Does your Kiwisaver fund invest in any of these companies which support Israel’s brutal oppression of Palestinians? Your job is to find out today…


One of the unexpected outcomes of the Trump/Netanyahu “deal of the century” is a small wave of action from international bodies to, very belatedly, to say the least, bring pressure on Israel.

Just before Xmas the International Criminal Court finally announced – after five years of preliminary investigations – that it would open a war crimes investigation into Israel’s murderous actions towards Palestinians who resist the occupation of their land or simply try to live their lives in the face of daily harassment and brutality from the Israeli Defense Force.

Now this week the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has released its long-awaited list of companies, 112 so far, complicit in the building and maintenance of illegal Israeli settlements on occupied land.

The UNHRC media release and link to the full report are here.

United Nations Security Council resolution 2334 of 2016 (co-sponsored by the New Zealand government) states that Israel’s settlement activity constitutes a “flagrant violation” of international law and has “no legal validity”.

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The companies listed below by the UNHRC, which are deeply involved in the settlements, should be boycotted by all humanity – that includes us and our Kiwisaver providers.

Before you click out of this post – send an email to your Kiwisaver provider with a copy of the list below and ask for an assurance that your provider is not investing in any of these companies. And send it to your family and friends and ask them to do the same!

Don’t leave it till tomorrow – do it now!

United Nations Human Rights Council list of companies linked to illegal Israeli settlements.

NOTE: The categories in the third column refer to the following:

(a)          The supply of equipment and materials facilitating the construction and the expansion of settlements and the wall, and associated infrastructures;

(b)          The supply of surveillance and identification equipment for settlements, the wall and checkpoints directly linked with settlements;

(c)           The supply of equipment for the demolition of housing and property, the destruction of agricultural farms, greenhouses, olive groves and crops;

(d)          The supply of security services, equipment and materials to enterprises operating in settlements;

(e)          The provision of services and utilities supporting the maintenance and existence of settlements, including transport;

(f)           Banking and financial operations helping to develop, expand or maintain settlements and their activities, including loans for housing and the development of businesses;

(g)          The use of natural resources, in particular water and land, for business purposes;

(h)          Pollution, and the dumping of waste in or its transfer to Palestinian villages;

(i)            Captivity of the Palestinian financial and economic markets, as well as practices that disadvantage Palestinian enterprises, including through restrictions on movement, administrative and legal constraints;

(j)            Use of benefits and reinvestments of enterprises owned totally or partially by settlers for developing, expanding and maintaining the settlements.

