Scum landlords exploiting pandemic 


Who is arsehole enough to cause extra stress during a pandemic?

Why Scum Landlords…

Coronavirus: Tenants told 14-day notices sent if rent not paid

As the country prepares for a lockdown, property managers have been telling tenants that they must pay rent or likely receive a 14-day notice – something a renters’ group says is “tone deaf”.

In Wellington, property management group Quinovic earlier this week told its tenants that notices will be sent if they do not pay in time. 

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Down south, renters in Christchurch were told in a letter by Prestige Property Management Limited that rent was still due as usual and the company emphasised it had a “zero rent arrears policy”. 

…threatening to throw renters out onto the street during a pandemic is despicable.

The Rent freeze means no rent can go up during lockdown and tenants can only be kicked out if Rents are 60 days late yet here we have scum Landlords wanting blood out of a pandemic stone.

The very first thing that needs to happen the second this pandemic lockdown is over are draconian new laws punishing scum Landlords.

We urgently need more rules and protections to Renters, look at what Scum Landlords are prepared to do at a time when Renters are most vulnerable, these Scum Landlords would throw their fellow citizens onto the streets in the middle of  pandemic for fucks sake, so we should show them no mercy once this pandemic has passed.

We must crush this virus and Scum Landlords.

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  1. And presumably no disrespect to actual scum.
    Landlords and ‘property managers’ are really just parasitic minions to foreign banksters.
    If you really want change, and I think you do from what I read, then you must strike at the enemy’s black heart that beats within the foreign bankster.
    They’re the ones who blew out property values, they’re the ones taking $6 billion in net profits out of AO/NZ yearly, they’re the ones designing our living conditions and our lifestyle.

    • Money laundering and PPP’s (PFI’s) also help banks and financial industries profits the most!

      Money Laundering from a Global Perspective

      “The most high-profile instances of money laundering have involved not just private individuals but major banking institutions and government officials. No one knows for sure the total amount of laundered money on a yearly basis.”

      Who benefits from PPP’s, PFI’s which are popular ways for government, councils to run roading, construction and health projects (and it’s not the government or tax payers that benefit because they could borrow much cheaper if they did it themselves!)

      This report:

      found that PPP “contracts are considerably more expensive than the cost of conventional procurement”, resulting in higher returns for the companies running the PPP’s compared to their industry peers.

      While hard to compare because of the opaque nature of many contracts and large amounts of subcontracting out, it looked like the actual cost of capital of the PPP’s was 11% compared to Treasure borrowing of 4.5% i.e. 6.5% higher. This is supposed to represent the cost of risk transfer but in practice there was no risk transfer so it’s money for nothing.

      “In conclusion, the road projects appear to be costing more than expected as reflected in net present costs that are higher than those identified by the Highways Agency (Haynes and Roden 1999), owing to rising traffic and contract changes. It is, however, impossible to know at this point whether or not VFM (value for money) has been or is indeed likely to be achieved because the expensive element of the service contract relates to maintenance that generally will not be required for many years.”

      Overall, for both roads and hospitals they concluded there was no risk transfer and not value for money.

      “The net result of all this is that while risk transfer is the central element in justifying VFM and thus PFI, our analysis shows that risk does not appear to have been transferred to the party best able to manage it. Indeed, rather than transferring risk to the private sector, in the case of roads DBFO has created additional costs and risks to the public agency, and to the public sector as a whole, through tax concessions that must increase costs to the taxpayer and/or reduce service provision. In the case of hospitals, PFI has generated extra costs to hospital users, both staff and patients, and to the Treasury through the leakage of the capital charge element in the NHS budget. In both roads and hospitals these costs and risks are neither transparent nor quantifiable. This means that it is impossible to demonstrate whether or not VFM has been, or indeed can be, achieved in these or any other projects.

