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Sean Plunket vs Damien Grant vs Bomber

TODAY: Why was this show so right about the pandemic crippling the economy and causing mass disruption when every other media outlet was so slow?


  1. when every other media outlet was so slow?

    They’re still way too slow, aren’t they? Meetings of 100 people? Surely that’s spreading the virus. (NZ totals now 39 positive, from all around AO/NZ.)

    When I read what’s happening overseas (a person deceased every 10 minutes in Iran now), it feels like we’re all sleepwalking here in NZ… into a horrible unknown.

  2. For anyone who is thinking of moving out of the city “when it really arrives” (when community spreading is acknowledged in the media) … you know, sooner really is better than later.

    It’s already there. We’re kidding ourselves if we think that it isn’t.

    The problem ahead is that changes, as in lockdowns of specific areas, can arrive without warning. (California’s just been placed in lockdown. They can’t go out.)

    If you have somewhere safe to go, where your family will be safe, and you’re able to make that move, …really, make a start, I reckon.

    (I’m not usually a naggy/ worrier sort of person, really I’m not. Just that what’s happening now is so entirely different from anything we’ve been through before.)

  3. Sam Morgan at Newsroom: Why urgency, not gradualism, is needed for Covid-19.

    Sam Morgan argues the usual governmental gradualism isn’t enough to deal with the Covid-19 threat. He calls for more aggressive social distancing and testing measures because “each day of urgency will save lives” Urgency Not Gradualism Needed

    I’ve been working full time to respond to the Covid-19 threat through whatever I can do with investors, philanthropists and the companies I’m connected with to prevent New Zealanders from dying unnecessarily.

    And I’m at a loss as to why more is not being done: we’re simply not going fast enough. Our Government seems committed to a failed policy of gradualism dressed up as faux-decisiveness. Our leaders and political systems are designed for peacetime. We have no experience of wartime. Our systems don’t understand needing to move before you have the data you would like. The data may not be here in New Zealand yet, but it is certainly there in front of governments in Italy, US, UK, Spain and so on.

  4. Ok, one more reason to get out now: If you wait until community transmission is acknowledged, then you are risking taking the virus with you! You won’t then know whether or not you’re carrying the infection. Which means you’d be risking the health and lives of others you care about.

  5. Finally WHO came out saying clearly what needs to be done urgently.

    The director general of WHO said “test, test test”!!!!!!

    He reinforced that by saying if they dont test all the people now “the authorities will be flying blind”

    Quote; “We have a simple message to all countries – test, test, test,” WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told a news conference in Geneva, calling the pandemic “the defining global health crisis of our time”.

    Yes the countries are just shooting blanks right now.

    I believe we will see in four weeks our death rate will quadlipppleto 1000 or more.

  6. Stuff Coronavirus Update NZ

    the health ministry says community transmission of the virus may now be in New Zealand.

    Of course it is bloody here!
    So Get to where you need to be for the long term, NOW!

    (and entire UK has apparently gone into lockdown).

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