Simon Bridges astounding anti-Semitism hypocrisy & The Spinoff’s latest smear against Labour



Simon Bridges questions if anti-Semitism behind New Zealand’s absence from Holocaust memorial

Simon Bridges is questioning if anti-Semitism is behind the Government failing to send a senior representative to a high-profile Holocaust memorial in Israel.

The Yad Vashem Holocaust Remembrance Centre in Jerusalem held the World Holocaust Forum last week to mark 75 years since the liberation of the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz – but no New Zealand officials attended.

Bridges, leader of the Opposition, said he would “like to be generous and say it’s incompetence” that led to the Government’s failure to send someone – but he said he couldn’t help but notice a rise in global anti-Semitism.

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And yet the mainstream media mention none of that as they allow Simon room to start his latest smear on Jacinda.

Corbyn was crippled by the anti-Semitism smear, and as the 2020 election gears up – here’s the Spinoff seeding ‘the left are anti-semites’ mantra that killed Corbyn – it’s a refreshing change from false rape complaints I suppose.

There is no anti-Semitism on the Left in NZ, there is righteous condemnation of the appalling brutality and racist treatment of the Palestinian people, but not a vile hatred of Israelis. National don’t care of course because it’s election season and despite their own meeting with Nazi apologists and their promotion of a UN conspiracy that influenced a white supremacist terrorist, they are happy to smear Labour falsely.

If this is the sort of shit National have in store for the election, you can see why they refuse to sign up to Facebook transparency.

The truly offensive bit of this is how the Media are allowing National to get away with it.




    • I don’t know why everybody’s favourite whinging fat cunt, Brownlee, didn’t go himself Trev, since he was as excited as you are about this latest non-event.

      • If you had checked the story out you would know it was by invite only. Due to poor management by the Minister Peters we had Noone to send that fitted their criteria.

        • well then may be Israel should get over itself and learn about how this country and others operate! Seriously this is a storm in a tea cup. Can’t see anyone from National getting hau ha about no government rep at Parihaka commemorations . Same shit different bucket Trevor.

          • In the words of Kevin Bloody Wilson in the song ‘Mick , me master blaster farter…’

            ”You’re pretty f@ckin good !”

            Seriously , so many bulls-eyes and direct hits, Shona…

            Keep it up.

            Lovin’ it.

          • Whys that ?… mallard might fly the coop?

            Seriously folks, its like Shona says – ‘ a storm in a teacup’

            The sort of teacup John Key used to crucify a news reporter and threaten the journalist in this country at one time. Thank goodness we got rid of that fascist too.

    • What is there not to understand about the Ministry getting an invitation In September and not passing it onto the Minister until January.

      • But an invitation was received and Trevor Mallard was scheduled to go! Who was not prepared to provide security and why? Nothing to do with the NZ Government. Sinful Sennitt has been advised of this but continues to harp on with his/her same old disingenuous line. A latter day Whale Oil in the making?

    • @ Trevor. Why didn’t the National govt send a representative in 2010 and 2015?
      Speaker Trevor Mallard was happy to attend but the organisers said no.
      “New Zealand would instead send its ambassador to Poland, Mary Thurston to the Auschwitz-Birkenau commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the camp in Poland. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will be speaking on United Nations International Holocaust Remembrance Day at commemorations in Auckland on 27 January. “So we have, in that context, upped our representation,”

  1. Firstly it’s just a meme. It’s not like The Leader of the opposition spent a lot of time smuggling in a Nazi circle jerk into his election campaign. It’s just the natural environment for any Leader of The National Party.

  2. Muldoon did this with reds under the beds.
    Bridges is just as corrupt.
    Supports the far right, along with Chinese domination

  3. Why should NZ send a representative. We are not a part of the Israeli narrative.

    The slaughter within our shores associated with corrupt colonial powers stealing land decimating an indigenous population is what we should be recognising.

    From overseas NZ has a large representation of Irish whose ancestors suffered under English exploitation, slavery and starvation for over 600 years.

  4. The Spinoff article is a historical one and relevant to the remembrance and not part of any campaign to slur the left.

    My own suspicion is that the graffiti in Wellington was a false flag and to maximise embarrassment to the
    government over not having anyone at the global event in Jerusalem.

