Dr Liz Gordon: Making fake news out of a real virus


I can honestly claim to be the one that spotted Boris was out of sorts the other day.  He doesn’t look too good to me, I ventured.  The stress must be getting to him.

And, if I had substituted ‘virus’ instead of ‘stress’, I would have been bang on. And jolly good, too – he deserves it for all his jolly posturing and manic hand-shaking.  What do you mean that’s a little harsh? Come on – you think so too.

Trump needs to get it too. He is so narcissistic that he will only take it seriously when he has experienced it. Get the virus to acknowledge the truth of what is going on.

Around the world, some on the extreme right have treated the virus as if it is a leftist plot.  This has two elements that I can see:

  1. The populace of the world was deliberately infected by the Chinese, in a plot for world domination.  Thus, the phrase the ‘Chinese virus’, pushed by Trump and others. My alternative formulation, penned last week, “The Pangolin’s Revenge” is just as likely a scenario.
  2. The ‘deep state’ has plotted to force extreme measures on states that will lead to economic meltdown as a way to get rid of the American President and institute a more social democratic system and reduce inequalities.

If only!  But it is true that the virus has a way of cutting through extremist bullshit, exposing bad (and good) leadership and hopefully bringing out a more altruistic response in us all.  Oh yes, and saving the planet, temporarily.

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In case you have not yet been introduced to the Johns Hopkins dashboard, it provides daily updates on the spread of the virus. If you are bored, watching this can eat up minutes and hours. It is an excellent summary.

That’s all for the moment from my little bubble. As my beloved swimming is not available, I am doing online exercises, and our session starts soon.

I feel comfortable and secure.  I hope you all do, too.

Dr Liz Gordon is a researcher and a barrister, with interests in destroying neo-liberalism in all its forms and moving towards a socially just society.  She usually blogs on justice, social welfare and education topics.


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