Dow Jones plummets another 880 points – Soooo can we start panicking about the Wuhan virus yet or is that still racist?


Those Kiwisaver accounts are feeling bashed this morning aren’t they and they’re about to get another beat down, because after yesterdays 1000 point drop in the Dow Jones, the Dow Jones plummeted again today another 880 points.

The markets are now realising what a pandemic from a novel virus will actually do.

Soooooooooo can we start panicking about the wuhan virus now or is that still racist?

Remember back in the day (January) when da woke be screaming it wasn’t as bad as the flu & any criticism was xenophobia?

Oh the lolz.

This isn’t a fucking Identity Politics issue you woke clowns, this has always been a public health emergency and economic meltdown moment, we didn’t need Chinese repression to hide this, we just needed virtue signalling woke activists to censor it.

As I pointed out yesterday, the virus compounds economies that were already faltering economically so this possible pandemic on top of that manufacturing contraction could be the Black Swan that we’ve all feared that triggers a full blown global recession.

China was always lying about the enormity of this novel virus and we must urgently move to protect ourselves now.

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As TDB pointed out when this first emerged, Wuhan Virus ain’t nothin to fuck with.


    • Which is why it’s quite funny how Winnie and Parker are off to India on a grovelling mission.
      As others have pointed out, it’s going to take a lot more than two or three visits before anything substantial happens.
      After a decade or more of selling shit education to the poorest of the poor, making false promises and more recently having put in place a structure for it all to become industrialised (not just India), we now want to sell them cow produce.
      Indian politicians are well aware of how some of their most vulnerable have been fleeced – as well as the effects of past western colonisers and ‘neo-colonisation’.

      • OnceWasTim they fleeced the locals first on education here don’t forget, one of the highest student loan rates in the world, compounding daily. Now it’s free primary and secondary education with 1 year of free tertiary for residents which is obviously not enough for the woke who cry discrimination at every turn …

        The student visa scam is great value because for $100k in fees and fake jobs you get to get NZ residency or permanent residency or citizenship and (the visa offices phones are running of the hook) which entitled you to:

        The holder of any resident class visa is entitled:[1]

        to stay in New Zealand indefinitely
        to work in New Zealand or in the exclusive economic zone of New Zealand
        to study in New Zealand
        to receive free or subsidised health care at publicly funded health services.[2]
        to free education at state-run primary and secondary schools, and subsidised fees for domestic students at private schools and tertiary institutions.[3]
        to enrol and vote in elections (after one year of residence).[4][5]
        to receive a social security benefit (after two years’ residence for Jobseeker Support, Sole Parent Support and Supported Living Payment; after ten years’ residence for New Zealand Superannuation; varies for other benefits).
        to sponsor a partner, parents or dependent children during their visa application[6]

        An aged parent alone is worth 1 million dollars in benefits of pension, plus free health care and restirement care, all paid for by existing NZ taxpayers taxes and asset sell offs.

        Where the trouble is, is that some of the migrants are not dishonest enough or the wheels come off the scams, and therefore the migrants run out of money before they get the permanent residency worth millions, and thus are to be found on the MSM pages, being lobbied for exceptions while they are in jail, on jobseeker or left high and dry from another seamster. At that point they can be assured that they have much less chance of ever being deported so if they refuse to leave they have a good chance of staying under our ‘relaxed’ laws.

      • if you remember winstone peters warned us that national had put all our eggs in one basket china new zealand is very exposed

  1. The Chinese ambassador thinks it’s racist. She hasn’t been shy about stating China’s demand that New Zealand opens its borders to Chinese citizens again.

    No-one ever accused the Chinese Communist Party of being stupid. They are well aware that a full-blown Wuhan virus epidemic would have devastating consequences for New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. With NZ and the Islands severely weakened, it would provide a great opportunity for China to speed up its current slow-drip colonisation project of the South Pacific to a raging torrent.

    • personally i have had a gutsful of China’s arrogant bullying.But of course that makes me the racist. Multiculturalism = bullshit. Colonization thanks to Labour and National.

