Whoa – National might just have won the election


Whoa – this is incredibly smart politics by Simon Bridges…

National considers reciprocal deportations for Australians

Opposition leader Simon Bridges says a National government will look at amending the law to allow Australians convicted of serious crimes in New Zealand to be deported.

Bridges said, if elected, National would explore a policy based on amendments to Australia’s Migration Act in 2014 which allows for people to have their visas cancelled on character grounds.

He said, legally, the Australia government can deport Kiwi criminals and New Zealand needs to look into a reciprocal policy.

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…Jacinda Ardern was on the Telly this morning saying that while she would bring up the despicable manner in which Australians treat NZers living in Australia and their disgusting policy of forced renditioning of NZ citizens who have committed crimes there back to here – (a process that has sparked a gang war with the 501s attacking domestic gangs) – there wasn’t anything she could do about it because blah blah blah politics of kindness blah blah blah we are too timid to force feed those Australian pricks a taste of their own medicine blah blah blah.

Yawn. Pathetic.

THEN Bridges, out of no where, comes out swinging and says he will consider forcing Australians who have committed crimes back there to Australia!

While the law to export Australian criminals back already exists and a handful have been sent back, there isn’t the Political will to expand it the way Australia has.

When you consider the vile way in which Australians have treated us and the way they have sparked a gang war in NZ with their forced renditioning programme (a gang war that is allowing South American drug cartels access here) , having a Political Leader promise to give the Australians some of their own back is going to find enormous support across the electorate.

Don’t stop at deporting their criminals as payback for the 501s, slash their access to our public services the way Australia does to our people living there as well!

Bridges may have just found the policy that everyone will get around, handing it back to the bloody Aussies.

The Politics of Kindness towards Australia abusing us or a short sharp kick in the balls as pay back.

This is bad for us on the Left. Really bad.


    • Agree ep! Isnt this the same Bridges who promised seven or so bridges up north and etc etc etc ?

      All hui and no doey Bridges!

      • I think that promise was for the 2015 by election. Northland voted in Peters for NZ First so they got no bridges.

        • Was it? If so, the Nats still had two more years in power to at least start building them.
          But, no, they did nothing at all – very much like their prior seven years in office.

      • Australia is just significant enough in regional economic/geopolitical/military terms to be relevant, but not unilaterally powerful.

        NZ is neither relevant or powerful. You have the luxury being able to speak up, lecture, virtue signal, winge, condescend and grandstand – because no one could care less. Your PM, while an exceptional person, behaved like a toddler in need of a nap in her recent visit, it played badly.

        NZ is welcome to go it’s own way of that’s what you want, it would be to both our detriment and from the perspective of most Australians a sad loss of a long standing friend. But don’t be naive, comments here about “blooding our nose” – you’re embarrassing yourself.

    • There is something not correct about Bridges being a wanker because like Bridges I to think and write slowly. Yknow I kind of play with words like putty and somethings times I get stuff wrong or change my mind and in the Internet people seize on that and denounce me but I say that is one reaction. Another reaction is to open it all up and think things though and have conversations. Criminality is one of those things where people don’t like to think very hard about. If the ultimate goal is moving from a society that is dysfunctional to one that works better for all then I think we just need to demand Jacinda does better on crime.

  1. After the Australians are sent back we should look at recinding citizenship for those caught underpaying staff .They seem to pray on their own nationals . I bet if they are not honest with wages they will be not honest with their taxes naional food compliance and other health and safety rules. They rely on the fear their staff have of loosing their work visa. We do not need these people

    • As you’ve posted recently Trev, wonders never cease to amaze me, I agree with you!
      Add to that unless you’ve worked for 20 years in N.Z. as an immigrant, no superannuation.

    • Well Trev this is only the second time only I have agreed with you. But lets not just stop at sending our Aussie mates back lets send them all back that fail the good character tests. How far back are we going to go Trev? Will it be retrospective law if so we won’t have many people left in our country. Second thoughts nah! its not a good idea we need our Aussie mates more than they need us. And tit for tat, we are better than that.

  2. It’s not bad for the left if it means avoiding sinking to the shit level of Aussie xenophobic political pontificating, climate denial, and historic criminal abuse of Aborigines.
    Aotearoa needs a grass roots solution to its former Kiwi imports. Leave aside Aussie bad behaviour.
    How to create jobs and benefit levels that meets their needs for rehab and a meaningful life rather than the hyper punitive tit for tat routine which criminalises them and the gangs as permanent racist underclass fodder forever.
    That way we can test the real support for some humanity vis a vis red neck thuggery, and make some moves to avoid the altright making headway demonising anyone who is not part of their rich white gang downunder.

