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  1. “CEAC calls for Ministry of Health to be cautious of mystery viral pneumonia spreading from China.”
    Monday 20th January 2020.

    Press Release: Citizens Environmental Advocacy Centre

    CEAC calls for Ministry of Health to be “cautious” of mystery viral pneumonia spreading from China, of a new ‘coronavirus’ that’s in the same family as SARS, MERS and the common cold, health officials said Friday; –


    Since the US (CDC) “Center for Disease Control” has just placed Three airports in the United States under screening for this new global virus.

    According to the CDC they will screen passengers arriving from Wuhan, China, the epicenter of an outbreak of a new coronavirus that’s in the same family as SARS, MERS and the common cold, health officials said Friday.

    Quote; (1)

    US authorities have said they would start screening at three airports to detect travellers arriving via direct or connecting flights from Wuhan who may have symptoms of the new virus.
    In Asia, authorities in Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand have stepped up monitoring of passengers from Wuhan at airports. Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines say they have strengthened screening at all points of entry in response to the outbreak, as well.
    Japan screens all incoming travellers for high temperatures and started displaying notices at airports around the country asking passengers to come forward if they have travelled to Wuhan and have become sick.

    A report published by the London Imperial College’s MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis asserted there are likely “substantially more cases” of the new coronavirus than the 45 currently announced by Wuhan authorities.
    A summary of the report on the centre’s website says its baseline scenario estimates that there would be 1723 cases showing onset of related symptoms by 12 January. The full report was not available, however.


    • NZ is a large transit point for Chinese visitors and immigrants,
    • So we are already effectively in harm’s way.
    • So we support the Otago University Health Department calling for NZ Ministry of Health to be wary of danger to the new virus that could threaten the health of NZ citizens as stated I n the report below.


    • Maybe action will require screaming at NZ airports! But it all takes time – as the Red aid agency said about tooling up for a food crisis in Africa which a frantic journalist said was likely to start when supplies ran out in two weeks. We will need about six months to organise our response was the official statement.

      Citizens are often expected to make immediate response to commands from above. But for those above, action can take time. How long have we? 1918 bad epidemic. 2020 we have had previous epidemics which have been halted, so let’s keep it up.

      • Yeah well I see Weka is leading the last charge of the woke brigade. Public perception has turned on them. There leadership is listless and ineffective and they reach to easily for bans and deplatforming. What ever the woke mean by fighting climate change it does not involve 90% of the voting population.

  2. I have been searching on google and get pages of google books – can’t get through to other sources. What other search engines can be used to prevent this blanket monopoly? I don’t want there to be one provider for the world. But is there still an alternative, a number of alternatives even? Could someone give me ideas for what to do for solid information outside The Google?

  3. Actually re google – I hadn’t realised that it had flipped me over to books, so I was getting all books even though I changed my keywords. But then the other thing is that they were all googlebooks.

  4. Advice for international air travellers. Don’t take your gun to town son, leave your gun at home! And watch the Marmite – and butter. Don’t ‘hold’ it too close, put it in your baggage. What if you only have a carry-on?
    These dreaded hate machines masquerading as people leave wide collateral damage.
    “We collect a mountain of butter and Marmite.
    “If you are a Kiwi living overseas, it is of course your patriotic duty to eat a jar of Marmite each year. But just make sure you pack it in the bag that’s going in the hold, not in your carry on.”

    This could be a slogan for a more peaceful future: Johnny Cash sings as if he is calling on memories.

  5. National Party Insurance scam, or “NZ whitewater scandal” resurrection? – all as an elaborate plan as a part of National playing dirty politics again in election year?

    National Party office in Auckland burgled overnight
    Auckland reporters10:32, Jan 20 2020

    Laptops have allegedly been taken from the National Party office in Auckland’s Epsom.
    The National Party’s Auckland office has been burgled overnight, its deputy leader says.
    Paula Bennett told Magic Talk that three laptops has been taken from the party’s Epsom office, Newshub reported.
    Bennett and police have been contacted for comment.

  6. International researchers have long said that this country is well placed to go down the cashless route, although possibly not as well as some other developed economies, and even a few developing nations.

    I will possibly be dead by then so can say ‘Over my dead body’. We have had our society and economy pulled out from under us like a magical trick of removing the tablecloth from under the plates and cutlery of a meal.
    What a giant hoax this technology wave is.

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