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Todays gratitude – shout out to the garbage collectors who are still taking away our trash during a pandemic – it is times like this we are reminded that every worker in a democracy is vital and deserves respect and the right to share in the harvest of that society

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  1. I have been self isolating for a couple of weeks now as I caught scabies somewhere and have been furiously washing, disinfecting and ironing everything; blessings on the local laundrette for the high temperature driers! I think the coVid-19 should be treated as a kind of conglomerate scabies/crypto/varroa/influenza/tuberculosis experience (just an example) about which one cannot be too careful, as there is not a great deal of hard scientific fact available to the general public. Anyone who has ever suffered from scabies will know what a living nightmare it is, so please spare a thought to what the two metre personal exclusion zone really means.
    Regarding the current availablility of gene technologies ie crispr to all and sundry, instead of dobbing in your neighbour for being in the garden or whatever, I would recommend studying entomology and ironing.
    Many thanks to anyone who works in essential services and people who wave at you across the street.

  2. Further on the thanks. 3d printed face masks. What inventiveness and practicality and kindness.

    And a thought – what about a call to drone owners who would be willing to help. Check on their reliability, honesty etc. and then a loose contract per/hour use or something. To deliver prescriptions, to deliver petrol for broken down vehicles, to deliver food, to advise nearest toilets – to truckies etc. Paid for with credit cards, and drone charge carried by govt helping to keep the country running. And a phoneline for workers who are in need, and can supply a reliable reference to ensure that some lowlife isn’t trying it on, and perhaps those workers at the end of their tether could get a helping hand too.

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