If you are progressive and living in Epsom, it’s time to strategically vote ACT out


As TDB has been warning for over 2 years, the Woke’s insane war on free speech is handing ACT ammunition from which they are building enormous momentum.

They are on bloody 2%, that’s 3MPs for Christ’s sake!

Unfortunately, our woke comrades are fucking fanatics with all the recruitment capacity of a cold cup of shit.

They are too feral and too ‘woke’ to appreciate their micro aggression policing bullshit that sees all white people as racist, all men as rapists and all people defending free speech as Nazis is about as alienating as it gets.

Identity Politics is pure temple politics over broad church, it is inclusion through exclusion and it’s why the Pride Parade went from 30 000 to a mere 3500 and why the Greens are now lower than their 2017 disaster election result.

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Because social media is so ubiquitous now, everyone has a woke virtue signalling clown in their social media feed and the idea of allowing those people to become the judge, jury and executioner of our free speech is spurring a resurgence of ACT in a way that could see a National-ACT Government win in September.

In an age of subjective rage where a tweet can be manufactured into a war crime within 5 minutes, the woke, the Wellington Twitteratti and the Emerald Stormtroopers just can’t be trusted enough to shut the fuck up for the rest of the year and you just know they won’t be able to help themselves with the Hate Speech legislation, in short any hope that the woke green party militant cyclist vegan 4th wave feminist gender binary activists can stop giving ACT ammunition is a hope short on optimism.

They can’t help themselves.

So, what are the rest of us to do with so many of our woke comrades hell bent on giving ACT 3%?

Progressives in Epsom (of which I am one due to a weird way the electorate boundary includes me inside Epsom and not Mt Eden) need to strategically vote for the National candidate to kill off David Seymour in Epsom.

Look at the numbers…

…National voters are so National, they still vote their own candidate in with huge numbers. If every Labour Party, Green Party and NZ First voter strategically voted for Goldsmith, it would knock David Seymour out and waste all that ACT vote.

Comrades of Epsom, there are not many of us, but if we are to seriously stop the horror of a National-ACT Government, Seymour must lose Epsom and we can’t trust our feral woke comrades to do anything other than pump that ACT vote up to 3%, so it’s up to us.

Who wins Epsom could decide the fate of the next Government.


  1. When some of these “Emerald Stormtroopers” smash the windows of a restaurant that was a venue for an ACT meeting, do you think this endears the local voting community to their beliefs?

    In fact it just gave David more ammunition and solidified his base.

  2. It is so counter intuitive to–Vote-fucking-Nashnull–that it sets off powerful sensors in any decent person. Alert! Shields up! don’t do it! How could anyone vote for the blue filth, yet it makes good strategic sense in this one electorate. I could just do it if I lived in the electorate, and if it actually worked would feel great, particularly the cleansing thought of likely never having to vote in that manner again.

    ‘Real Politik’ strategic sense, is one thing that a number could probably rationalise–but actually doing it in the isolation of the cardboard voting booth is another matter, it might help if a few others would put their heads up like Martyn and say it is a good idea.

    In an alternate world Labour and Green would ditch neo liberalism and be left populist, and this one tawdry electorate would not be of such terrific importance to the 2020 outcome.

  3. Should be entertaining then watching all the “woke” rushing around behind Goldie and putting all his signs back up.

  4. Are you calling for unity and coherent action from the most disputatious and splintered Pure Temple groups of the Woke? Good luck with that!

    The voters you want to vote for the fiscally-conservative Goldsmith would rather cut their own arms off.

  5. Why would you want Seymour out? He seems a decent, honest bloke who is the only MPI sticking up for free speech. Free speech is far more important than which flavour of government we get.

    • I agree, David Seymour is often the sole voice or rationalism amongst a bunch of woke extremism. Given a choice between David Seymour or Marama Davidson as Prime Minister I would go Seymour every time, and have nightmares about the alternative!

    • It’s a strange world but honest decent folk seem to be able to faith in an economic approach that wreaks havoc on the general population – this was the biggest problem with Bill English, or at least it was until he started telling straight up lies during the 2017 election campaign 🙂

    • Because the Free Speech defence is just politicking and while he would defend it, the enormous damage of economically hard right nonsense he’d implement would be a disaster fro the poor.

      • Labour implemented neoliberalism in NZ.
        They are running the same system now.
        Life will continue to get worse for NZ citizens under either government unless you are the 1%, but the left will also take your freedom.

        • Yknow what you all should be thankful to Bomber for making this space available to us. It makes me feel good to see cooperation between the unions and academics and politics and The Daily Blog and this kind of solidarity is what won Jacinda her premiership. The union between Labour and Unions once existed and if we are relearning that alliance then it will be very good for us to develop that kind of solidarity for us once again.

    • Well if left wing governments are going to raise the minimum wage to a living wage while at the same time having 2 income households and low low unemployment then, to maintain productivity the middle class are going to have to employ keepers to do the cooking and cleaning and washing up. We’re talking about raising the average wage from about $40k-$50k to $150k. Thus elemenating poverty and socially engineering New Zealand into a tight knit community with strong national identity.

  6. I’m not in his electorate, and have never voted ACT; but what he did for the Physician-Assisted Suicide bill would encourage me to give him my party vote. He deserves enormous credit. Not sure, yet. But maybe.

  7. Free speech is a “Red Herring”. Its ‘code’ for the racists and bigots to say whatever they want to say. So, from me to them,”You’re all a bunch of wankas!”

    • plus 100 Denny. Also I haven’t heard much about our other multi millionaire sir ron B or do they save all their racist divisive bigotry up for only for us Maori bloody hypocrites.

  8. “If every Labour Party, Green Party and NZ First voter strategically voted for Goldsmith, it would knock David Seymour out and waste all that ACT vote.”

    If “every” COL voter voted for Goldsmith then why not every National voter vote for Seymour? While we’re bobbing around in cloud cuckoo land.

    You just know that the political Right would accomplish it much more successfully than those on the Left.

  9. if you are a progressive and living in Epsom you are a miracle .

    cleared the progressives out of Epsom ages ago . Its blue dragon territory now , bought and sold .

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