  3. We should be sensible enough on all sides of the political spectrum, to appreciate and back sound policy no matter who suggests it. National and NZFirst for that matter should be backing the EV scheme and we on the left should back decent policies from the right. There is not enough collaboration and respect in politics, we have become too trible and are frankly heading down the U.S route. Let’s back good policy from anyone.

  4. I can foresee a time when Australia shuts the open door to NZ because of our open slather immigration policy and the abuse of the back door to Aussie from recent arrivals here.

    It’s been a political win there for the aussies sending the 501 crims over here.

    Of course this is sensible policy on the home front from Bridges even if it will hasten the end of our two way open border policy -better yet make sure the same hard line applies to all migrants here from any country who commit serious crime, that would be a vote winner.
    Why wasn’t it done already?

    • Apparently we have the ability already to export criminal immigrants out of the country, it just depends on the situation. This is another example of Bridges trying to be relevant.

  5. An interesting post and the comments are good too – either witty or thoughtful – they all have something useful to say. I think closing down on Australia would actually have many good outcomes. It would reduce our short term tourism, and we then concentrate on high-spend tourists. A lot of Oz are also visiting f*f – friends or family so we don’t get good return on the visitor/s. Reducing crime? We maybe too late – barn doors already open to new gangs, new drug connections along with the Chinese mass producers. But why continue with the red carpet? (And just remember, at the back of our minds, that we have exported some nasty crims through the Mr Asia syndicate. I remember a drug counsellor beloved by all murdered in the Riverina district I think, by one of NZ drug group connections.)

    And Australia I think is likely to esteem a NZ with teeth that nip rather than grin; they like a bit of the ultimate fighting. By all means be kind, but go for balance by bringing practicality and outcomes into the equation.

    • One of the lovely things about participating on The Daily Blog in an election year is last time election 2017 cast the problem of convincing the left that Jacinda could do it. Now we are head long into a rush to reinvent the left to face the challenges of campaigning and next year will throw up completely new concepts for a completely new set of legislation that can revolutionize New Zealand.

      Where we have the terrifying thrill of picking our way through virgin-public-policy-space to avoid the man-traps and seeking those treasures that is hidden with in new legislation. This year in election20 there’s a completely different set of challenges. The challenge being in a year where the legislative body of work of the coalition government has been stable, the gun reforms, the investments, kiwi build hasn’t been a totally loss although the normies tried there best to kill it and where Jacinda hasn’t budged on an electorate deal for NZFirst and The Greens, how then do we take the best performing coalition arrangement of 2017 and produce something that is properly competitive when legislation doesn’t change in 2020?

      The temptation is to just keep polishing the 2017 coalition deal and after all it started strongly and kept developing all the way through till now so there’s still a lot of opportunity to make a better 2017 deal. But that conservative approach is very very tempting. In the end Simon Bridges has announced with this reciprocal policy that the conservative view will not be enough with the opposition on our shoulders. We know their hunger, we were in the same position in 2016. We know if we do not do something impressive with this years campaign season then National+ACT+Māori Party will eat us up and leave us behind.

      So we have to decide to make this campaign season aggressive despite the fact that Jacinda will not move on her conservative set of legislative politics of kindness. So we have to take every part of the left and challenge ourselves to see if we can make it better. And I can’t do justice in a short comment like this to explain all the thousands and thousands of things that need to get done but I can tell you some things about the beginning of the story, the middle and the end of this coalition deal and the areas that make the left competitive both to hit the ground running and the first 100 days of an upgraded coalition deal and also as a platform that can keep developing through to election 2023.

      So as mentioned Jacinda will not do electorate deals so she’s made it a lot harder for each tribe to get on with each other. Structurally it’s a lot harder to rearrange the details inside each coalition partners legislative campaign strategy and the way we speak to the public will become more difficult to create distance between the coalition and the opposition and create more opportunity to recruit more votes. It’s a difficult project but it is one that will give the left those good gains.

      Now in the middle of campaigning there’s a couple of things. Somethings that is familiar to politics because many parties have adopted it which is raising the minimum wage. National hasn’t come out and said they’ll roll that back, that would just give Jacinda a second or even a third term if national tried it. But this year the left needs to make the structural investments to pull a living-wage into the economy and bank those votes that comes with it.

