Ummmmmm, so Winston took photos of Journalists and gave them to a far right hate blog???


Fresh from avoiding any actual scrutiny over donations by sidestepping journalists in favour of self-selected questions on the Facebook, Poppa Winston is now taking photos of journalists meeting with former NZ First hierarchy and handing those photos to a far right hate blog like Cameron Slater?

Winston Peters on photos of reporters: ‘We took the photographs’

NZ First Leader Winston Peters has claimed responsibility for photos taken of two journalists and former NZ First president Lester Gray.

The photographs, and a video, were posted on The BFD, a Whale Oil-linked website which has been running stories defending New Zealand First and trying to belittle reporting about the NZ First Foundation donations.

The photos ran with an article criticising the reporting, which both RNZ’s Guyon Espiner and Stuff’s Matt Shand have both been involved in.

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Slater, the merchant of spite?

Slater the diabolical?

Slater the hooven footed one? The Dark Deamon, the Fell Angel? The Hated Beast?

That’s who Winnie is handing photographs of journalists over to?

On what fucking parallel reality is handing photos of journalists involved in uncovering your corruption to a far right hate merchant an acceptable tactic?

Has Winston lost his fucking mind?

You can’t take photos of journalists investigating you and then hand those photos over to a far right hate blog and pretend that’s a legitimate way of countering that investigation.

This is an abuse of power so despicable, so creepy, so desperate that if to was anyone else there would be outrage.

So Labour are forcing those in emergency housing to pay 25% rent?
NZF are handing photos of journalists over to right wing hate blogs?
& the Greens woke identity politics is so alienating it’s making them politically irrelevant?

How did it get to this in less than 3 years?


  1. Then he doubled down by admitting to it on-air, then denying he had anything to do with it, and saying it was the Foundation, not the party.

    So proving himself duplicitous as well as creepy.

  2. Does Slater still have involvement at the BFD?
    Winston is desperate if he has chosen this attack route, the lying just makes him look worse.
    It looks like NZ First is taking the SFO referral seriously enough to settle some straw man questions on Facebook not address the real questions to the public and creepily smear their accusers via the BFD.
    Would an innocent party do that?
    3% and falling.
    I think that if you spend your career lying, eventually there’s no one left to vote for you.

    • As you may well know, I’m not from the left. But there is one thing that I will agree on with many tdb readers is a dislike for Slater and his clan, and their political viewpoints.

      Last election Slater suggested to his audience that they should vote Winston, because he will “keep National honest” and also over some perceived slight that Bill English doesn’t return his phone calls (to that effect). The BFD still has commentators that are praising Winston (yes I read most political blogs from varied agendas) as their saviour, obviously doubling down. But also interesting to note that Slater’s lawyer is ironically Winstons lawyer?

      Reading between the lines, suggests that The BFD runs stories pro Winston to help offset what they owe Winston’s lawyer because of its well known shortage of funds. I maybe p#$&@%#g in the wind, but that’s my perception and they’re welcome to each other.

    • National have been lying it hasn’t effected them keepcalmcarryon or does it depend on who, what, how and when you lie. Or is it all in the timing, it being just before our election.

      • I helped vote the Nats out.
        Labour and the greens have lied over the TPPA, immigration, water, housing etc etc etc
        Winston’s been full of bullshit since forever, a complete lawyer, principles for a price.
        Being non tribal but more of the left, I have both eyes open and I will actively vote against bad government and blatant cynicism by politicians.
        The only punishment we have is to vote bad politicians out and await a remaking of worthless parties until someone actually represents working New Zealanders or even better, all of us.

  3. Jacinda must be grateful she didn’t make the catastrophic error of offering NZFirst an electorate deal!

    Unfortunately she’s still chained to the festering corpses of the Greens and Whinney as they circle the drain. Pass the popcorn it’s going to be brilliant!

  4. Winston has stooped to the same level as the National party. No journalists get close to National unless they bend over to Nationals demands. That is why there are very limited negative pieces on National even through 9 years of dodgy dealings of an appalling government.Sadly Winston has lowered himself to the very standard Bennett holds herself.
    Despite this it is looking like National and its attack dogs are starting early on “cutting out the middleman”They are flawed in their thinking as they forget one thing, I have no doubt NZ First will take Northland given their promotion of the area and Nationals lack of anything meaningful there. This is why Bridges has backtracked on working with Peter’s. Right at the moment 11% preferred PM won’t get you elected. If Bridges had a smidgen of intelligence , he’d resign as the intelligent Andrew Little did for Labour.Bridges ego is massively larger than his IQ so he and he alone will be responsible for Nationals downfall.

