Tamaki attacks migrants as parasites & with Wuhan Virus racism mounting, shouldn’t we put the blame where it deserves to go in immigration debate?


Brian Tamaki had a lot of offensive things to say on Waitangi Day…

Supporters cheer as Brian Tamaki blasts ‘parasite’ immigrants at Waitangi Day service

Brian Tamaki’s supporters cheered as the Destiny Church leader delivered a speech at Waitangi where he described immigrants as “parasites” and said Māori and Pākehā are becoming refugees in New Zealand.

Tamaki blasted the Government for “selling off the country” to foreign powers – making multiple references to China – and said it’s time to take New Zealand back.

“The Labour Government has been the worst selling off land,” Tamaki, described in the Waitangi Day service schedule booklet as an ‘Apostle Bishop’, said. “China is taking control of our water.”

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…while Wuhan Virus racism is metastasising…

Coronavirus: Auckland Mayor Phil Goff sickened at reports of racism at pools, buses, restaurants  

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff is sickened at hearing ill-informed or bigoted people have tried excluding people of Asian origin from buses and public swimming pools.

Goff said coronavirus concerns had sparked some “extreme reactions”, at best ignorant, at worst “unacceptable prejudice” and racism.

“In Albany, a woman came into the (swimming) centre and said…’why aren’t you banning all these Asians from the pool?'”

…the ignorance in believing the virus is loose in NZ is a failure of public broadcasting.

But there is something else deeper at play here than garden variety bigotry and a total lack of basic general knowledge..

The first is the genuine fear generated by the Chinese regime’s obtuse and deceitful manner in which it has hidden the true extent of this virus. Put this manipulation alongside their brutal repression of the Muslims, their harvesting of body organs from political dissidents and their mass surveillance Orwellian nightmare and a jaded cynicism towards anything China has to say is a very legitimate response.

But there’s more.

New Zealand is founded on a sin, that sin is the mass theft of indigenous land without any intention of ever paying anything more than a pittance in reparation. We are a nation founded on exploitation and that exploitation continues at pace.

  • The insane over tourism that has the Auckland Airport runway in tatters, queues in our national parks and vast tracks of pristine land used as a collective long drop by freedom campers.
  • The grotesque exploitation of international students studying bullshit courses at junk language schools.
  • The exploitation of migrant workers at wages Kiwis won’t accept across most of our primary and service industries.

These three things all put enormous pressure on the social and public infrastructure from roads to public transport to housing. It is that pressure that the domestic population feels and despises and that fuels anger and bigotry towards anyone who is seen as an outsider.

But surely, if NZers wanted to be righteous in their anger, they would look no further than the mirror to be outraged?

The middle classes have collectively built an unjust and rigged game of property speculation that continually needs inflated demand from outside of NZ to keep their speculative portfolios inflated. We need international students to exploit, we need migrant workers to exploit, and we need over tourism to keep this manipulation afloat.

Brian Tamaki claimed immigrants were the parasites but he’s wrong. The middle classes who desperately need to keep their property values high are the parasites, the primary sector that exploits migrant workers are the parasites, the bullshit language schools exploiting international students are the parasites, the tourism industry that crams more and more tourists into NZ are the parasites and the politicians who pander to those industry and middle class property speculation interests are the parasites.

If we are going to get angry at the exploitation of NZ, let’s start by recognising who the real enemy is, the exploiters, not the exploited.

The good news is that the climate crisis and its catastrophic speed will force changes in NZ whether we like it or not.

The current political spectrum in New Zealand can not radically adapt fast enough to adopt the changes we must make if we are to survive the climate crisis. It will require a radical Political Movement that elects a Party to implement Fortress Aotearoa…

  • Move away from intensive farming and look to become domestically self sustainable in terms of food.
  • Immediately ban all water exports.
  • Empower local communities to make local decisions and set up resilience programs.
  • 5 year Parliamentary term so Governments can actually plan for change.
  • Upper and Lower House (Upper House 50-50 split between Māori & Pakeha that can hold up legislation if unhappy about Treaty issues)
  • Massive investment into R&D from Government with the understanding research is to benefit NZ first before sold offshore.
  • Large scale increase in Navy, Army & Airforce.
  • Mass limiting of tourism numbers with huge increased tourist taxes.
  • Only citizens can vote.
  • Sustainable immigration and an end to exploitative migrant workers.
  • Resettlement Programms for all pacific island neighbours.
  • Increase refugee in take to 10 000 per year
  • Fully funded public services focused on real welfare of people.
  • Mass Green housing rebuild.
  • 100% renewable energy for entire country.
  • Massive tree planting across previous farming land.
  • Wholesale re-write of state services act to end commercial values.
  • Investment into basic pharmaceutical production.
  • Financial transaction tax
  • Wealth tax
  • Multinational tax
  • Inheritance tax
  • Capitalist monopolies in energy, transport and finance have to be brought into public ownership and control. They should be subject to democratic plans drawn up by the whole community. Workers should have much stronger decision making powers within them.
  • All economic sectors to be made take steps needed to decarbonise the economy as much as is needed to reach zero net emissions by 2030.
  • Free and frequent public transport on electric buses and/or trains in all main cities.
  • Health care and education for life should be free and universally accessible.
  • Welfare, pensions, child allowances, should be universal wherever possible.
  • Public housing at fixed and affordable rents should be a right of all not just the desperately poor.
  • All workers should have a right to a job and the workweek reduced with no loss of pay to make that possible.
  • Local communes should be supported for control and delivery of as many functions of the centralised state as possible – including housing, education, health care.
  • Local communes to support cooperative forms of production of food, solar and wind energy,  electric transport, and media.