      While the Government’s case rests upon value for money, including the cost of transferring risk, our research suggests that PFI may lead to a loss of benefits in kind and a redistribution of income, from the public to the corporate sector. It has boosted the construction industry, many of whose PFI subsidiaries are now the most profitable parts of their enterprises, and led to a significant expansion of the facilities management sector. But the main beneficiaries are likely to be the financial institutions whose loans are effectively underwritten by the taxpayers, as evidenced by the renegotiation of the Royal Armouries PFI (NAO 2001a).”

  2. The good news (Sarcasm) is that business is more than ready to take over the rentals with double the rents to taxpayers/tenants in compass style accomodation and 1 room motel rooms for families That is the bright future!

    So encourage those on a UBI and accomodation benefits whose benefit is provided to pay rent, not to pay rent, and then enjoy what the state has to offer! Sarcasm.

    When will the penny drop and the left work out the state is certainly not providing many state houses as we used to know them – state housing has somehow been given away to ‘social housing providers’ and I didn’t see the rental advocates doing much about it.

    Renters get a much worse deal when the state housing goes into quasi private hands, as well as the state paying more for the privilege. Under National and Labour/Greens state houses are being spirited away into private/quasi private non transparent operators for next to nothing scenario.

    Remember as well as providing a service for poorer folks, traditional state houses were cheaper and also made a profit for Housing NZ. The new neoliberal way is to give away the state housing for next to nothing to quasi business and then pay millions for the rising poor to live somewhere.

    What a great result for business and neoliberalism!

    Funny though instead of business being more efficient, as business takes over state/social housing, there seems to be a worsening of the housing situation with more homelessness and worse living conditions for many (how many kids will die when a family gets Covid-19 crammed together in their ‘warm, dry’ 1 room accomodation or get beaten to death with family violence).

    I also didn’t notice much lobbying for social and state housing to get their health homes upgraded quickly – they lag years behind the private rentals. But not a peep out of the rental rights!

    The state/social housing upgrades may never happen if the government does not get back in either, so the government gets to pretend to help the renters, the left blogs reduce the private rental stock by advocating against private rentals and their ‘scum’ landlords and the end result is a massive sell off of state housing and private rentals (already happening under the Natz and guise of Kiwibuild) as the cost of upgrading the state housing to woke standards is realised and surprise, surprise, private operators get ‘given’ the houses.

    You just need to put ‘charitable trust’ or ‘Kiwibuild’ on it to get free state housing for next to nothing!!! Grenfell management style works a treat! NOT!

  3. I hope all those tenants who received such notices are forwarding them on to the tenancy tribunal, and that these parasitic middlemen are prosecuted for every such notice they sent.

  4. Scum Landlords. Period. But Wokester thinks it’s fine for Mum and Dad investors to have one investment property, even though there are hundreds of thousands facing renting for life and no pension… how very “Left”

    • Castro, if you have ever paid a mortgage off over time, you will see that for every loan paid by the owner of the house, 2/3 of the loan is added to pay interest, on the life of the loan, to the bank.

      Aka for every $100,000 a person pays for their mortgage around $200,000 is added over the 25 to 30 years term of the loan to the bank….

      Of that, billions are generated in profits to the banks and presumably the government gets 28% corporate tax off that. It used to be 48% for corporate taxes but over time corporates have lobbied to pay less and less taxes. Corporate tax is currently less than the individual top tax rate.

      So before you slag off all the home owners/landlords beware that for every loan issued, a big beneficiary is the bank, and the government claws a percentage of money back too off the loans in corporate taxes to the banks. They could ask for more taxes from banks making record profit here, but they don’t.

      Australian banks are making $580,000 in New Zealand every hour, money a former Kiwi banker says should be staying in the country.

      If government wanted to even it up, maybe they could charge the banks ‘housing’ 48% taxes on housing loans as they used to with corporate taxes.

      The skill of the 0.1% is that they are able to manipulate the left into thinking taxing the middle class is what they need to fight for, that little nest egg so they don’t have to rely completely on the state, is despicable, and not argue that corporates making billions in profits under their noses every year, should pay more.

