What we need now to fight the pandemic


We need
(1) Universal Basic Income for All
(2) A freeze or massive reduction in rent and mortgage repayments
(3) Hazard pay at time and a half for all Essential workers
(4) PPEs for all Essential workers
(5) Factories to start mass production of n95 masks, respirators, ventilators and shields.
(6) Safer alternatives to food distribution than Supermarket Viral Hubs
(7) RPEs for all our health workers and aged care workers
(8) Nationalisation of all companies facing market collapse.


  1. ‘Nationalisation of all companies facing market collapse’
    The socialist nirvana eh?….nationalise all companies, how did that work out for Venezuela? Or was socialism done wrong there, but it will work this time? LOL

    • I actually think it’s a mistake to nationize failing companies such as banks. And I don’t think it’s in the governments interest getting into the food distribution game, I’d prefer tougher regulations and sin taxes like sugary drinks and marijuana

    • Changes don’t have to be across the board.
      I think the movement towards an increased cooperative structure in local ventures which should be initiated and supported by Govt.
      Workers get a wage from what value they add and a dividend of sharing anything left over. As the workers also have a collective say in how the enterprise operates then the motivation and satisfaction of doing better is inherent.
      Failing companies being taken over by workers have shown to have some startling successes. No board of directors following the mandate of profit for shareholders. .
      Its not a new idea or way of running a local economy.

      • Why not get a workers collective together to continue the Listener or one of the other Bauer magazine closures. Could move them from analogue into the digital age.

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