Pandemic MediaWatch: Maybe it’s just that Kate Hawkesby is easily confused? 


Ummmmm, is it?

Kate Hawkesby on lockdown: The overwhelming vibe is confusion

I think the overwhelming vibe right now is confusion.

I think we’ve done shock, we’ve done the ‘oh wow this is serious’ and we’ve done annoyed.

Now confusion reigns.

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Really? Is the overwhelming ‘vibe’ confusion?

I think we all get these are unprecedented times, we all appreciate this is a bit if a moving feast and we all get that there will be all sorts of teething problems and issues that will arise because we are in totally unchartered waters.

However, I think the overwhelming ‘vibe’ is a genuine thanking Christ moment that Jacinda Ardern is the one leading us through this and not Simon Bridges.

I think the overwhelming ‘vibe’ is a deep gratitude to the Nurses, Drs, Pharmacists, Police, Military, Teachers and essential service providers who are still working and risking exposure to keep the country going.

I think the overwhelming ‘vibe’ is a reminder of how fragile our way of life is and the deep questions about free market capitalism we will need to answer as we work to rebuild from this.

Kate Hawkesby feeling confused seems to say more about her than the moment itself.

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      • Because she’s an informed voice with an important perspective who definitely doesn’t simply regurgitate what her husband defecates into the airwaves every morning. Or because her Dad is John Hawkesby and her husband is Michael ‘Ridiculous Haircut’ Hosking. Probably. Who knows? It’s a conundrum. You be the judge.

  1. Perma tan Kate can sod right off! All the reactionary “mouth for hire” opinion writers in the world will have zero to infinitesimal effect on this pandemic situation.

      • Ba ha ! Now, we’re talking @ Janio. Time travel !
        re poor ol’ Kate.
        Somewhere, there’s a village looking for its idiot. Is she really a double arsed circus pony viewed from behind because, that hair? She should keep an eye out for the jonky, that’s for sure.
        Ok. Enough of my personal attacks on an Americlone stepford wife.
        She’s simply trying on spreading a false narrative. Great Big Real Man Mike will be breathing gin fumes down her neck until she gives in and tries it on.
        Thinking of national being the government in these times is deeply chilling. Or hilarious, depending upon your sense of humour.

    • No, Tiger. If this woman is really confused, she deserves our sympathy and understanding. She may be
      experiencing early old age, and need our support.

      Lucky women have husbands to provide this sort of support, and if Kate’s husband is unable to help her in the way which she needs, then she should dump him. I would.

  2. Yes those “mouth for hire” – “opinion writers” mae me sick to my gut, as they are full of self worth and have no compassion for the listener at all.

    Why have these opinion writers not investigated why hav.nt the ‘stats reporters’ not even sent out the stats on those deaths of the elderly and infirmed that have perished in NZ yet?

    Australia hhas just released these stats of 13 deaths from ‘Convid 19 pandemic’ – so where is our NZ stats?????

    Lastly how about the figures of the thousnds of Kiwis that are still ‘trapped overseas and not being saved by our goverment to get home yet???

    Is that what Simon Bridges is responsible for; – as chair of the “emergency response to convid- 19 pandemic” committee???????

    My mind is boggled over the lack of real efforts here. – Jacinda help us!!!!!!!.

    • “Is that what Simon Bridges is responsible for; – as chair of the “emergency response to convid- 19 pandemic” committee???????”
      Nope, that’s Winston who was saying he’d get everyone home then reneged on it, too busy ensuring his rich prick very wealthy doners got what they wanted instead or possibly hiding another huge pile of donations…again.

      Bridges heads the committee that keeps an eye on the Government and their actions during these days of emergency powers. It’s all to do with that pesky ‘we live in a democracy’ lie.

  3. The farce of this lockdown becomes apparent if you have to venture out as I did when I had to pick up a prescription for my son who is confined to base for two weeks for the crime of spending a week in Oz.
    There are no fewer cars on the road today than any day. There are cop cars about but no sign of any policing the lockdown. Since I was the only person at the pharmacy where I stayed for 30 minutes after the pharmacist offered me a flu jab ‘for the road’, I have no idea what all these traveling humans are doing.
    Not urgent medical business, the supermarket car parks were pretty empty, so I guess all Hosking beard thinkalikes are out on the streets all confused – apparently the easiest way to confuse a Hosking beard is to ask it how often hubby slips it to her.

    • I just went to a doctors appointment and saw the same thing. The “lockdown” is a joke. There were numerous cars on the road and not a policeman in sight. Auckland looks exactly the same today as it did last week. It seems like there’s a lot of selfish arseholes out there and this whole process will be a waste of time without enforcement.

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