  5. There are scum landlords and scum tenants. There are scum bosses and lazy workers. However in all cases these are in the minority and once the crisis is over I hope the bad firms like Burger King are outed and not supported . The State cannot be relied on to house all those that want to rent . There are plenty of people whose live style is such that they do not want to own a house so there is a need for rentals. Why is it those on the very Left seem to treat those that want to work hard and get ahead as the enemy and feel all have a right to be supported by the state irrespective of their circumstances.
    The State should be there to support those that are unable to work through physical or mental health to a far greater extent not at the current low level .

    • Unfortunately “state” (i.e. the previous National government) flooded the country with a million new immigrants in nine years without building any new houses for them to live in. This caused a housing crisis in New Zealand.

      Now the “state” (i.e the current Labour government) has to shoulder the responsibility of housing all the people affected by the country’s current chronic housing shortage.

  6. Suggest you post this effort over at the “comfortably retired with an extra rental” Standard and see how today’s “left” react 🙂

  7. I’m going to come out and say it. I am proud to be a property manager and a rental property owner. I’ll probably get some abuse for saying that. However, I believe we as a company are fair on tenants and owners alike when sorting out problems that arise. Yes there are scummy landlords and scummy tenants around and we try to stick clear of both of these.

    There have been a few stories of idiotic landlords trying to take advantage of the situation. Frankly these people are idiots.

  8. The State should be the only renter in Aotearoa, they should own all the ‘spare’ housing stock for letting to buy primarily.

    Oh dear is this communism!

    • Have you seen the state of repair some of the State houses are in . I live in Chch and used to teach people to cook in their own home many of the state houses in Aranui were very run down with poor stoves and cold . Unfortunately they are terrible landlords and do not care as they know the tenants cannot afford a better place. A private landlord would never get away with what I have seen.

      • And weirdly the healthy housing does not apply to state and socials housing until years after the private rentals. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

        When COL got in after obsessing about rental standards for a decade, wouldn’t the first thing they do apply the standards to their own state housing and social housing and state housing boarding houses? The very strange thing, is that they have not, and it does not come in until their term is over 2023. Private rentals on the other hand need to be completed by 2021.

        So the state housing tenants and businesses running under ‘social housing’ umbrella, don’t have to comply at the same time to healthy homes while having the most vulnerable living in them and the government is not spending their resources on this in their first term in government in nearly a decade.

        Something is very wrong with that picture and the lefty commentators letting them get away with it.

  9. Houston! We have an obvious fuck’n problem!

    2018/2019: 1,855,929 dwellings throughout the Peoples Socialist Republic o Aotearoa, with 191,646 (10.3%) of them unoccupied.

    A Capital Gains Tax!

    • I had lovely neighbours for years, then suddenly the house was up for sale, they were told to leave as it was being I dunno refurbished or some such story, and new tenants who never actually live there, just turn up occasionally and do some laundry, semi- moved in. The new owners came by to inspect once, to my knowledge. The tenants obviously live elsewhere and are just holding the property over. What is this all about, I wonder? Real people in my town have trouble finding rentals, I believe, and communities are disturbed by this kind of land grab by proxy.

  10. I’m sorry but the psychotic hatred for all landlords is pathetic.
    As Orwell said, most socialists don’t love the poor they hate the rich.
    My wife and I own a rental that has not seen an increase in 3 years.
    The first thing I did when I heard about the lock down was to text our tenant, ask if they are ok and assure them that if they struggle with the rent we would sort something out because their family came first.

    But I am sure you will all pile on me for being scum and quite frankly if you do, it is YOU who are scum.

    • A very responsible attitude, in my work I have done repairs for a few landlords & as other comments have said the quality of landlord & tenant does vary. Maybe there should be a system that puts the worst tenants with the worst landlords? The main objection I have against private rentals is that property investors have pushed up house values making it harder for families to afford their own home, while having the accommodation supplement might have seemed like a good idea when it started it has become a way for taxpayers to pay the property investors mortgage which is a silly idea.