    • Winston has always had a bipolar relationship with journalists and news media in general.
      On the one hand he plays up to them, enticing them with tantalising political crumbs (if it worked for John Key, then why the hell shouldn’t it work for him!?),and telling them how they are so vital in our democratic system,
      one of them asks a question that he either can’t answer or it would make him or NZ First look like a donkey if he did answer it.
      And then he tells them what a pack of drongos they are, asking him stupid and irrelevant questions, etc.
      And he nearly always manages to side track the particular question that annoyed him.
      Rob Muldoon did it so much better, because Muldoon didn’t pretend that he ever liked journalists and those who could cope with his contemptuous stare were worthy of a medal for bravery on the battle field.

  5. From that Herald link:
    When RNZ contacted Peters this evening to ask who “we” referred to, Peters said he didn’t know who took the photograph.

    “To say that I said that we physically went and took a photograph, that’s bulldust,” he said.

    Later, Peters tweeted: “NZF has no interest in following Mr Espiner or any other journalists. The very reverse applies. No private investigators have been engaged to follow Mr Espiner or anyone else. A supporter thought it odd seeing ex-president Lester Grey with Mr Espiner so took a photo. Simple.”

    He made no mention of how the pictures came to be on The BFD site.

  6. Well put. This is an abuse of power so despicable, so creepy, so desperate that if to was anyone else there would be outrage.
    Also it is a nail in the coffin of Winston having a basecourse of belief in ethical political systems. Any politician who did would treat anything connected with the Right with huge discretion, and a bargepole. Oh Winny just put up with the queries from the mosquito journalists. If you just said ‘Truth will out – and I hope that it doesn’t show us as having been involved in wrongdoing in the contentious situation of funding a political party.” and stopped there, that would have been wise.

    • Perhaps we should just use the Australian rugby league analogy for teams over the salary cap, disqualify them. At present we have one guilty protagonist as stated by the SFO in National and a second potentially in NZ First. If they are disqualified this election, do you think it would solve the issue around illegal donations?

      • The SFO hasn’t found National guilty of anything. They haven’t even brought charges against them. A court is the place where people are found guilty. The SFO is taking a group of people who donated to National to court which is where their guilt or innocence is decided.

        • You confirm my point, why the witch hunt on Peters? Let the SFO do their jobs, not trial by media and journalist. Yes it was a story when it was first broken, but when it goes on day after day, then it’s a witch hunt. If you don’t believe me then why not the same scrutiny for National’s case. Or do NZ journalists have a different standard for National or are they trying to cut out the middleman by keeping it in the media. Espiner and Peters, there is no love lost there.

  7. Parliament is in free fall because it is now seen as no more than a talk shop defending naked capitalism in terminal decline. Old parties are dying and new parties and coalitions arise in their place.
    Parliamentarians are also in free fall and dirty politics is the norm. All of the fake news shit thrown around is to muddy the waters but that won’t work. The media is mired in this up to its neck. All around the world, new political movements are rising up to replace parliament and the corporate media as the tools of capital.
    The alt right have their stooges in government but they don’t play by the rules anymore. Trumpism shows the way as the Presidency takes on more powers and renders Congress impotent on the road to fascism.
    Boris Johnson is allowing his PM department to openly dictate to the UK treasury. The Labour opposition that capitulates to Zionism and trans ideology will see an end to the Labour Party as a dead end for workers, not before time!
    The right will use whatever means necessary to defend their profiteering against all attempts to stop climate change. The Canadian Govt has just invaded the indigenous resistance to big oil at the Unist’ot’ten Camp. All the big oil states are salivating at the prospects of Arctic oil and gas. And they will resort to space wars to drill to the death of us all.
    All capitalist govts are using identity politics, social patriotism, and the revamping of misogyny to attack women as the defenders of nature to smash the unity and power of the labour movement.
    The power base for the right has never been parliament or voters, but the corporate boards and media and thinktanks. Today it descends to street level populism and fascist gangs, intimidating, deplatforming, and backed up by physical violence.
    The left have to respond with their own organisation to resist the right and its shock troops. We need bigger and better antifascist fighters, a militant labour movement run by the rank and file, and a revival of militant feminism to unite the working class.
    These movements will be the democratic base for a global movement of survival socialism to expropriate capitalism and take power as a democratic workers’ state.
    Survival socialism is the only way to stop human extinction and restore the unity of society and nature.
    We have to kill capitalism before it kills us.

