Jacinda’s “We’re fixing what you broke” attack line far better than Simon’s “stop making excuses” attack line


So Jacinda and Simon clashed in Parliament yesterday and we got to see how their peer reviewed attack lines played out and extrapolate from how they are insulting each other what they are trying to spin to the watching voters

Simon’s attack lines are “stop making excuses”, and all focused on Labour not being able to deliver.

It’s a stock standard attack line used against a naive Government who promised transformation but didn’t have a transformative 100 day plan to force change in the neoliberal public service.

There’s enough ‘yeah but’ room there to forgive a one term Labour led Government so this attack line is pretty weak sauce. It appeals to fuckwits who think turning magazines and books with the Prime Minister on the front cover around is a clever act of political activism. For these ruddy faced miscreants however, any denigration would be exciting so this is just base filler stuff, not swing voter bait.

Jacinda’s counter punch however was devastating and shows how limited Simon’s wins with this ‘she’s not delivering’ line is going to be.

“We’re fixing what you broke” reminds everyone National were in power for 9 years and the damage they caused our public and social infrastructure was enormous. It takes at least 2 term to fix National’s decade of abuse.

People get that and are willing to give Jacinda the benefit of the doubt.

Simon was very good on the TV shows earlier this week and was very good on the hoof with his attack lines, but the Parliament show down was up against Jacinda and in that match off, Mr Bridges looked petulant and sulky.

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If he gets beaten up like that in the debates by her, this election might not be as close as we are fearing.


    • “We’re fixing what you broke” attack line far better than Simon’s “stop making excuses”

      And simion Broken bridges also said in every breath, “we will fix it by building more roads”

      Didn’t we hear Simion Broken Bridges also use that same line when he begun his political show in Northland when he tried to get rid of Winston Peters in the 2015 byelection?


      I believe then Simion Broken Bridges” said “if elected we will build 10 new bridges”

    • Simple question then, why is nearly every indicator (childhood poverty, people seeking housing assistance etc) getting worse?

      Labour isn’t fixing anything but are worsening key factors. But hey who cares, the middle class bourgeoisie families can send little Johnny and Jenny to university for free for the first year.

      • Well first of all I’d like to thank Twitter for creating s caricature of the left that the-leader-of-the-opposition can assault off being virtuous and annoying.

        As long as you, BG strawman in broad general terms we can ask well what are you trying to smuggle in?

        • Sam, I didn’t understand a single word of your reply, but I would like to hear your answer to BG’s simple question.

            • Well, BG is right. Labour won’t fix anything until it addresses basic benefit rates. At least, however, there’s faint hope that Labour can be convinced to do that, whereas you’re flogging dead horse with Bridges and co.

          • You should give The Labour Party 2 ticks this election because it’s the only way to send a clear message to the government that the public takes reducing poverty seriously.

      • Honesty at last. The nine years bullshit is always used when they need a diversion for achieving little. How many years would it take to put some real meaningful resources into mental health. Just one of dozens of “ I’m gunna but haven’t.

        • Too bad the same yardstick of ‘ honesty’ wasn’t applied to John Keys tax havens which the IMF warned us about… or running a Dirty Politics program out of his own office,… tell us again?

          Where is Jason Eade now?

          Or maybe we could just roll out Blips ‘Big fat lies of John Key all over again for your edification? Like to see you get all smarmy trying tor refute and justify all of that… it’d sink your boat so fast we wouldn’t even have time to throw you a life jacket.

      • What is the truth behind those child poverty indicators?

        The most recent figures, released in 2019, were from data covering July 2017 to June 2018. That period included a change of government, and not much time for new policy to take effect. Robertson’s first budget was announced less than 2 months before the end of this period.

        Figures for July 2018 to June 2019 will be released this year, and will perhaps give a fairer reflection on the performance of this government. Who knows, the child poverty indicators may actually be worse this time round. But the narrative that the whole term of this government can be judged on the 2017-18 stats, is premature and disingenuous.

        • Seen the latest poll results seem that a lot of people have found the news that this COL is taking the country nowhere and those at the bottom are getting even less than 2 years ago

      • The university free for a first year is a universal policy, who cries the most when targeted policy is implemented? And now we have all these immigrants some who have been here for 5 minutes just another group to add to the sooky bubbies brigade. Hence why the coalition have been ploughing money into mainstream and universal policy.
        I think the budget needs to be big a big spend up investing in all NZers with a bit of an emphasis on the poor and those who need it most.

  1. ” It takes at least 2 terms to fix National’s decade of abuse ”

    And it will take decades too correct both parties subservience too the free market ideology that permeates every facet of our economy and public service.

    Time is not on our side.

    • We still have not fixed the damage done by roger douglas. Structural damage is very expensive to fix and takes a determined group in Govt to attempt it Corporate taxes have to be raised.