      Also in the middle of campaigning a huge huge effort by The Daily Blog to put more effort into freespeech. Martyn and Chris Trotter has spent the winter finding lots and lots of fresh horses waiting to bolt with many years taking on The Crown and debating them in there own courts and humiliating them. This year they’ve managed to find an impressive upgrade in recruitment and retention not just in votes but Bomber has bent over backwards to give us a shining example of Free Speech that gives opportunity on the debating stage to develop better commitments to society because Bomber has put a lot of work in to insure we can debate at elevated heated levels compared to 2017. Being able to run hotter means that for the same everything else we can make shorter, sharper replies/retorts and keep the left cool and frosty.

      One of the reasons dirty politics no longer is no longer as effective on the left is because of Bomber and his The Daily Blog. 2017’s woke tribes would have stuck way way out by now but at this time in this years the left is more focused, precise, dedicated as a result of the investments Labour and The Unions have made on our behalf into The Daily Blog.

      Now to the end of the story or as some like to say “promise one thing during an election and forget about it after,” a lot of parties should be shy about exposing costings and details of a 100 day election victory plan but I can tell you that a 2020 coalition agreement has to be extremely adventurous. Specifically on raising the minimum wage to a living one. Business will require access to cheap technology to improve productivity because a higher minimum wage reduces the likeliness will higher more staff so we would have to expand the number of new business instead – open up new markets and that means trade deals in away that opens up a greater trade surplus so that our exports is enough to pay for more and better technological imports like electric vehicles, and renewable energy technology and all the new businesses to take care of all this innovation.

      Taken together all these investments that Iv been describing – none of them are easy and all of them are structural compromises. Where we have to change or adjust concepts at the beginning, middle or end of the story we have to realize that gaining votes have to be payed for with hundreds of and thousands of economic innovations all across the country and raising the minimum properly with impact, and stain power.

      There are people like Bomber who’ve allowed the controversial and that’s saved a lot of heat and allowed the left to win the debate and new converts and new investments. These investments have given the left a good winter, we’ve got a manuscript for success that is streaks ahead of the 2017 coalition agreement in terms of concept design. We’ve got coalition partners who’s development curves have kicked up, it’s steeper than the one that finished up as the 2017 coalition government, and we’ve got a left wing manuscript for success that is strong enough to develop all the way through a second and possibly even a third or fourth term.

  6. We should be getting a discount on the Ozzie made ‘501’s. I’ve heard that theyre not of a very good quality?
    So, whats their return policy? Do they have one?

    So he might just of picked off some of that 17% of the Undecided Vote?
    I’ll give him until the end of the week for him to fuck that up too.

  7. A clever and popular move especially with national voters and the “tough on crime brigade ” but my hunch is 3 months from now with our economy in free fall and personal mortality foremost in our minds due to the arrival and expansion of the corona virus I don’t think its going to be that relevant by Sept 2020.

    Nationals pledged lolly scramble tax cuts for people who don’t need it is all well and good in normal economic times with a healthy Govt surplus ….

    But in a corona damaged economy, with a much lower tax take , significant associated costs of Govt bail outs, sector wide fiscal rescue packages and increased social welfare costs , means is not the right time for tax cuts and would show poor economic and financial management . You either have to fund them through more borrowing or on cutting essential services and infrastructure .Shonky as .
    With tax cuts inappropriate in a deflated economy , it all works well for Labour.

    Labour has already pinched Nationals ” Major infrastructure rebuild program ” and if necessary they can easily adopt ” sending defective Ozzy dirt -bags back across the dutch “However ……..

    If I were Jacinda I would be far more worried about being the Prime Minister who let the virus in ….
    “There was a hush around the cabinet table before the penny dropped and there was the collective ” OH SHIT ! ” Silent transmission .
    Im sure Treasury will spin the up side .1. Only a 3% impact on GDP.With a fast rebound.
    2.Increased mortality of those 60/70/80 means a considerable long term saving on superannuation payments.
    3. Increased mortality has significant benefits to provide more housing stock without the need to build more houses with more affordable houses and rentals for all surviving New Zealanders.Solves the housing crisis.
    4. There would also be less road grid lock , and lower long term health costs .And so on.
    Lets just hope its not your mate , your wife , your grandparents or you .

    A monarch or Prime Ministers first duty is to protect the health and well being of her citizens not the quarterly profits of neoliberal corporations,or is it ?
    If Jacinda chooses the preservation of the economy/Airline Tourism /Chinese education ,over the safety of her people then who would ever vote Labour ever again .
    No amount of moon eyed ,hand wringing ,prime time compassion will save her in the polls .