  8. ” How did it get to this in less than 3 years? ”

    It has been going to hell in a handbasket for a long time.

    It is time Winston retired and NZF disbanded.

    Apart from Tracey Martin they have thrown a lot of money at the provinces but are hardly reaping the rewards in terms of healthy support.

    In fact they have less support than the Greens but a lot more influence.

    I used too have a soft spot for Winston’s antics but he is becoming an embarrassment and he holds no credibility at all after saying he would get rid of neoliberalism and the lack of action speaks for itself.

    National and Winston should go into coalition , they deserve each other.

  9. I suspect promoting Winston is not the donation issue that Slater is involved in. Underhand machinations are something that Slater revels in. I believe there is a great deal more going on behind the scenes than anything realises.

  10. And Jacinda is publicly supporting Winnie.
    Tell me where is the ethics in that?
    At very least she should shut her mouth until the results of the investigation.

    • She is trying to keep her mouth shut but National party journalists are like a dog with a bone.Now we have Bennett asking for an audience to attack Ardern . Maybe Bennett can reflect on her own ethics when naming and shaming beneficiaries and stating she would do it all again in a heartbeat. Bennett the hypocritical bitch whose never played with a straight bat her entire life.

      • Pully has to keep giving a few excited little squeaks here and there as she waits for Simo to stumble and crumble… Waiting… waiting…

  11. ‘Schadenfreude’
    What a vile thing. Therefore it’s with no small amount of guilt that I’m greatly enjoying feeling it.
    “Schadenfreude is the experience of pleasure, joy, or self-satisfaction that comes from learning of or witnessing the troubles, failures, or humiliation of another.”

    I’d be confident to write that our politics stopped being OUR politics with the death of Norman Kirk.
    Once a brilliant, humane, and human-being person that Kirk was, was out of the way his death left him no choice but to not be able to lock the back door to our beautiful AO/NZ. Then? In the dead of the darkness of an enduring and manufactured ignorance the Filth slithered in….
    Certainly, since the mid 1980’s, we’ve had no politics of our own. What we’ve had instead are vultures circling over the dead lives left in the wake of a terrible feasting of greed and the consequential corruptions of dubiously self-legitimised criminalities. ( Is that no so, ministry of justice where only the rich and well connected can seek justice?)
    winston peters is, in my personal opinion, the traitor who left the back door ajar then ran defence for all those who came and went with our stuff, things and our time spent on this Earth to leave, in their wake, a financial and spiritual waste land instead of an extraordinary few islands populated by avant-garde creatives living deeply envious lives.
    Watch this if you have the stomach for it.
    This, is what we lost. This and 40 years of privileged living in our Paradise.
    David Frost interviewed Norman Kirk back in 1973.
    It was then that we AO/NZ’ers got the faintest wiff of just how well we could have done.
    AO/NZ had one of the highest standards of living in the world. ( Third highest, I think. ) and a balance of payments credit of $500 million dollars. Is that correct?