No. Business Enterprise Category of listed activity State concerned
1 Afikim Public Transportation Ltd. E Israel
2 Airbnb Inc. E United States
3 American Israeli Gas Corporation Ltd. E, G Israel
4 Amir Marketing and Investments in Agriculture Ltd. G Israel
5 Amos Hadar Properties and Investments Ltd. G Israel
6 Angel Bakeries E, G Israel
7 Archivists Ltd. G Israel
8 Ariel Properties Group E Israel
9 Ashtrom Industries Ltd. G Israel
10 Ashtrom Properties Ltd. G Israel
11 Avgol Industries 1953 Ltd. G Israel
12 Bank Hapoalim B.M. E, F Israel
13 Bank Leumi Le-Israel B.M. E, F Israel
14 Bank of Jerusalem Ltd. E, F Israel
15 Beit Haarchiv Ltd. G Israel
16 Bezeq, the Israel Telecommunication Corp Ltd. E, G Israel
17 B.V. E Netherlands
18 C Mer Industries Ltd. B Israel
19 Café Café Israel Ltd. E, G Israel
20 Caliber 3 D, G Israel
21 Cellcom Israel Ltd. E, G Israel
22 Cherriessa Ltd. G Israel
23 Chish Nofei Israel Ltd. G Israel
24 Citadis Israel Ltd. E, G Israel
25 Comasco Ltd. A Israel
26 Darban Investments Ltd. G Israel
27 Delek Group Ltd. E, G Israel
28 Delta Israel G Israel
29 Dor Alon Energy in Israel 1988 Ltd. E, G Israel
30 Egis Rail E France
31 Egged, Israel Transportation Cooperative Society Ltd. E Israel
32 Energix Renewable Energies Ltd. G Israel
33 EPR Systems Ltd. E, G Israel
34 Extal Ltd. G Israel
35 Expedia Group Inc. E United States
36 Field Produce Ltd. G Israel
37 Field Produce Marketing Ltd. G Israel
38 First International Bank of Israel Ltd. E, F Israel
39 Galshan Shvakim Ltd. E, D Israel
40 General Mills Israel Ltd. G Israel
41 Hadiklaim Israel Date Growers Cooperative Ltd. G Israel
42 Hot Mobile Ltd. E Israel
43 Hot Telecommunications Systems Ltd. E Israel
44 Industrial Buildings Corporation Ltd. G Israel
45 Israel Discount Bank Ltd. E, F Israel
46 Israel Railways Corporation Ltd. G, H Israel
47 Italek Ltd. E, G Israel
48 JC Bamford Excavators Ltd. A United Kingdom
49 Jerusalem Economy Ltd. G Israel
50 Kavim Public Transportation Ltd. E Israel
51 Lipski Installation and Sanitation Ltd. G Israel
52 Matrix IT Ltd. E, G Israel
53 Mayer Davidov Garages Ltd. E, G Israel
54 Mekorot Water Company Ltd. G Israel
55 Mercantile Discount Bank Ltd. E, F Israel
56 Merkavim Transportation Technologies Ltd. E Israel
57 Mizrahi Tefahot Bank Ltd. E, F Israel
58 Modi’in Ezrachi Group Ltd.   E, D Israel
59 Mordechai Aviv Taasiot Beniyah 1973 Ltd. G Israel
60 Motorola Solutions Israel Ltd. B Israel
61 Municipal Bank Ltd. F Israel
62 Naaman Group Ltd. E, G Israel
63 Nof Yam Security Ltd. E, D Israel
64 Ofertex Industries 1997 Ltd. G Israel
65 Opodo Ltd. E United Kingdom
66 Bank Otsar Ha-Hayal Ltd. E, F Israel
67 Partner Communications Company Ltd. E, G Israel
68 Paz Oil Company Ltd. E, G Israel
69 Pelegas Ltd. G Israel
70 Pelephone Communications Ltd. E, G Israel
71 Proffimat S.R. Ltd. G Israel
72 Rami Levy Chain Stores Hashikma Marketing 2006 Ltd. E, G Israel
73 Rami Levy Hashikma Marketing Communication Ltd. E, G Israel
74 Re/Max Israel E Israel
75 Shalgal Food Ltd. G Israel
76 Shapir Engineering and Industry Ltd. E, G Israel
77 Shufersal Ltd. E, G Israel
78 Sonol Israel Ltd. E, G Israel
79 Superbus Ltd. E Israel
80 Supergum Industries 1969 Ltd. G Israel
81 Tahal Group International B.V. E Netherlands
82 TripAdvisor Inc. E United States
83 Twitoplast Ltd. G Israel
84 Unikowsky Maoz Ltd. G Israel
85 YES E Israel
86 Zakai Agricultural Know-how and inputs Ltd. G Israel
87 ZF Development and Construction G Israel
88 ZMH Hammermand Ltd. G Israel
89 Zorganika Ltd. G Israel
90 Zriha Hlavin Industries Ltd. G Israel
91 Alon Blue Square Israel Ltd. E, G Israel
92 Alstom S.A. E, G France
93 Altice Europe N.V. E Netherlands
94 Amnon Mesilot Ltd. E Israel
95 Ashtrom Group Ltd. G Israel
96 Booking Holdings Inc. E United States
97 Brand Industries Ltd. G Israel
98 Delta Galil Industries Ltd. G Israel
99 eDreams ODIGEO S.A. E Luxembourg
100 Egis S.A. E France
101 Electra Ltd. E Israel
102 Export Investment Company Ltd. E, F Israel
103 General Mills Inc. G United States
104 Hadar Group G Israel
105 Hamat Group Ltd. G Israel
106 Indorama Ventures P.C.L. G Thailand
107 Kardan N.V. E Netherlands
108 Mayer’s Cars and Trucks Co. Ltd. E Israel
109 Motorola Solutions Inc. B United States
110 Natoon Group E, D Israel
111 Villar International Ltd. G Israel
112 Greenkote P.L.C. G United Kingdom