    Currently we simply don’t seem to have the medical resources to deal with this and a vaccine is at least 6 months to a year away . With infection coinciding with winter influenza ,overloaded hospitals,and medical staff and gps vulnerable to the virus we are not well prepared and make no mistake we are all at risk .

    If Labour mishandle Corona (and it looks like they already have , letting 6000 Chinese Nationals into NZ after every province in China had already tested positive for the virus), then they will gift Simon Bridges the biggest baseball bat he will ever get .Suck on that.

    • But then Bridges is screaming from high heaven to open up our connections with China so he’s either very thick or just plain incompetent or China wants value for their two $100,000 donations. Don’t forget the All Blacks lost the world cup under Labour, that can be an election killer.

    • Black Lemming – A national leader’s job is to ensure that there is a working economy and reasonable distribution of the nation’s resources so as to have a reasonable living standard. It can’t be said that the first duty is to protect the health and well-being of the citizens – that’s simplistic. At present we do not have a good standard of either health or well-being, neither do we have a balanced economy. Frankly all is sick with underlying weaknesses that citizens prefer to disregard. That disregard for the decent society in favour of spend up on the credit card wealth, demand for expensive drugs for ‘me’ and disregard for basic resources for the poor, retail therapy and consumer desire as a necessary prop-up in the absence of robust productivity earners for the nation; that is what makes me spew.

  8. The last time National was in power it was Labour grandstanding on this issue. Now that the roles are reversed, so are the stances.

    At this point Bridges is only promising to “look” and “explore”. No promise of change.

    Also, what Australian politician would turn down the popularity of sticking the boot into little New Zealand. Australia is our bigger neighbour, not our brother.

  9. “Whoa – National might just have won the election”
    Who cares? They’re all the same. And you know that. So why am I faced with the difficulty of trying to write a record breaking sized MEH!

  10. Rubbish,

    Throw enough darts at a dartboard etc, one will hit it’s mark. Look at the divisive P.O.S saying it. The most untrustworthy party leader National have ever had. He will say a thousand other things between now and September highlighting just what he is………and that is not PM.

  11. Before we began applauding Simon Bridges, perhaps we should remember that National had plenty of opportunity to do this when they were in government, but didn’t because they were too gutless.
    But now they are in opposition they are talking tough.
    Do you really think that once in government, they would follow through on it?
    They were too gutless to stand up to the Liberal/National government’s appalling treatment of refugees.

    • Totally agree with you Mike the Lefty. Jacinda has more guts, more integrity, more strength of character than all three ‘big guns’ of the Nats put together, and more to spare. …those three being Simo, Paula and Jude.

  12. When the Aussies first sent a load of crims to NZ my immediate response was to wonder why we dont simply send them back. Our failure to make that simple move made me livid. The present grovelling, supine government makes me puke and I suspect there are large numbers of voters out there who are begging for someone to bloody the nose of the appalling Aussie government.
    This topic may be buried by later politicing, leading up to the next election but wont be forgotten and will be dusted off once the election starts again, just like the spanking children issue. Just a question … What has this to do with left or right? Its about pride and self esteem isn’t it?

  13. National have a renowned track record of saying they will look into something i.e a matter; as a pre-election promise but once the votes are counted and if in Nationals’ favour then that pre-election promise is discarded. History has shown time and again how easily and with an almost cavalier attitude National have broken pre-election promises when it suited them eg no increase in GST and ‘getting OUR boys out(of the Pike River Mine)”. For National promises to the ordinary NZers are made to be broken.
    I mean here we are with an upcoming election in 2020. What Australia decided upon in 2014 was during the time of the previous National government. And during that time there was probably even a twitter of concern by Key and co for what Australia had done.
    Really I think National don’t have any ideas etc for the upcoming election. They are resorting to their usual “Copy and Paste” from either Australia or their beloved America in regards to policies.
    For all we know next Bridges will claims that building a wall will do more good than building bridges. And we all know Simon Bridges promises to the Northland electorate a number of bridges that he failed to deliver on in that local pre-election promise years ago.
    I don’t trust Bridges. Mind you I don’t trust ANY National MP now. They are amazingly selective as to what promises they will keep. In fact I am sure they keep their promises to their rich mates but will forget the promises like they pass urine in the toilet when it comes to ordinary low income NZers.

