MEDIAWATCH: Winston’s photo of journalists was wrong, but since when the hell were National or Matthew Hooton defenders of journalism?


Look, Winston’s creepy admission that NZ First took photos of journalists investigating his Party and handed them over to a far right hate speech merchant like Cameron Slater is appalling behaviour by the Deputy Prime minister of the country and needs reprimanding at the Polls, and with NZ First sinking under 5%, that day of reckoning is rapidly approaching, but for the National Party and Matthew Hooton to pretend to suddenly be the fearless champions of journalism is an obscene hypocrisy that must be mutilated in the public town square.

I’m sorry Hoots, when you were being investigated by Nicky Hager, weren’t you trying to help him be assassinated by organised crime?

Chop chop indeed. ANYTHING Hoots has to say about dirty politics and abuses against journalists needs to be set against the fact he was providing the address of Nicky Hager to have him dealt to by Chinese organised crime.

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As for Paula Bennett, where the Christ does she get off?

Oh National are suddenly the champions of journalists are they?

“I think if there is more to this, it’s really leading to her having to [explore] some pretty serious consequences.

“She is the Prime Minister, this is her Deputy Prime Minister, she has to step in and tell us what kind of politics she will accept.”

Bennett wouldn’t go as far as saying Peters should be stripped of his portfolios.

“She tells us constantly what type of Government she wants to run and it’s open and it’s transparent and it’s kind and it doesn’t get involved in this sort of politics.

She called on NZ First and Peters to front up over the issue.

“A half statement that contradicts itself, quite frankly, is not good enough.”

She said journalists shouldn’t have to feel like they effectively have a political party following them and taking photos and then releasing them to a website linked to Whale Oil.

The hypocrisy here is fucking astounding!

Let’s just remember the crimes against Journalism that National embarked upon in their 9 years of power.

  • Killing off Public Broadcasting TV by shutting down TVNZ7 and having Minister’s lie about how many people watched the station.
  • Raiding newspapers and broadcasters to stop them publishing the tea pot tapes.
  • Defaming investigative journalist Jon Stephenson who questioned if NZs SAS had committed war crimes in Afghanistan by handing civilians over to known torture units.
  • Defaming investigative Journalist Nicky Hager by calling him a communist conspiracy theorist when Hager opened up the Dirty Politics black ops team working within Key’s office.
  • Having Police conduct an illegal raid against Nicky Hager.
  • Police breaching my privacy and attempting to use secret trails and courts to hide why.
  • Calling award winning Journalist Glenn Greenwald and whistle blowers Julian Assange and Edward Snowden ‘Henchmen’ when they revealed the truth of Key’s mass surveillance plans.
  • Having all of Andrea Vance’s emails and phone records taken.
  • Using far right hate speech merchant and Fascist Cameron Slater to smear public servants the Government didn’t like.
  • Mass surveillance lies.
  • A plethora of dirty politics all aimed at manipulating the media.

For National to pretend to give two shits about Journalism now because it’s politically expedient makes me vomit.

Labour and the Greens don’t need to do anything more than let the voters decide if NZ First should be rejected at the ballot box which looks more and more likely.

Again, Winston bad for being a creep, but Hooton and National are in no position whatsoever to harp on about defending journalism from their self-erected moral high ground.


  1. Best article of 2020 so far martyn.

    This exposed the dirty poitics is ‘Natioal’s party policy of undermining any political system to get their way to rule us with their filth.

    Matthew Hotten was good once when he exposed ‘Steven Joyce as a corrupt politian.

    Alas sadly since then he has gone bad. ans we wonder who bought him?

  2. However up in Northland voters care about decent roads, rail, ports, jobs, water and even the odd new bridge. As well, three prominent mayors are supporting NZ First policies for the region so its looking like Shane Jones has a good chance of getting over the line. I would add its not wise to discount NZ First chances in the up coming election or continually speak disparagingly about Winston Peters.

    Just saying.

    • Utter crap
      Natz rule the north and unless a strategic deal is done, roads and rail and pork barrel politics given; Jones has no show.

      PS good article bomber

      • Cobaka – Heated biased opinion will win over cool facts and considered thought every time. Keep it up? Don’t know where you want to end up. I think your output is likely to raise the greenhouse gas level. Not your intention I think.

  3. Raiding newspapers and broadcasters to stop them publishing the tea pot tapes.

    Why did they do this when Key clearly stated “nothing to hide, nothing to fear”?

    So whilst the SFO have to do due diligence, remember the dirty Nats, the dirty politics and the disgusting 9 years in government.
    And look how the media have band wagoned around Winston. Every day we have an article on this in the Herald. Today we have HDA …
    Yesterday Audrey Young… Then you have Hooten, Hosking etc and t’s plain for any level headed person to see.
    The media gun for Winston, they always have. Now compare that with National’s donation scandal which was in the Herald once and T.V one night only.
    National have the media in their back pockets, always have done. But as Kat has said above, N.Z.First will more than likely win Northland and it will be bye bye National.

  4. I’m trying to figure out which is more worthless, a tweet from Bennett, an opinion from Hooton or a photo of Espiner.

    • Well the photo of WhailOil and Bennett almost made me throw up until I realised they were family, I’m sure their twins.

    • Popeye -LOL
      bert-Please vote.
      otherwise we’ll have a Nat government who will sell off the rest of OUR assets and jump into bed with Trump when he invades Iran-or at least send our youth off to do the dirty work.

  5. You make me think twice now Martyn if I will be voting at all.

    Thanks for reminding me of what historically (not that long ago) in the nine years what National engaged in when they were in power…illegal ugliness

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