    A bit like the supposed threat to Tiger Woods (also likely a false flag) back in 2002 (when police interviewed many who had criticisms of American government foreign policy – as if that made them legitimate suspects. Those who criticise American government policy profiled as anti-American, then seen as a threat to the lives of Americans and put under police watch around the world). An irony when one such critic Barack Obame (one of the very few who opposed the regime change in Iraq) become their Commander in Chief – going along with criminal stupidity is not patriotism.

    If so those who criticise Israel policy are then profiled as anti-Israeli and a threat to the lives of Jews around the world and placed under police watch on the grounds of preventing crimes by “known” antisemites. Well it was how NZ Police operated back in 2002. Hopefully they are not so naive these days.

  5. NZ was represented by our ambassador to Poland.
    Israel asked for our head of state to represent us. Our head of state is the Queen.
    She wasn’t available.
    The Government offered to send our speaker as our representative.
    Israel said no.
    Perhaps Israel should familiarize itself with our democratic structure.
    Big ask for a nation that insists it is populated by God’s chosen people.

    • Keep it coming, Shona !

      And here was I thinking our ‘ head of state ‘ was our PM. I’ve learnt something. And I’ve also learnt that the speaker of our house was not acceptable to Israel’s memorial service. Which begs the question WHY ?

      Is he considered inferior? a mere ‘ colonial?’ , a peasant from a back waters no account country?… though it must be said,… not that backwaters that they didn’t see fit to plant their spy’s here during the Christchurch earthquake…

      Mossad, anyone?

      American interests, do I hear?

      Nuclear bomb deals , perhaps?

      Oil fields , even ?

      Or just plain old dual American / Israel hegemony in the interests of western domination of energy / industrial/ military preeminence?

      Makes ya wonder especially with an old hick like me…

      Rye grass makes good stalks to chew on so I hear.

      • American interests, do I hear? Nuclear bomb deals , perhaps?

        We (AO/NZ) have recently become a step-off point for their military satellite surveillance ops, and a potential launch pad for testing space weaponry.

        Which means we’re at risk of becoming a target country in any future war, something we had managed to avoid until now.


    • He couldn’t even hold his own shoelaces to account.

      He’s the best thing this COL ever had as leader of the opposition.

      And a source of constant humour to New Zealanders as well.

      • He’s the best thing this COL ever had as leader of the opposition.

        If his popularity no.s don’t rise sufficiently, I still reckon they’ll try the old last minute switcheroo, with a super-glossed up and promo’d Bennett as their ‘surprise’ would-be pm… (for some reason she appeals to many of the wokeys)

        • Yeah…. Bennett who tried to slam people in hotels and in-debt them up to their eyeballs, Bennett who ran around trying to smear the good work the Salvation Army does,- who then distanced themselves from her…and Bennett who smeared two private citizens by publicly disclosing their personal details despite our privacy laws…

          You know what?

          I reckon Bennett would be a far better choice for the COL than Bridges for political mileage…

          A lot more fun as we watch the rotten barge which s National finally get shipwrecked.

          I think that’s why they never made her ,leader…. one can only hope though…

          Please , oh please let Bennett be leader….please !

  6. These present attacks on Labour in NZ resemble an emerging line of attack on Sanders in the US, uncovered by FAIR (Fairness in Accuracy and Reporting). In both situations the attackers in the media use contortions of reason and distortion of facts to paint an untrue picture. In the US, Bernie is being painted over as “sort of like Trump”.

    It began last April:
    The trope received its earliest notable rehabilitation in April, when Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank (4/2/19) announced “Bernie Sanders’s emergence as the Donald Trump of the left.” Both have “a flair for demagoguery,” Milbank declared. He accused Sanders of sporting “the angry, unbending politics of Trumpism” and filling his speeches with “Trumpian flourishes”

    Other journos followed suit, and so it goes. corporate-media-equate-sanders-to-trump-because-for-them-sanders-is-the-bigger-threat

  7. The Latrine Rodent Party and their extremely busy online trolls are desperate to get any traction they can against the Government at any cost. Truth is 100% irrelevant to them. All that matters is “scoring hits”. Is that the sort of vile and reprehensible Government NZ needs? More and more people are saying NO.

    The sooner Bridges and Bennett are sent into political oblivion, the better off our beautiful country will be.