  14. Here is a crazy thought. A wealthy Asian businessman donates to an Australian political party in return for Instant Australian citizenship. He gets the citizenship and after commiting a crime in Aussie scarpers to NZ.

    Whilst in NZ he donates a sizeable amount to say the NZ National Party in return for Instant Kiwi citizenship. Which knowing how obliging National are when it comes to money originating from unusual and obscure sources into their respective bank accounts they happily allow that businessman to become a NZ citizen as long as the donations are ‘split’ so they don’t need to be declared.

    Whilst in NZ the businessman commits a serious crime eg fraud and/or drug importation or association with overseas gangs like the Triads. And so he is deemed a NZ citizen by the Australians and an Australian citizen by the NZ government(if it’s National).

    Will Simon Bridges allow this ‘Instant Kiwi” to remain in New Zealand because to send him back to Australia would be ‘too complicated'(aka it would need to go into the Too Hard Basket)? Or would it be too close to home for National and they would have to admit that they cannot do anything about returning this “Instant Australian” back to Australia because all in all they would have known his track record when he entered NZ but because National love money they took whatever they could do to get THAT MONEY even if it means granting Instant Kiwi citizenship to someone who shouldn’t be a citizen of either country and voluntarily turned a blind eye to their “donators’ track record???!!!

    It’s a scenario that may have happened or may happen in the future. But because of National and the way they prefer to behave I wouldn’t trust a pre-election promise by Simon Bridges.

    Would Simon Bridges be prepared to enforce “Strike Force Raptor” on any of those who have donated to the NZ National Party over the years in return for Instant Kiwi citizenship whilst having links to say a well established gang from overseas and especially if the gangs are Australian etc?

    It comes across to me that Simon Bridges is focusing primarily on Australians here in NZ who have not originated from wealthy China but are white or brown i.e White Aussies or Aboriginals and least likely to deport anyone with Asian gang links who just so happen to be Instant Australian citizens now living and commiting crimes here in NZ.

  15. I don’t think many would fall for this pitch.

    There has been alot of marginalization of Kiwis since the Labour Govt got rid of the airforce from Australian Govts.
    There won’t be any concern from Australia on movement of this under a National Govt.

    • But to use words from Bridges own mouth, Bridges speaks from both sides of his mouth. He has no intention of implementing the policy. He tells N.Z. one thing and will do another. It’s like the tax break bribe, trying to buy votes. There is no way he’s going to have any impact on his buddy ScoMo. Bridges is simply as Ardern put it, naive.

  16. Don’t get too excited he use words like “would consider” and n”not committed to anything” – this is a cute poltical stunt to appeal to people but with very little substance policy wise – we will see what happens when the crunch comes – easy to make these prouncements when you are in opposition

  17. How dare Jacinda call Simon naive. This is the government that was going to allow a drug dealer to stay because he convinced the immegration minister he would be killed. The same government that is doing little to protect uneducated migrants or visa workers .
    People need to understand in Australia is not just NZ law breakers who are returned it is all nations. Last week when I was there they sent a guy back to UK who had been there 20 years arriving as a 3month old. They cannot say everyone goes back except NZ.

  18. Reciprocal……. Whatever policies Australia has for Kiwis there we match for Aussies here, across the board. They won’t like it up ’em.
    Great policy, but Bridges will never follow through with it.

  19. In the great scheme of things, Bridges promise won’t achieve much – because there aren’t that many Aussie crims here in NZ.

    But as you rightly point out Martyn, it makes Bridges look staunch in the eyes of an electorate that increasingly views his opponent as weak and lightweight.

  20. Now, with all this commentary above, what I want to know is, why are we keeping that scumbag of a human being Brenton Tarrant here? How much is he costing the NZ taxpayer? And how much will he cost the NZ taxpayer with his life imprisonment? He’s an Australian! I haven’t heard the call yet from any politician or any of the commenterati, or any member of the public.

  21. ” THEN Bridges, out of no where, comes out swinging and says he will consider forcing Australians who have committed crimes back there to Australia ”

    Listen too the language.


    He and his colleagues have no intention of imposing anything on foreign powers in New Zealanders interests.

    They did nothing for nine years and did not utter a word when the Aussies enforced anti New Zealand policies.

    I guess all that work the Liberal party did for Key’s reelection drive across the ditch worked both ways.

  22. NZ already deports Australians and people from other nations convicted of serious crimes in NZ, so how will what already exists help Simon win the election?

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