Political Caption Competition


“My fellow New Zealanders. I would like to answer all questions about my dodgy donations by self selecting some questions to read out on the Facebook.

“Bev from Ashburton writes, “Dear Winston, how do you keep your suits so crisp and beautiful”.

“Hehehe. Well Bev, much like my donors, I can’t give away my trade secrets.

“Bill from Napier writes, “Dear Winston, I love you.

“Hehehehe. Well Bill, I love you too.

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“And Mike from Auckland writes, “Dear Winston, why did you take photos of journalists and hand them to a far right Right wing attack blog”.

“Lusk, I told you we had to self select these questions, not boast!


  1. And helloo , tooday , we will be bringing to yooou , the new platform -‘the dark web concert fm’.
    we will be playing this first piece of wonderful medley composed byy , myself , accompanied with baritones of oil blog and a symphony of donations with an abundance of notes.
    thankyou. i dooo hoope yooou enjoy.

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