4 things to remember when climate deniers attempt to claim there is no emergency

1. eventual warming for 407ppm CO2 will be ~3.5°C

2. We hit 415ppm in 2019

3. Ecosystems & most human society will crash if we hit 3.5°C rapidly

4. Current trajectory

~1.5°C by 2025
~2.5°C by 2045
~3.5°C by 2065

Change is coming brothers and sisters, but if you are one of the exploiters, you just won’t like that change.


  1. Martin. There is one point that should be above your other 3. NZ gives more non citizens permanent residency on a per capita basis than any other oecd country bar Israel. We know that Israel does it to maintain a demographic majority and keep the Palestinians in the minority. Why do successive NZ governments do it? To keep the population ponzi scheme going with ever rising property prices to keep the free money coming to the landed class AND to keep the indigenous people of Aotearoa demographically marginalised lest they rise up and demand true partnership as per Te Tiriti.

  2. yeess! i always blame the stupid ###(choose your poison of word\s)#@# that allow the exploitation and proliferation of immigration not immigrants. they didn’t let themselves in ..

    tamaki has issues .. and those that listen to him probably helped pay for Hannah’s $90,000 diamond ringand so on and so on.

    • Trev this country and many others colonised was founded on racism using assimilation policies. Isn’t that why you are here and many other poms are still coming what exactly are they running away from apart from classism ?

      • The grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence. In the 70s a trip around to the otherside of the world for £10 was too good . I did not feel like a colonialist just happy to be in a country that was new and open to fresh ideas. Racism has never sat well with me and I try not to label people good or bad judged on their believes without finding out where those believes come from

  3. Every country has an immigration policy. It is not racist to have an immigration policy! In NZ it might be a good idea to have an immigration policy that works for the people who live here rather than prioritising those still coming and takes into account current resources like housing, water, transport, social services, justice, schools, health care, that are already stretched to the point that places are running out of water and we have record homelessness and record low wages.

  4. You never here the left (or right) asking for the migrants caught exploiting others, to be deported as part of our immigration laws… or unions or poverty commentators asking why visas are left open for 3 years for unemployed migrants to stay in NZ and bring in spouses and relatives contributing to poverty outcomes for them and others and the risks of criminal activities, and a huge burden of infrastructure overloads in NZ. Likewise hire companies able to bring in hundreds of unemployed workers from around the world that they profit from for the NZ visas, who get stranded here demanding to stay, and nobody say’s boo and the settlements with the firms are confidential and they are not prosectuted… What makes me sick is how the lefties have also become addicted to this practise because they can make money by getting people to sign up to unions and essentially while getting a 0% wage increase can instead fight to keep people with little skills here in NZ which long term is a major poverty factor. Unions are essentially collaborating with the rich listers and low paid industries, to bring in more workers so business don’t have to pay more or increase their workers conditions.

    “A Glen Innes Pak’nSave owner, worth an estimated $65m, was paying one of the lowest rates as far as collective agreements go in Auckland supermarkets, FIRST Union’s Mandeep Bela said.

    The union is in the process of bargaining at Hastings Pak’nSave where workers recently resorted to strike action. At mediation, the owner offered a 0 per cent pay rise for the 2018 year, Bela said.”


    Meanwhile they unions find purpose ‘keeping the labour hire companies’ going and construction workers at $20 p/h which is hardly going to drive innovation in that poorly performing industry…

  5. I agree with most of this but not the idea that the middle class built the property speculation bubble to get rich. It’s a symptom not a cause, but – and it’s a big but – what it has done is create an army of people who think they need to defend neoliberal economic settings

    I think the middle class was encouraged to get into property speculation as a piece of social engineering and it’s worked well but we should appreciate that they did it in order to maintain their living standards as real-world wages have declined.

    I’m not sure how to do it but I’d rather we try to get them to see the big picture in this as opposed to turning them into an enemy that we have to fight. Besides which, there’s no way their kids will be able to maintain these living standards so some of them should feel sympathetic.

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