Malcolm Evans – The Sir Bob Jones Defence


Malcolm Evans – The Sir Bob Jones Defence


  1. I am now happy with Sir Bob maybe he has realised many things have changed her in our country. He has been living in Aus for a long time. And we don’t need this in our country at a time like this, its hurtful and divisive just like the election is going to be.

  2. For goodness sake folks – Bob Jones has been stirring for as long as I can remember. I remember as a teenage surfer in the Wairarapa walking past with my mates the opening of the disastrous Centrepoint building that he built in Masterton in the 70’s – he invited us in, a bunch of long haired larrikins, to liven the show up. He ain’t no racist.

    • One mans version of stirring the pot is another mans version of racist speech it seems. Because he’s been doing it for so long only makes it more hurtful, for some it just proves he been racist for a long time. Not sure what race long haired larrikins are for you to use as an example of him not being racist

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