    • You may be a good landlord and many others are too but you are part of a broken system. Every house owned other than the one lived in is an opportunity cost for another. (If X owns 5 houses, that means 4 people/families are denied opportunity to own). We can not infinitly build in finite space. Finite supply spread amongst fewer and fewer hands leads to disaster. Houses should not be commodified profit centres. We need to get back to the idea that the Earth’s land is the common heritage of humanity with everyone an equal sharer in it as everyone needs a Turangawaewae.

      • The part of the system that is broken is this desire for “growth” at all costs, even if that cost is mass immigration.
        This is not to say I am against all immigration (I met my wife when she was studying in NZ on scholarship), but it should not be a tool to artificially achieve “growth”.
        Saying that we don’t need private landlords is insane because the government is one of the worst landlords in NZ and not everyone can afford to buy a house.
        It took me 15 years of working before I could buy our 1st home which was in far worse condition than any state home – however I am very DIY and by the time we sold it to buy something bigger to match our growing family it was just beautiful.
        So where should I have loved for the 1st 15 years of my life?
        The idea that the government should (or even can) provide all the necessities of life is broken as witnessed by the failure of every attempt at communism.
        The reality is, as flawed as it it, capitalism is ruthlessly effective at increasing the productivity of the human species.
        What we need however is a good balance of social programs to mitigate the ruthlessness.

      • Those on the left seem to have this idea of all being equal and we all have equal shares in what the country has to offer. In a perfect world this might be true but human nature divides us up . Some are clever some sporty some lazy some musical and so on. These talents are what divides us and taxes help distribute wealth so all survive but no system can make us equal communism tried and failed.Capitalism is not perfect but under its reign more people are fed and more live longer than at any time in history.

        • NZ has become a nation of rent-seekers, property speculators, flippers, huge mortgages, mass homelessness, people living in garages, and the working class trapped in unaffordable rentals with no chance of getting ahead. And you call those suffering in poverty “scum”

          Shame on you

    • Jays: ‘But I am sure you will all pile on me for being scum and quite frankly if you do, it is YOU who are scum.’

      “The habit of continuous speech is a symptom of mental deficiency. It proceeds from not knowing what is going on in another people’s minds.” Walter Bagehot 1878

        • Ah Jays – You’re channeling the Bremworth carpet advertisement which channeled Yeats in my television viewing days. Does inadvertent synchronicity have any intrinsic value, and who cares anyway ?

  11. Yeah people who buy up property for ‘investment’ would be the equivalent of the people who buy all the toilet paper haha

    • jane – False equivalence. Toilet paper is a diminishing investment; property is expected to increase in value.

      Having experienced a toilet paper shortage elsewhere, I added it to my emergency kit when Valenzuela had a toilet paper shortage two or three years ago, and added to my supply fairly rapidly this time.

      Mothers having to wipe children’s bottoms with foliage – seasonally diminishing foliage- have my sympathy – as do rest home carers et al. I have learnt to live without heating, but winter poohing in the garden is a bit of a big ask.

      The thing is, the pollies have told us that there’s plenty of everything, which is not so. There ain’t no bread around here – not for days, as far as I know. But if any shortages are due to logistical problems, then I’m not going to be criticising politicians for that – yet. They are dealing with a world forever changed.

  12. And all government has done is prevent landlords from turfing out tenants before they are two months behind on rent.

    Given those losing income and or jobs will struggle to pay 50% rent – this means in 4 months they are two months behind and liable for termination. Good luck with re-election in that environment.

    The government should legislate for a maximum rent liability for those losing jobs and or income of 50%. Then those really struggling could pay the 25% level of the former rent (state housing) for the duration – then it would take 8 months before they were two months behind. And others might just manage the 50% of former rent.

  13. Those on the left seem to have this idea of all being equal and we all have equal shares in what the country has to offer. In a perfect world this might be true but human nature divides us up . Some are clever some sporty some lazy some musical and so on. These talents are what divides us and taxes help distribute wealth so all survive but no system can make us equal communism tried and failed.Capitalism is not perfect but under its reign more people are fed and more live longer than at any time in history.


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