      • Yup completely agree . . still at a loss as to why flooding NZ with Chinese benefits anyone other than said Chinese and funding etc for NZ politicians who are enabling all of this.

        NZ would be have been a lot better if we had restricted ourselves to a Pakeha / Maori / Pacific Islander mix unique to the world and one that I believe works for the benefit of all 3 (yes I know this will attract a lot of criticism / allegations of racism but I just don’t care).

  2. Its all good M. I’ve got this! Hehehe!!

    The conditions are right!
    Global Social unrest! – tick
    Unstable Economys Globally – tick
    Climate Catastrophe – tick
    Sovereignty of Nations is History – tick
    Planets resources are (nearly) extinguished – tick
    World Population is unsustainable – tick

    No point in voting in another government that wont change anything!

    • DennyPaoa,

      Surely you’re not pointing fingers at Ardern over this as well? For fuck sake, are you blaming her for the water shortages as well? How about all NZ homicides and road deaths? Be sure you keep gritting your teeth and holding on tight to your pitchfork.

      • No. Just her party of lame ducks. Sit down and have a cup of tea and a digestive bickie. I think youre in need of it.

        • DennyPaoa,

          I’d advise you to ram the digestive bickie right up your date…but it seems obvious that would be an action you’d derive great pleasure from. I will however strongly recommend you take a break from the lemon sucking.

  3. Soooooooooo can we start panicking about the wuhan virus now or is that still racist?

    Well, umm… I’m not sure that panicking about it is the best response?
    But yeah, preparing for it, for the arrival of the disease and for the various lockdown situations, ..for sure!

    A couple of thoughts:
    – Anyone in your family who’s reliant on any meds, particularly prescription meds, …get them now! For a couple of months ahead if possible. They don’t want to be queuing up at the pharmacist or sitting around in the med centre with people’s flu’s and coughs as autumn (next week) heads into winter.

    – Get your basic easy-as stored food tucked away so that if your street or ‘burb is suddenly in some sort of lockdown, you’re prepared. At least two or three weeks of the basics for your household, and don’t forget the pets. Also the mundane things like soap and tissues and cleaning products.

    – Have a transport route ready if you think you’ll want to get out of town at short notice.

  4. The North Korean situation is diabolical. They border China and have considerable trade between the two etc. Medical facilities in N.K nowhere near as advanced as China to deal with the virus. 2500+ deaths next door in China but not one single case reported in N.K. There are reports referring to big numbers of bodies being burned in NK.

    Also extremely concerning that in some countries people returning from China showed no symptoms at all and then became very unwell with the virus 14+ days later. As a result, giving people returning from China a free pass because they weren’t showing symptoms at the time could have catastrophic consequences for big numbers of Kiwis in the upcoming weeks.

  5. Keep the ban in place, monitor all those people coming here no matter where they come from no matter what colour or race, increase staff numbers to do all the work monitor, no to students coming here yet, put a comprehensive plan in place to help our overseas students without them coming here so it doesn’t hurt their study and our reputation, help some of the businesses and people out of work, use some of the surplus saved for the rainy day (as its raining now) get started on a long term plan to deal with epidemics, work with our Island neighbours to ensure they are safe, start planning now to diversify our trade and businesses so we aren’t so reliant on one county.

  6. Asian students here are just as concerned about dangerous micro aggressions (sarcasm) as the grossly offensive racist coffee receipts “We were truly shocked at the restaurant for their incredibly racist service.” sic, and not allowing the coronavirus free passage is clearly due to our racist laws. Sarcasm.

    Back to the micro aggressions…. you would think coming from China you might have plenty of material about real aggression and human rights abuses to make art works about, Tiananmem square, cultural revolution, Tibet, 1 million ethnic Uyghurs in China being interned in re-education camps, Hong Kong democracy.. but nope NZ’s dangerous micro aggressions towards Asians are the subject of this art students work.

    “A key question my project asks is how we should handle this subtle yet invisible event to promote the fact that microaggression is not okay?

