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  1. People can’t get home to NZ because they have to change planes in Sydney which means an overnight wait at the Australian airport – which is not being allowed.

    U have got entirely disgusted with the Australian government and the way they treat us. How about deluging Australian media and on-line with questioning letters starting off with ‘Why do Australians hate New Zealanders?
    Do Australians approve of the way their Government, in their name, find excuses to cause us grief.” And list the present one of refusing to enable NZ travellers return, and then one or two others that have got you going. There will be plenty that have been forgotten.

    And demand to have a discussion about it, to have items and rebuttals in the paper, and on radio with someone from NZ that can mount a challenge and not crawl on the floor and lick their boots as some of our fine lapdogs would do. A debate on television with some keen as mustard NZr with the ability to land the old one-two without letting out a mouthful that starts new grievances. (Shane Jones needed apply.)

    What would be needed to start up something like this. A special blog, facebook page. Or would they go weak at the knees with the amount of abuse that could get thrown. Things are so bad with Australia now that I don’t think we have anything to lose. We have asked nicely and they take pride in standing staunch the Ozgnash Party. The like being seen as The Uglies, real Aussies; or are they? Why not find out by fronting up and taking them on. Those in the public who have never fronted for anything and protested for fairness and to get rights and don’t understand they don’t get handed out like birthday presents might wake up for this one. And women remember, that the suffragettes didn’t get the vote in UK by regularly asking, even from bravely serving in wars as nurses, a harrowing job. No, one threw herself under the Queen’s favourite horse, others broke windows, and chained themselves to railings. They got arrested and went on a hunger strike in prison; then they got force fed with pipes or hoses pushed down to their stomachs. Believe me you don’t get anything if you need it, only if you can supply some advantage, and we have sold most of our banks to the Ozzies. Now we can be largely ignored, so we have to dramatise the situation till we can’t be brushed to the side. These old guys and the females are gorgons, never make change unless it is to their advantage.

  2. The predatory in capitalism shows up in buying up buildings; commercial which can be argued are a risk venture and require a better return, and housing which generally if done in a balanced way has no risk but still carries the weight of demand of large profits.
    This from the USA recently from Gordon Campbell –
    Senate Republicans inserted an easy-to-overlook provision on page 203 of the 880-page bill that would permit wealthy investors to use losses generated by real estate to minimize their taxes on profits from things like investments in the stock market. The estimated cost of the change over 10 years is $170 billion.
    It’s a scam there and it’s been a scam here.

  3. This is what we were afraid of. Allmighty planner please designate someone of persistence in navigating blank faced officialdom, private or public to look after ‘the liddle people’, most of us are when caught in these circumstances, but some are more liddle than others ie those away from home.

    Three weeks into her dream vacation, the 30-year-old financial advisor and YouTuber from Bochum in Germany found herself sleeping on a bench outside Auckland Airport even after the lockdown, not able to afford food because all her money had dried up from rebooking cancelled flights.

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