  8. I recall our Pm john not attending an event instead he went to his sons basketball game. As for the shit stirring about not attending the holocaust event we made the ultimate sacrifice many of our forefathers did not come home and the ones that did were damaged. And if you were Maori you were treated like shit.

    • I recall our Pm john not attending an event instead he went to his sons basketball game.
      I think it was baseball but … bloody hell! It was a freaking game!! Tiddlywinks.

      Yep. Where is the outrage from the Nats on that one? Simon? Anyone?

    • As for the shit stirring about not attending the holocaust event we made the ultimate sacrifice many of our forefathers did not come home and the ones that did were damaged. And if you were Maori you were treated like shit.

      All true.

      • As for the shit stirring about not attending the holocaust event we made the ultimate sacrifice many of our forefathers did not come home and the ones that did were damaged.

        What Michelle has written there has set light bulbs zapping on in my mind. It is so true. Why are we as a nation having some sort of guilt trip thrown at us, or attempted to be, when we leaped into wars on the other side of the world to help others fight off their oppressors?

        And some of us have continued to live with that grief and loss from those past wars, …loss to and of our families, their lives, and their loss of material/ real life property and achievements through being away fighting (other people’s wars).

        … They’re trying to make us feel guilty… For what, exactly?

        Something doesn’t wash.

  9. I see soimon is trying to be relevant as is shameless jones oh! that is right its election year so the claws are out.

  10. One poster commented that it was invite only – Head of state. Our head of state is the Queen, but that royal house declined. Well , she is getting on in years…jet setting can get pretty exhausting for some seniors. I think shes done more than enough in her lifetime – more than most of us.

    Anyways, if National really felt the desire to attend they could have always sent a representative of their own. They didn’t.

    Instead they were more than happy to meet with a high ranking official of the Philippines who is a Nazi sympathizer. Which then strikes one as odd that the memorial service they are bleating about concerns how under a far right regime ( Nazi’s ) 6 million men women and children ( 1939 – 1945 ) were murdered…

    So on the one hand the National party are giving tacit support to a modern day Nazi sympathizer and high ranking official of the Philippines, – and on the other hand political points scoring by making a song and dance about this govt not attending a memorial service for 6 million victims murdered by the Nazi’s , – that the National party seems to ( incredibly ) turn a blind eye to.

    I think they’ve magnificently shown their hand on this one.

    Hypocrisy and B.S 101.

    • The GG acts as our head of state in these matters. Our understudy is the Speaker of Parliament – for the UK the Prince of Wales and for the US VP Pence.

      • Interesting,… what I wonder is the status of the findings of the Bamyan province massacre , John Keys role in giving the go ahead, and the NZDF’s role in that?

        Who was the GG at that time?…

        Jerry Mateparae.

        Has Trevor Mallard ever involved himself in such skulduggery?

        And so why , … did Israel reject Mallard?

        Especially as we elected him to represent us?

        Is only Israel allowed to selectively pick and choose their yes men and women?

        Or does it specifically mean ‘ head of state’?, – code-word for ” who we want to attend”?

        Rather arrogant , … beggars cant be choosers, who do they think they are to select who should and shouldn’t attend? Are they the arbiters of NZ politics and custom? Who asked them to perform their spy duties for their young people operating as Mossad agents here in NZ?

        And who appointed them to that lofty role?

        The USA ?

        And BTW- we are not under a monarchy so much, – that is merely figurative in NZ. Nor do we have either the vested regional interests of the USA, – and for a start , we do not have a Presidential system. And that makes a huge difference . Therefore who we send is our final answer,- whether some foreign country likes it OR NOT.

  11. For Bridges it is the Pot Calling the Kettle Black.

    He is a major hypocrite who deems himself and National as being utter perfection.

    Oh to be so arrogant,

    He(Bridges)also comes across as a replacement John Key i.e has an answer for EVERYTHING and knows EVERYTHING.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Teddy Locsin Jr said to some of his colleagues in his own language after the meeting with Simon Bridges this: “That guy(Bridges)looks like a right useless piece of rubbish. Good luck to New Zealand if he becomes the Prime Minister. Oh by the way Mr Brownlee I guess you didn’t go to the Memorial Service for the Holocaust. Welcome to the Phillipines instead.What sort of pies would you like? We have pork ones if you are interested???””

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