    Microaggression: “You must write your essay in English.” “I will tidy up your English.”
    Message: You are unintelligible and unintelligent. You are less of a human being.

    Microaggression: “Your English is good!”
    Message: You make me more relaxed around you. You don’t threaten me.

    Microaggression: “Where are you from?”
    Message: You don’t belong here. You are not the norm.

    Microaggression: “You are so pretty, for an Asian.”
    Message: Your features are beautiful and can be sexually objectified. People from Asia are not beautiful.”

    CPP are so canny they are recruiting fine artists now to spread their messages and to uproot any dissents that might be lurking amongst the arts and anti democracy messages.

    The “micro aggressions” are saying more about the artists internal thought process as they engage in a new country, the people who they seem to dislike a lot and feel they are victimised by is the issue.

    I just hope this lady doesn’t have a gun full of weapons next time someone at the university says “your English is good” or is so microaggressive as to make her write her university essay in English!

  7. If ever there was an argument for getting people off the streets, out of temporary and often degraded accommodation, into safe, secure homes and housing, this has to be it! – The arrival of the Coronavirus, in what is becoming a worldwide pandemic.

    How is it possible that so many of our own citizens, often those from many generations of Kiwis, are displaced or extremely insecure, home-wise and food-wise, in their own land!! This is so wrong. So many have become tenants in their own land, with foreign owners who are merely speculating, – are simply playing us all for personal profit! And what has it done to us as a country? Where is our pride in who we are? Why are we not ensuring that all Kiwis have a home and food first of all, before any others come traipsing through to see what they can profit from??

    We are, or were, a wealthy nation by world standards. And, we’re a food producing nation. So, it is obscene that anyone in our own country has to beg for food! Or for housing! Yet they/ we do, all the time. When many working families have to ask for food parcels, repeatedly, something is terribly, shockingly wrong.

    And, back to arriving coronavirus. How the heck can we prepare, when so many among us cannot even get food for one week, let alone several weeks as recommended. And, who do not have secure reliable housing to protect them and their children when the flu and other epidemics arrive.

    • Apparently the Diamond Princess, which is the biggest source of new infections outside China, is moored at the quayside in Yokohama, which, at 4 million inhabitants, is Japan’s second biggest city. I hear that the virus can be transmitted by air conditioning, which the ship has, or contaminated food, which I hear has been identified as the cause of two deaths. As far as I can see the ship is no more than about a stones throw from the nearest inhabited building.
      What on earth is the ship doing there? It should be floating as far from any habitation as possible. If Yokohama is infected, Japan’s chances of running the Olympic games would be scarce but I think that under the present conditions it would be irresponsible to hold them any how.

  8. Good advice from Kheala and Michelle.

    I’m concerned that the govt is still advising some people to isolate themselves on arrival in NZ but leaving it as an OPTION. There were reports in NZH that secondary school principals were concerned their Chinese students were out and about in the first fortnight of their return. Irresponsible of the students and irresponsible of the govt. I have written to the Minister of Health urging him to make the fortnight isolation mandatory.

    As a tertiary teacher (now retired) I taught many Chinese students and found it a privilege to be involved in their education. I had two Chinese students who I supervised for their MA theses. They were clever and diligent and I enjoyed teaching them. Both attained first class honours. I find the comments criticising Chinese students distasteful. We live in the same part of the world and I hope we continue the contacts.

    • My habit of inserting myself into comments is a bit sickening. I’m an old bore who shouldn’t drone on about herself. But here we go again. My apologies for going on about Chinese students I taught when I should have just said they were mostly diligent and clever, and rewarding to teach. I stand by my criticism of the stupid remarks slagging them off, and remind readers that we are all in the Asia Pacific region and need to get on with one another.

  9. We’ll know in another week or so whether the overvalued markets will be supported by governments (Plunge Protection Team and all that) but at this stage it’s looking increasingly grim for business as usual.

    ‘In a reflection of the mounting economic costs, markets across Europe sold off sharply to put stocks on course for the worst week since the depths of the eurozone debt crisis and emergency Greek bailout in mid 2011.’

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