MEDIAWATCH: How much does the National Party want to suppress the Māori vote? This much


Of all the reasons to be against same day enrolment in an election, surely the National Party’s development spokesperson’s comments that to do so would reward a lack of personal responsibility is perhaps the most outrageous…

Too slack to enroll, too slack to vote

National’s Māori development spokesperson says same day enrolling and voting rewards lack of personal responsibility.

National is opposing the provision in the Electoral Amendment Bill setting the rules for the September 19 election.

Jo Hayes says the existence of a large number of provisional votes by people who have enrolled that day could mean the result isn’t known for another 10 days after the election.

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She says people should get onto the roll before election day.

“If people get it into their heads to get enrolled before that, then there’s increasing participation that way. For somebody to roll out of bed on the day of the election and think ‘I don’t know if I’m enrolled or not?’ – is that personal responsibility? I don’t think it is,” she says.

…as a liberal progressive Democracy we want EVERYONE to participate, same day enrolment would allow that to occur and that would help minority voters in NZ to have their voices heard and feel involved in the outcome. Why hold onto a rule that actually stops more people from voting based on some weird moral belief that doing so erodes personal responsibility?

What the actual?

National are frightened that same day enrolment would attract a large percentage of disengaged voters that don’t vote for them and building some moral argument of personal responsibility to defend that is atrocious.

Good to see Waatea News once again leading the agenda with this great interview.


  1. If labour had half a brain they’d do what kiwi citizens want and only allow citizens to vote, would be a vote winner, give people what they want and reduce the Nat vote.
    Labour does not have half a brain.

    • Don’t agree.
      Permanent residents have decided to make NZ their home.
      They have lived and worked here and contributed to NZ’s economy often for many years.
      Why shouldn’t they get a say in who is the government?

      • Because certain nations (communist dictatorships)exert control of their citizens who reside overseas.
        No citizenship here, no vote.
        What does citizenship mean?

        • Actually, citizenship does not offer many practical things over permanent residency.
          One difference is that only a NZ citizen can obtain a NZ passport.
          But if you hold a NZ passport you effectively have to apply for a visa to visit your native country. Most foreign residents from Asian countries find it easier to remain a citizen of their original country so they can simply hop on an airplane with the minimum of trouble any time they need to.

  2. Make the election day a work day and paid, then you would probably have solved that problem.

    Or simpler still. Dont vote National this election for this very reason. Dumb-Ass Logic!

  3. She( jo hayes in her eyes) is one sick person and what about the people that don’t have fixed abodes thanks to her party. I hope someone goes to the prisons to ensure all those that are eligible to vote do so. We all know they won’t vote national and so does national that is why they used their other brown dog to do the dirty work. What his name again? he didn’t last long and he was an ex cop hes the one trying to fix the Whakaari island mess. We should be doing everything possible to encourage people to vote. National are pure evil they fucked up the last census so we couldn’t see their mess and now they are further disenfranchising people mostly people they know are already marginalised. Its all about power at all cost to this nasty crooked lot.

  4. Divide and conquer. Have a wash of aspirational tenacity, get an education and rise up in the moneyed and style-conscious class, then despise the others who don’t conform to your pattern. Show you are not like all those other dropouts, those dead-beat dads, those violent people, screaming, thieving woman, grunting scowling king-hitting, knife wielding men.

    It is interesting to see Maori splinter out, many are not in touch with their people at all. The others don’t dress right, don’t follow the rules right, give Maori a bad name. But it is the middle-class conformist judgment this type of upper-class, up-you-nose Maori has adopted. That is why they find themselves dissing so many people.

    Listen to Kim Workman and what Celia Lashlie was saying, they went to the heart of people, in a direct way, a confrontational way to help them move from anger and disdain. Celia took them through workshops that got their emotions and inner self and self-direction working together. There could be pounamu hidden there in their hearts, but it has to be searched for, it has to be recognised and then polished by the owner. Look for the precious, not just pronounce from above with carefully styled clothes, hair, make-up, presentation.
    Keep your head prefect, top student side for background strength and let your gutsy, visionary, warm, encouraging, firm and goal-giving side out. Lots of small successes, briefly recognised and celebrated, is what any strugglers need. Not to be told they don’t belong, never will be good enough, perhaps aren’t regarded as part of the human race. The percentage who are unredeemably bad so and sos is tiny.

  5. What a load of crap Greywarbler clothes don’t maketh the people. And divide and conquer has worked particularly with Maori state employees as too many of our people sit back, be nice and judge. And in the meantime we as a people are being kicked to the curb and have to fight for everything which wears you down. I believe the time is ripe for us as a people to exercise Kotahitanga we saw it with Ihumatao. Kotahitanga will help us cope with the sheer number of foreigners being allowed to come and live in our country.

  6. If National were in Government and voting in Supermarkets was likely to favour them, it would be put into place at rocket speed. If National are in opposition, Labour need to do what the Nats will passionately dislike. How will Labour know what that is? Because the arrogant and entitled Nats will not stop bleating about it. The game is Politics, not tiddlywinks in a knitting circle.

  7. Murdoch is so near, the Ozzie media, and the vile victory of the Liberals, prompting Bridges on. So we are quite close to Trump. Bridges despite his bravado after that election is a New Zealander. But hate the rich-rulers being so near to God’s Own.

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