      The damage done by NACT in their last term will create further poverty for years to come.
      Privatisation works that way. john key was another plant with a mission to extract wealth from common people and transfer it to multinational investors and bankers.

      Housing crisis created by importation of cheap labour, excessive immigrants with numbers far beyond what our housing and infrastructure can tolerate, off shore speculation driving up house prices so filling bankers pockets: but all leading to higher rents and growing poverty.

  2. It wont be close, … Labour, Greens and NZ First will be returned.

    I suspect a drumming as the ChiNational party just has no traction when viewed in light of 9 years of the social, economical and ( Dirty Politics ) political abuse they presided over . They had their chance, they blew it. So much so, that once the heat amped up , even John Key dodged a political bullet and left, – as did the long ( and self ) serving Double Dipper from Dipton, Bill English.

    If it takes 9 years of free market neo liberal ideology to have created such destruction , why do we have the notion it will take anything less than 3 terms to rectify it?

    There is a long, long way to go to repair the damage caused by National.

    Part of which is going to be the replacement of neo liberal ‘rear guards’ left in place in govt depts by National.This is a delicate matter simply because of current labor laws, that these hypocrites will be hiding behind. We should , therefore, take a leaf from their own favorite neo liberal handbook and put them on performance trials. Rewrite their contracts so that if they do not come up to the standards of THIS governments requirements , – they are simply DOWN THE ROAD.

    The choice then will be theirs, either comply or be replaced.

  3. “We’re fixing what you broke” only resonates with the far left. Most new Zealanders are fairly content with the countries direction over the last decades.

    Attacking this governments competence on the other hand is like shooting fish in a barrel. Bradbury does it all the time. Just over the last week we’ve had the Concert FM fiasco and Winston First tangoing with the SFO. Yesterday Cindy claimed there could be no corrupt NZFirst influence over the racing industry policy decisions because they were scrutinised by Labour and The Greens but her own coalition agreement states that Labour must “Support New Zealand First’s Racing policy”.

    These are the failings that sway undecided voters or cause a low turnout of your base.

  4. It kinda tells you Labour are fuck’d! If thats all they can come up with 3 years on and in an election year, they deserve to fuck right off!

    How about building some State Houses!

    How about spunking billions on our fuck’d up Health System!

    How about fixing the Education System, building, quality of education, and dumping student loans!

    How about letting the private sector get on with it without subsidies!

    It aint hard when you break it down into pieces.

    • How’s Simon’s democracy for sale to the highest bidder going?
      Guess we’ll hear once the SFO completes it’s investigation. Simon will geting instructions from head office in how to deal with fallout when it happens. The phone must be running hot in Beijing

    • Don’t worry your mate Soymoan is promising he is going fix all that and more this time . Trust the record. You’ll be right.

  5. We’er still trying to fix the legacy of messes left by the previous National government of a dysfunctional building industry and the resulting leaky buildings

  6. Simon looks like a intellectual featherweight when up against our Rockstar Prime Minister.
    He is a relevant as a fart in the wind

  7. Not only is Simon desperately fabricating a lie, but no-one in parliament seems to be calling him on it and worse, the media, this time Newsroom! – is perpetuating that lie by also failing to note that it is untrue.

    Newsroom wrote: “Simon Bridges responded to the Prime Minister’s speech by describing her leadership occupancy as “three years…” Linked here

    Three years ago there was no mention of Jacinda as being P.M, that I’m aware of. What “three years of leadership” are they talking about?

    To get to the truth of anything Simo says, I think you need to turn it upside down, inside out and back to front. Meaning, the opposite is true. What Jacinda has achieved in taking on this leadership role, and being here as our PM through all that has happened in a rather intense two and a bit years, is remarkable.

    • the remarkable think is that they the COL can have promised so much and delivered so little to those that need help.

  8. In the photo above it again looks like Simon Bridges is doing an ideal Copy and Paste from America with the Donald Trump Pout.
    What is it about National that they MUST ALWAYS copy and paste whatever comes from their beloved America????!!!!!!
    Simon Bridges is hardly, if ever, of ‘leadership material’ for the NZ National Party. And every time he opens his mouth to speak of anything he does sound like a mad dog barking at a passing car or a dog out of pure boredom barking at anything and everything eg a duck flying over-head.
    The National government were in for 9 years and they caused more damage than good. Perhaps the ONLY good National did were to the wealthy and especially those who donated to the NZ National Party in return for Instant Kiwi citizenship.
    I cannot trust National anymore. They have cooked their goose and I just don’t have time for them.
    Out of all this however I am so glad someone invented the TV remote control because every time Simon Bridges, Paula Bennett, Judith Collins etc appear I just reach for the remote control and instant quietness from their Insane comments.

  9. I am very surprised that it took so long for the labour party to come back with this riposte.
    Maybe they were keeping their powder dry until they could see the whites of the enemies eyes.
    It must be an election year!

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