Have you sent your email to your Kiwisaver provider yet?




  1. I’d like to see SuperFund challenged.
    I think they’ve been questioned before about their investments in several Israeli banks , but the issue should be brought up again.
    Superfund could be asked to check the entire list provided here. SuperFund invests in the US Motorola Solutions Inc for example.

    Israel Chemicals is not on the list. I’ve challenged Superfund about their investment in Israel Chemicals because of their making white phosphorus.

    Profiteering from human misery is obscene.

    • More corporate links to Israel ,,,, the tentacles spread far and wide …

      ” News Corp companies in Australia have extensive commercial arrangements with multinational oil and gas corporations. They take big advertising dollars, although how big remains a secret. Their newspapers stage “roundtables” or corporate conferences at which journalists and executives mingle with fossil fuel executives. Yet, rival media Nine Entertainment and its Australian Financial Review masthead does the same.

      Where News is different is in Murdoch’s direct financial interest in oil and gas exploration in the Middle East, investments which also compromise New Corp’s coverage of Middle East politics and Israeli expansionism.

      Murdoch has aligned himself with fossil fuel interests globally via the American Australian Association (AAA), and Genie Oil and Gas. Genie oil and gas is a division of Genie Energy and has been involved plans to frack in Israel. Its big project now, however, is exploring for oil in the Golan Heights, which is disputed territory once controlled by Syria.”

    • I’m sure you’ll meet with the same result as your previous BDS campaign…complete failure. Nobody’s going to boycott Israel because they need their brilliant, innovative technology. Thrown away your cellphone yet, Lois? Most of the tech for it was developed in Israel, after all.

  2. This has all the stench of Nazi Germany about it. The UNHRC is a joke; the world’s most powerful nation, the US, has withdrawn from it; nobody takes it seriously because all it does is hyperscrutinise Israel and ignore the real human rights abusers, destroying any credibility it might have. BDS against Israel is losing on every front. They tried this tactic in Europe recently, boycotting Judean produced Israeli wines, and the bottles sold out in minutes. Thanks for the must-have shopping list, Minto.

    • @ gaby. Please. You’re embarrassing yourself.
      Some friendly advice…
      That toothy thing below your nose? That’s called a mouth. You should always engage your brain before opening your mouth. Look it up. It’s common knowledge.

      • And you lot call using your brains spewing out foul abuse?????? As usual, not a cogent rebuttal in sight because you have literally got nothing….except hatred and antisemitism. You can’t even work out that those listed companies employ thousands of Palestinians, the people you say you support…which proves that all you are about is trying to hurt Jews. Jesus wept.

        • There’s lots of foul nazi like abuse by bad faith Zionists on display in the videos I’ve linked to Gabbo ,,,,, and your lack of cogent rebuttal stands out as large as your hypocrisy….

          Your much like the ugly nasty types highlighted in the video link I posted ….

          Calling out the genuine peace activists as Nazis ,,,,, Jesus wept indeed.

          18 minute mark for a demonstration of Gabbyness / james ,,,,,

          • I loathe bad grammar: It’s ‘You’re much…’.Clearly you don’t know your contracted verbs from your possessive pronouns. And you really should cease mindlessly absorbing all the dross on those manically antisemitic websites. It’s doing your head in.

            • youtube is a “manically antisemitic website” ??????

              Grammar nazi is a moron …..

