GUEST BLOG: Bryan Bruce – Brian Tamaki’s Self- Serving Theology Of Hate


Tamaki’s speech at Waitangi this year where he described immigrants as “parasites” and “termites” betrays yet more of his self-serving version of Christianity. It unashamedly flies in the face of the message of love and tolerance that, as I understand it, most people who call themselves Christians proclaim as the guiding principle of their lives.

Instead Tamati preaches a theology of hate and prejudice especially towards immigrants and particularly if they are of the Muslim faith.

In his speech he also conveniently tangled the issues of overseas ownership with immigration together in a messy rhetoric that ignores the facts of immigration.

If you watch my documentary Who Owns New Zealand Now? ( just Google it ) you will see I carefully researched the question of immigration and supplied the FACTS , as provided to me under OIA by Statistics New Zealand and Land Information ,which reveal that immigrants who come to our country with little money actually , in their lifetime , contribute hugely to the New Zealand economy.

The ones who contribute very little to things like job growth and GDP are the very rich immigrants who buy their way into our country by promising to invest $10million for at least 5 years. They get given a golden visa free pass by our government.( So the rich get to enter our paradise if not the Kingdom of Heaven.)

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The research shows many of these rich new arrivals buy government bonds which of course is not entrepreneurial investment . The buy-a-visa scheme does not encourage these wealthy migrants to use their business skills to create new businesses and jobs in our country. Instead, many of these rich immigrants maintain their businesses in their country of origin and use NZ as their base.

For this reason other countries , such as Australia and the UK, have dropped their rich person’s golden visa schemes because granting an immediate residency visas to the world’s wealthy has not significantly boosted their economies. Just as our golden visa scheme has not worked here in NZ as both National and Labour governments might have hoped.

The other problem New Zealand shares with other nations is the problem of the detrimental effect the sudden influx of a huge amount of foreign capital can have on a local economy . The ethnicity of such a giant wave of new capital from outside an economy doesn’t matter, it’s the unregulated quantity of it that causes the local damage.

In New Zealand there have been several such foreign capital tsunami waves that have caused immediate damage rather than anticipated benefit to the majority of people living in our local economy. The first giant wave was British money, then it was American money, then Japanese money . Today it’s Chinese money. It’s the amount of foreign capital that causes the problem – not the ethnicity of it.

So the issue of Immigration and Foreign Ownership are quite separate and we need to think them through with intelligence and compassion. Not stupidity and hate.

Put simply, it is my view that people who live overseas and want to invest in business enterprises in our country should only be able to lease land – not buy it.

If you come to New Zealand and you want to work and pay your taxes here then I see no problem with you purchasing land from a willing seller.

You shouldn’t be able to buy your right to stay in our country because that’s as manipulative and exploitative as being a foreign owner.

It seems to me that regulation which guards again the exploitation of the many by the few should be one of our guiding principles when deciding our policies on foreign investment and immigration. Not the populist right wing self -serving rhetoric of people who avoid paying tax .

Bryan Bruce is one of NZs most respected documentary makers and public intellectuals who has tirelessly exposed NZs neoliberal economic settings as the main cause for social issues.


  1. I guess materialism is just a basic human trait.
    Humans are not the only animals that are materialistic but they are more dangerous because only they have the desire to be greedy and the capability to satisfy that greed – at the expense of the planet and their fellow humans.
    It seems to me that the immigration wave works mostly on two levels.
    One is the rich immigrants who buy their way in – purchasing large and beautiful sites around NZ as bolt holes or buying up successful NZ businesses and sending profits out of NZ.
    And then there are the poorer immigrants – mainly from Asia – who come in hoping for a better life than they could ever realise back home. Some do find a better life – but find it is a lot harder to achieve than what their “agents” promised.
    These are the people who do the jobs no-one else wants to do here: work in Takeaway bars, drive the buses, pick fruit, etc – very often at minimum or sub-minimum wages.
    It is in the political right’s interests to keep this second class of immigrant rolling in: they help keep wages down in this country, they do not join unions, attempt to bargain for their wages or conditions and do what they are told.
    They help to keep the system that allows church-going middle-class John and Jenny Smith to be able to shop 24 hours a day, and get their chicken fried rice as cheap as possible, and feel superior to all others.
    Tamaki a Christian?
    In my experience, most of the people who profess to be Christian are nothing like what Jesus wanted them to be, and most of the real and true Christians are almost invisible until someone needs them – and then they are there, not spoiling themselves in their Pauanui Beach mansions.

  2. As per the ‘New Testament’, the alleged J.C. only ever ‘preached’ out in Nature – never in the Temple. I used to read of attendees throwing money on the floor of the “Destiny” church. At least $5000 of that $$ was used by Hannah Tamaki to buy herself a ring for one of her fingers. These people are NOT Christians! They are part of the community of “The Entitled”! There are numerous examples in the N.T. re how to live a Christian life. AFAIC, it’s simple: Treat others only as I wish to be treated (a maxim that basically includes all Life – slugs & snails excepted – gardener writing & ex-Presbyterian). My maxim is not easy to achieve, but it’s substantially possible.

  3. While I find Tamaki’s remarks distasteful, lets remember that apparently it’s fine to insult many others in NZ on the basis of their age, race, employment status and gender and just as likely from the left politicians as the right ones and plenty of anti white, male, employment status or unemployment status denigrations on TDB!

    It’s called freedom of speech.

    And if you want to denigrate groups based on identity which is very popular in NZ right now, aka whites, boomers, Maori, unemployed, employed etc then you can denigrate migrants too…

    New Zealand needs migrants as some Kiwis are lazy and on drugs, says PM
    John Key says immigrant workers needed because some unemployed lack strong work ethic while others ‘won’t pass a drug test’

    Multicultural Council of Rangitikei and Wanganui president Pushpa Prasad who thinks land should be made available for refugees not Maori…

    “Multicultural Council of Rangitikei and Wanganui president Pushpa Prasad said Māori should work on helping themselves get out of poverty rather than worrying about a small number of refugees.

