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  1. Concerts – I can attend a local performance with seating and staff under 500.
    What is happening about the bigger performances with overseas artists?
    I found this from NewsHub Mar15/20

    Looking for The Ten Tenors I found this on gigsguide –
    The Ten Tenors in Auckland, New Zealand on Wed, 29 Apr … › event › The-Ten-Tenors-Auckland-2020-04-29
    6 days ago – As a result, many live events are being cancelled or postponed. We recommend to check the status of any event you are interested in attending directly with the event organizers/ticket suppliers (and in the meantime maybe buy some records and merchandising to support the artists).

    I guess this is part of a rolling series of changes that we will continually have to adapt to.

  2. Bank economist Cameron Bagrie* talking about reducing GST to 10%. Maybe we can get some intelligent thoughts along some lines from Government. But he doesn’t think that the poor should get the needed wage rise, no sirree. But a huge wheeling out for business, and those with money already are encouraged to spend. Bloody warped individuals looking through the wrong end of the telescope, which is the present accepted method these days.
    * Jul.19/19
    * Mar.1/20 Cameron Bagrie – (* Cameron Bagrie is Managing Director of Bagrie Economics. His views are not financial advice. Sunday Star Times shows image of Bagrie captioned: ANZ’s Chief Economist Cameron Bagrie in Nelson. Marion van Dijk)

    Newshub and Garner garnering opinion:
    Finance Minister Grant Robertson on Tuesday will reveal how the Government plans to lessen the carnage wrought on the economy by the virus’ spread and its own strict border controls, designed to keep the virus out of the country.
    From 1am Monday, everyone coming into New Zealand – even citizens and residents – have to go into self-isolation for two weeks (except people arriving from the Pacific Islands).
    The tourism industry around the world is worth about $17 trillion, New Zealand contributing about $40 billion of that – making up nearly 6 percent of our GDP.
    “The international tourism industry is going to grind to an absolute halt,” economist Cameron Bagrie told The AM Show on Monday. “I don’t think it’s going to be a two- or three-month affair – we’re talking you know, probably right out to the end of 2020.”

    A fast talking incisive, really, really informed, Duncan Garner snaps out all his certainties about everything equally matched by Cameron Bagrie. They remind me of the bloodletting doctors of old, no thoughtful intelligence, no deep knowledge of the effects of what they were doing, no scientific evidence-based treatment available, the precept was just bleed, bleed till the body is drained of the toxins and harmful miasmas, and can then recover. And in our civilisation if there was no recovery they didn’t get taken out and shot, as would some barbaric cultures insisting on success from application of skills held out to be professional. It’s all about something being fit for the purpose it is needed for. I suggest we are not well served as receivers of televised information from this AM Show.

  3. “This virus is democratic, and it doesn’t distinguish between poor and rich or between statesman and an ordinary citizen.”
    This from an Iranian Minister of Government, ie the Deputy Health Minister. And the truth of that is out there, in every country.

    Slavoj Zizek Feb.27/20
    Slavoj spoiler alert: idea – we’re being held hostage by a stupid virus that strikes at anything it touches.

  4. This from Julia Gillard making a dent in the self-satisfaction of the men in the Australian Liberal/National Party.
    It is a rare example of parliamentary speech by a woman about the defects of the male ethos there, which is particularly virulent. Tony Abbott (called the Mad Monk) a former leader listens amused and amazed wrapped in the cloak of his own impervious single-minded narcissism.

    This book was written by a seasoned political reporter. Within the link is a good summary of the progression of Julia Gillard in Australia to leadership, and the description of what went on in her own party describes the process that is called ‘white-anting’ by Australians.
    The Stalking of Julia Gillard by Kerry-Anne Walsh
    This is the story of one of the most extraordinary episodes in recent Australian political history, of how a powerful media pack, a vicious commentariat and some of those within her own party contrived to bring down Australia’s first woman prime minister.

    • Philip thanks for that link. That is so embarrassing to see the weird and not wonderful way that women can turn themselves inside out and run ‘quantum’ politics where people are different genders at the one and same time.

      Frankly it must indicate to many men and women that citizens will have to think twice before they elect women to any leadership position. They aren’t all as practical and considered as Jeanette Fitzsimons was. Too prone to moral outrage it seems. The flights of fancy and twitchiness won’t impress people looking at female options, and yet make clowns like T.ump seem almost legitimate. In Britain the female madness seems to have captured the Labour Party. Thatcher was a scientist and impressed because she seemed confident and intelligent. But leaders more interested in alternative sports like trans mud-wrestling – how can that attract voters to Labour. I think the female MPs need to head back to the kitchen, cool off, rethink and regroup; their flan has collapsed, and their souffle is sulking.

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