    Remember? We have no politics. Because we have no regulatory brakes on the corrupt greed of foreign banksters. We have a population that’s been designed by an all bought and paid for msm to be entirely ignorant of the basic need for our society to be united in all respects.
    We have a demonised and consequently suiciding primary industry who make our foods yet are in free fall financially and when it’s convenient are thrown to bankster wolves.
    winston peters is, in my opinion, a withered, pint sized, pin striped tip of a nasty, odious shitberg of lies and swindles.
    A solution? While I’m on an arrogant and condescending roll?
    The Green Party is the solution to our political cluster fuck.
    But first ! Get rid of james shaw. Now. Today.
    Then? Go rural. That, after all, is where it’s greenest. That’s where our money is and that’s where are foods are farmed.
    Beg Metria Turei to come back to co-lead The Green Party with Chloe Swarbrick.
    Farmers? Fuck off! Grow up. You’re beloved natzo’s are, in fact, your worst enemies. They, are the ones who sell you out to the foreign banksters who then force you to over capitalise which lead you to try to over-produce on land which should be farmed at 30% BELOW median capacity, or you will fuck your aforementioned land as can be seen with Dairy.
    You think Labour? Give me a fucking break. That, was the party which injected the neoliberals into our bloodstream. You really think the neoliberals are going to de-parasitise the Labour Party? Really? Honestly? After what they did?
    You really think the neoliberals want to see a strong workers party thrive? After they crippled the trade unions and deamonized farmers to pinch all our worker-taxes built stuff and things…? Really? Truly? You really want to believe that?
    Look? I have this bridge to sell you. It’s a good one too. And will be cheap-as. My mum needs an operation. She’s dead at the moment so it’s kind of urgent… She tried to suicide but changed her mind. Just as well then that the cancer go her at 71. The bridge in question connects the Auckland CBD with Devonport and the North Shore. I can let you have it for a one-off payment of, say, five million dollars? Cash. You’d make that back in a month if you slap a toll booth on at either end. ( That’s only 10% of the value of graham heart’s NYC apartment. graham heart? Was sold the government printing office for LESS than capital value? )
    Call me? + 234 555 555. A nice Nigerian fellow will take your details and will give you our bank account details but you’d better hurry? This deal won’t last long.

  12. Would these be the same people calling themselves journalists, who have conveniently forgotten about one of the few people worthy of the name, dying in a pommie prison???

  13. It’s all such a storm in a teacup, really. I wouldn’t vote NZFirst if you paid me, but I do understand Winston Peters is who he is and as long as public funding of political organisations is insufficient, he is always going to have to pull a few Winston strokes to stay competitive.

    It’s not as if the other mobs haven’t done the same. I seem to remember a few election cycles back Natz got caught running a mysterious ‘foundation’ that was taking a few big cheques, knocking those BRIBES er sorry donations down to trances of smaller less noticeable amounts as anonymous donations.
    Peters has really pissed me off blocking so much the government needs to get done, but considering the neoliberal stance Aotearoa’s PM has on everything, I’m increasingly coming to regard Peters as a scapegoat so Ardern doesn’t have to keep the promises Labour made before the last election.

    For more than 150 years our political parties have knowingly given senior positions to agents of influence from England, US, Australia & China, a far more important issue yet no one wants to address that comprehensively by introducing long prison terms for any MP caught unofficially communicating with a foreign goverment or its representative.

    That issue degrades kiwi sovereignty, this one here is a reflection on the stupidity of Aotearoa’s business class, who are so naive they imagine Winston Peters will do their bidding for a mere thirty grand or whatever. Think about it, is Peters who only ever does something that is good for others as long as it is extremely good for himself, ever likely to enter into a corrupt arrangement with someone who could dob him in or lean on him forever afterward?
    Nah! Peters will take the dosh employing his flowery cliches, then do whatever he can to avoid assisting the donor beyond the basics – which is why Peters has to find new ‘marks’ every election.
    IMO the maximum donation should be aligned with the average kiwi wage; no one an individual or a corporate entity, can give more than what average kiwi takes home for one week’s work each electoral cycle – as well as keeping the highly censored facebook ads ( yep too true FB favors 1 particular dem candidate & censors any criticism of him see: ) down to a minimum, it will also have a positive effect on everyone’s take home pay.
    Why do we care about a rightist totally unobjective gossip-monger of a journo getting a little payback visited on him? We should all be chortling, not whining.

    • The racing and fishing industries have done AMAAAZINGLY well out of Whinney. The smaller the party the more chump change matters. Enabled of course by Cindy and The Greens. It’s been literally ages since The Greens have asked for an inquiry into anything… yep it’s all gone quiet over there. Nek minit!

      • And Charter schools did AMAAAZINGLY well out of Seymour, enabled of course by the ponytail puller.
        The numbers employed by the racing and fishing industries can not be diminished in any way shape or form, although National almost allowed the racing industry to die a slow death whilst in power.
        Racing is a sport that employs directly and indirectly more than 50,000 people, it has an economic impact of $1.6 billion a year and it has a major reach right across the North and South Island – and the export opportunity not only for horses but for people to go and explore the world.
        The comment on the Greens and an inquiry just highlights your immaturity.

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