    “We are chucking money in a leaky bucket or in a bottomless pit,” she said. “Never mind how much you dump in there it still won’t be enough unless people stand up by themselves and go and start fixing things for themselves or looking after themselves.”

    Or Melissa Lee who thinks that we should not have got the water view tunnel because criminals from South Auckland might come and rob her house.

    Saw this blog.

    “I’m stuck with being a bloke, just as I’m stuck with my skin colour and my inexorably advancing age. Yet I, and others like me, now find ourselves regularly being pilloried for having the temerity to express an opinion about things. It seems we’re expected to shut up.

    Let’s unpick that phrase “male, pale and stale”. The first thing you notice is that it explicitly criticises people on the basis of their skin colour.

    Ah, but that’s okay, because we’re white. And as I heard a moronic talkback host assert recently, only minority groups – i.e. non-whites – can be subject to racism.

    You can forget all that warm, inclusive talk on the Left about celebrating diversity. The embrace of diversity mysteriously stops short of ageing white blokes. We’re the one demographic cohort against whom it’s permissible – in fact fashionable – to display undisguised and often venomous bigotry.”

    Thats the face of diversity and identity based talk in NZ! Like it or hate it.

  4. The Destiny cult is a dangerous organisation.
    The chief parasite is Brian Tamati who uses peer pressure and fear to extract money from poor people each week to bolster his families lavish lifestyle and property empire.
    His “flock” have to chant praise every time he speaks. That is sick as is Tamati and his brutish cohorts.

    • Tamiti will align himself with National. I wonder what the church thinks of that . Oh thats right, he is the church so they will be commanded to vote right. Then he can place his program in the prison s and his new business will thrive.

  5. Also judging by the amount of longstanding companies going under in NZ, often to be sold overseas, something has clearly gone wrong with NZ’s immigration strategy and key industries that seem to be destorying local companies and wealth not creating it. Not sure about this ‘hard working’ low paid worker discourse, maybe 30 years ago it was true, does not seem to be accurate today.

    Another local company bites the dust today, to be sold off.

    Receivers have been appointed to six fruit processing companies after its parent company, Sunfruit, went into voluntary administration.The Sunfruit Group currently employs approximately 230 people across the Waikato and Hawke’s Bay regions.

    Plenty of new migrants are profiting… (can someone call a human slaver (if convicted) a parasite or is that against woke sensibilities?)

    Trial for New Zealand’s first slavery and human trafficking case underway in Napier

    (note to RNZ journo, not NZ first human trafficking case…)
    New Zealand’s First Human Trafficking Conviction

    Barrister linked to New Zealand’s first human trafficking convictions found guilty of fraud

    Kasmeer Lata was sentenced yesterday in the High Court at Auckland to six years and 11 months imprisonment for dealing in slaves and receiving earnings from commercial sexual services from an underage person.

    Auckland sweet shop owners jailed for exploiting workers

    22 restaurants, 120 staff – and now a $40,000 fine

    Auckland building boss charged with fraud after investigation into illegal labour

    Human trafficking in NZ likely thanks to Chinese immigrants – expert

    Exposed: The dark underbelly of human trafficking in New Zealand

    (Surely not, human trafficking in NZ, shock, horror!)

  6. The two women who made the nasty comments aren’t white though and they both have a bloody cheek as for Pushy par pra sad her comments make a mockery of the organisation she was working for and should no longer be working for as her comments don’t fit with their objectives. And I rang up and complained about her comments. But as a Maori women I think their comments make them both unfit for the jobs they once held and hopefully as mentioned don’t hold anymore. Go read the objectives for the Multi cultural council of Rangitikei she poo pooed on them.

  7. Awww… and the little man’s given himself five whole stars. He’s a wee self appointed five star nobody.
    tamaki’s about as christian as my scrotum.
    Why does he drag parasites and termites into his arguments by the way? What have they ever done to him? Clearly, not enough.
    And have you noticed? That just when you realize that tamaki’s either nuts or cunning enough to use the fear of a god to turn over ‘good coin’ there are those others who dote on him and cradle his every word to their cowardly bosoms.
    Here’s an idea? How about we export the likes of tamaki and his moronic cultist followers and import refugees?
    We can start with Balclutha? Please?

    • Now that you mention your scrotum @ Countryboy, it reminds me of Tamaki and a few of his disciples’ hypocrisy.
      I recall walking down Featherston Street near where it intersects with Lambton Quay with some IT people, a couple of whom were of a fluid sexuality, around the time of the MTS ‘establishment board’.
      Coming in the other direction, Tamaki’s blackshirts were marching northward.
      A couple of the IT crew were mentioning who in the march they’d ‘had’. Obviously the gay conversion therapy hadn’t worked

  8. I don’t have much time for the tar- mikis but them forming a political party that will probably only last this election will spice up the fight for every ones votes. Since soimon went home with his tail between his legs from Waitangi like a wounded lamb he does not deserve any Maori votes.

  9. I was bought up in a belief system that I will call a cult. It’s an American import and one that has been here in NZ for many many years.
    I found its elders to be hypocrites because they had their hands out for donations from our parents but then turned around and criticised us whenever they could.
    The Tamakis are hypocrites through and through. They receive more money from their followers/the congregation than most of those in the congregation expect to make a year or even a lifetime.
    Brian Tamaki follows a darker entity than his proclaimed love of God(the Great Spirit).

    • Another Pentecostal money well. They are all run on fear and promises along with peer pressure and retribution. Prison programmes , yes Tamati should be behind bars.

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