If it’s correct as I’m assured, it makes a complete farce of the Police stating they will punish repeat offenders of lockdown breaches.

    Secondly, I’m also told that fruit and vege shops etc open for business are now not being turned over by the Police due to a tidal wave of confusion over just what an essential service etc actually is.

    Urgent clarification of this situation is sought as it’s making a mockery of the lockdown we have been forced into as a life saving measure.


      Police officers are being told they must suspect someone has coronavirus to enforce the lockdown.

      A police guidelines document, seen by Stuff lists scenarios police have no power to do – such as pulling over cars or entering properties to check lockdown compliance – unless they believe a person there may have Covid-19.

      The document, titled Operational Policing Guidelines – Alert Level 4, scenarios for the Frontline, was issued to staff on March 28 by Police National Headquarters. Police Commissioner Mike Bush has since come under fire for not making the guidelines public.

      The guidelines appear to contradict Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s comment on Sunday that “the police have all the resources they need to enforce the lockdown, including the power to arrest and detain people, if need be.”

      It notes there is no power to stop vehicles to check the occupants are complying with the Covid-19 health notice.


      This is pretty much verbatim what I described in my earlier post. It’s a complete and absolute farce. We have experienced senior health professionals unable to confirm a person may have Covid-19, yet now these Muppets have created a situation where the Police from the comfort of their vehicle, must decide for whatever reason that the vehicle driving 50kph going the opposite direction contains a person who may have Covid-19. They base this suspicion on what exactly? The colour of the vehicle driving by? If there is a C in the number plate? The colour of the persons hair? A pimple on their chin? This is a farcical and embarrassing situation that makes us look like a banana republic being run by naive people with only have a brain. It’s effectively handcuffing our Police force and guaranteeing the lockdown will now be breached all day every day. We will all pay the price for that. Look out for a dramatic increase in vehicles on our roads etc in upcoming days.

      The Police will either turn a blind eye to every passing vehicle they see in the lockdown now or they will abuse these farcical new guidelines at will. What is the point?

      We already had a situation where the Police spouted off how they will punish offenders who breach lockdown rules….then after several days they confirm they have taken two repeat offenders of lockdown rules into custody………..yah…..then released them without charge. Oh what a frightening deterrent their waffle is.

      Then they spout off how they will get the cell phone numbers of people coming back to NZ and into lockdown. The Police will then ring them and track their movements via cell phone activity…..sounds good but…… Keystone Cops to the rescue. When asked how many people had received the phone call to commence tracking, you’d expect somewhere between 700 and 1400. Perhaps more. Police confirmed the actual number is ZERO.

      A defence is only ever going to be as strong as it’s weakest link. Our defence via the Police is nothing short of an embarrassing farce.

  4. I feel compelled to share with the readers one of several previous posts I made on TDB regarding people who were pre-symptomatic with Covid-19. …this was my post dated March 9th some 25 days ago. It should be pointed at that with this virus, 25 days is an eternity.

    Jacindafan March 9, 2020 at 11:03 am
    I don’t want to be a party to spreading misinformation but I’m concerned about a dangerous contradiction.

    In the UK, respected medical professionals are stating there is evidence that people with the virus who are not yet displaying symptoms (pre-symptomatic) are in fact spreading the virus. This data has been known and accepted for at least 10 days.

    In NZ, our Ministry of Health are still advising the public as a cornerstone of our defence that you must have symptoms in order to spread the virus. If that is correct then respected health professionals in the UK are wrong. If however, it’s our Ministry of Health that’s incorrect, we are in deep deep shit. This situation is in urgent need of clarification and not by fluffy propaganda either.

    Auckland Grammar principal slams ‘misinformation’ about the school’s COVID-19 scare

    quote from link above.

    “”As I understand it from health officials, you need to be showing symptoms in order to spread it,” said O’Connor, saying there has been wrong information being spread, causing “unreasonable levels of fear and anxiety” amongst students and parents”


    Now, today’s link. An astonishing and complete turn around from Directer General of Health, Dr Ashley Bloomfield.

    Covid-19 testing of the wider population is on the cards as World Health Organisation research shows people are most contagious within their first few days of being infected

    Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield says Covid-19 carriers are highly infectious when they show few signs of carrying the virus.

    People were most infectious just before or as they first developed symptoms of Covid-19, according to the latest World Health Organisation situation update, Bloomfield said.

    “The important thing here is that whatever the transmission, whether it’s symptomatic, pre-symptomatic or indeed if possible, asymptomatic, the same precautions will protect people,” Bloomfield said.


    Make no mistake about it, people with Covid-19 were let into NZ and effectively gifted a free pass as a direct result of the false information Bloomfield was passing off as facts. Now, in a total contradiction, he is remarkably attempting to “appear” as if this “new” information was what he believed all along and has been basing NZ’s defence on. Bloomfield has got this as badly wrong as it was possible to do so. New Zealanders will dies as a direct result of his monumental blunder. At the very least, Bloomfield’s epic misinformation and dangerous instruction has contributed to the damage that will be done to our economy.

    • Nothing new to me, this was already suspected or known from early experiences in China, as far as I can tell.

      The lack of clear info on the new COVID 19 virus is one major challenge, but now the picture is getting clearer.

      Hence what is needed is widespread antibody testing, so to see how many have really already got antibodies, as that will mean, they did at some stage get the virus, whether it was symptomatic or not.

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