              Anyway james / gaby, seeing as you’ve got yourself a three week ban from TS and will probably be posting here a bit.

              Whats your views on miscegenation ,,, and Israel.

              ” a desire to keep the Jewish people, (are they thinking Jewish race?) untainted by the non-kosher gene pool of the goyim, to keep us Jews, (by whatever definition) pure. As soon as someone starts talking about racial purity, I get nervous. The Jewish only mixers features performances, a wine tasting, folk dancing and camping under the header of “back to the Palmach and the Irgun,” two Zionist paramilitary groups that were involved in ethnically cleansing 750,000 indigenous Palestinians in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. The messaging is not subtle.”

  3. Seeing as my Kiwisaver has been going up in leaps and bounds I presume I am somehow supporting those industrious and innovative Israelis.

    ….and will continue to do so

      • Fringe conspiracy theorists with ancient anti Semitic tropes will not help the Palestinians…. do you want to help them? Or do you just hate Israel? Because if you want to help, spreading embarrassingly stupid YouTube videos will not get you heard.

        • Your talking rubbish monkey Matt ( your the speak no evil monkey ) ….

          The videos are about the horrors and crimes going on withing modern Israel,,,, and made by Jewish people who live there ….

          Covering up for crimes and racism by extreme Zionists, as you seem to be attempting,,,,, is covering up for the murder and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

          Why don’t you have a go at justifying miscegenation from the fact filled video on modern Israel I posted up ,,,,, 25 minute mark:

  4. This week the Israeli military blocked off the West Bank’s only direct export route.
    The Israeli military blocked Palestinian agricultural exports on Sunday in the latest escalation of a months- long trade war that comes amid fears of renewed violence as well.

    Following Defense Minister Naftali Bennett’s instruction, the military said it would not allow the Palestinians to transfer their products through their land crossing to Jordan, the West Bank’s only direct export route to the outside world.

    The Western-backed Palestinian Authority said Israeli forces at checkpoints blocked vegetable shipments that were in their way to export abroad. AP News Feb 10

  5. “Israeli Blocking of Palestinian Exports to Jordan Shows the Reality of Apartheid”

    The Israeli government blockade on Palestinian agricultural exports through Jordan on Sunday illustrates the Apartheid character of Israeli rule over the Palestinians. Palestinian trucks loaded with produce were stopped by quickly-erected Israeli blast walls and forbidden to head into Jordan.

    The Palestine-Jordan trade in commodities such as vegetables, fruits, olives, olive oil, and dates is worth some $100 million a year.

    The step was ordered by Israeli minister of defense Naftali Bennett, who in that capacity is the chief of the Occupation Army ruling Palestine. His rationale is that the Palestinians on Feb. 2 ceased importing goods from Israel, so this measure is payback.

    The argument fails on a number of grounds, however. Most important, the Palestinian West Bank is under Israeli military occupation, and therefore is governed by the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 and the Hague Regulations of 1907. Full article by Juan Cole at this link

  6. “Since its adoption over 50 years ago, Israel has violated the UN Security Council Resolution [242] by entrenching its occupation of the Palestinian territories through illegal settlements. Today there are 600,000 – 750,000 illegal settlers in the occupied Palestinian territories” Al Jazeera link with background info

  7. This week in Palestine:
    On Sunday the West Bank’s export route was blocked. Trucks full of farm produce were sent back.
    On Monday morning Gaza was again under attack. The Israelis bombed eight sites near Gaza beach, including naval facilities. Link here
    On Tuesday a pre-dawn Israeli airstrike in Gaza killed a senior commander and his wife. Their two children were wounded, as were several others. This sparked retaliatory rocket fire into Israel.
    By Wednesday, seven Palestinians had died and 25 were wounded. 39 Israelis were wounded. Schools were closed on both sides, and non-essential workers were asked to stay home. Public gatherings were banned.
    On Wednesday Egypt stepped in to try and mediate, to de-escalate the situation. Link here

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