GUEST BLOG: Ross Meurant – NOTHING TO LOSE – when rebellion breaks out.


As the anger at ‘locked down’, replaces condescending compliments to well meaning (if not self-promoting) bureaucrats and politicians, for promoting solutions which don’t work.

As young people get pissed off (rapidly) with no pubs, clubs, pick-up options and entertainment!

As the powerful and affluent take priority in the queues for scare medical remedial apparatus.

As foolish leaders like Boris blunder blindly from one extreme to the next, i.e. “Let be what may be”, to – “All 70ies and over stay and home and stay out of the pub”.

People who see no hope of treatment, are gonna get pissed off m8.  Big time.

When people who have risked capital and worked hard to build a business but see it all going down the gurgler because of lockdown.

And when a section of communities says, “I’ve got nothing to lose”?

That is when rebellion will break out.

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No point putting head in the sand over this next inevitable step.

Ross Meurant; a former high-ranking police officer, former Member of Parliament, formerly with commercial interests in Syria and Iran and  currently Honorary Consul for an African state.


  1. Malcolm Gladwell’s tipping point – inevitable? When will it be then, what will produce it? When does the mass mind come to weigh the balance of risk-all,g against there is nothing more to lose?
    Gladwell defines a tipping point as “the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point”. The book seeks to explain and describe the “mysterious” sociological changes that mark everyday life. As Gladwell states: “Ideas and products and messages and behaviors spread like viruses do”. Originally published: 2000 USA.

  2. Well if you’re a non-essential business looking to trade through this pandemic I can tell you go look for something else to do. The only people trading at the moment are people who are over leveraged or just looking for quick cash. I saw these heat guns you can hold close to people to get a temperature check, it even said in the ad these guns are inaccurate. So if you’re trying to trade just don’t.

    You have to think what everything will be like in 6 months. Infection rates will be higher, anxiety higher, this dosnt stop until there’s a vaccine. Everyone is drawing down debt, keeing cash and are just going to wait it out. It’s a total wast of time trying to time the bottom. Don’t do it. There are some opportunities in ETFs (electronically traded funds) and options trading but it’s like volume are way down under half. So you just have to reduce exposure to everything baton down the hatches and wait for the inevitable recovery. Betting against the human race is the worst bet you could ever make.

  3. Once again, Mr. Meurant. I’m not sure whether to be afraid of what you blog or respect you for the blunt or brutal presentation.

    For my part, as I ‘do the maths’, it seems to me NZ is on a similar trajectory to Italy! This alarms me and annoys me immensely when I read about passenger ships still docking at our ports; airline pilots ignoring lock down for a night out at an Auckland restaurant (and hostesses I have since been informed at a Takapauna bar); and passengers reporting that they wandered through border control with no temp check!

    If politicians prattle but bureaucracies don’t produce, I conclude that we are in trouble.

    I’m sure the “rebellion” you predict, will arrive, but the probability of this happening can be ameliorate if we go to 14 days lock down – including inward airplane pilots, then see what whether the curve has levelled off.

    If it has, and it should with proper implementation of politicians prattle, we can ease up on the restrictions and avoid “rebellion”.

  4. Young people just being young, doing what young people do… its all exciting, they want to be part of it, its full of exploration, eroticism, possibility’s, acceptance, … and its the northern spring , the end of winter…

    Truly , not much has changed since the days 700 years ago of the Black Death… it was the same, young people partying up, except back then, there was a heightened sense of ones mortality… as it took all ages,… unlike now, where it seems to predate upon the older members of society…it is hard, for a healthy robust young 20 something to think of ones mortality.

    Lets be honest, older generations have always sought them out to fight their wars precisely BECAUSE they were young, robust and could not conceive of their own mortality.

    Authority forces,… need to be mindful of that fact and that also,… the young typically grieve in their own way, usually in a tribal way, with much alcohol, with much late into the night conversations… whereas the old, often quietly remain silent in their concerns, are more circumspect , and solitary in their ruminations.

    Let us remember these younger people as our crowning glory, and that without them,… continuity is lost. Yes they need to observe lock downs, but let us also recall when we were young once, the irrepressible energy we had, and how we felt wild and free… we older ones need to bare that in mind, least we become far too punitive. A balance needs to be struck.

    Its a heart break for them, to go through this when they are at the peak of their physical prowess,…when all the world seemed open to them,… but has now, out of the blue, been curtailed…

    Its a tough one, indeed.

    As it was for the generations of the London Blitz.

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