Political Caption Competition


Hick South Islander unable to spell the word Comrade or Ardern


  1. Oh dear, one of our lesser present peasants of NZ. How was this image managed? It must have been photoshopped. Giggle giggle, go a little group of avaricious, rudimentary, agrarian-slanted dimwits who have learned all about new technology, but little about ancient human life and its lofty potential for holistic vision.

    • It could have been photoshopped or it could be as easy as someone on a lawnmower. While digital technology is the thing today back in the day an internal combustion engine attached to a machine was high tech & is still capable of many useful things, obviously an electric motor would be better.

      • If you can’t spell comrade, I’m guessing digital technology has passed this farmers by … so my guess tractor!

    • @ DX5 So? You know a few farmers do you?
      And who ever the rocket surgeon was who wrote that little paddock message knows nothing about Russia either and on that note, who knows if that person with frankly quite flash sign writing skills was in fact a farmer? Do communist, alien farmers from other planets come here and do crop circles too?
      FYI Grass Roots Scribe.
      Farmers just farm. That’s what farmers do.
      It’s the big four banksters who parasitise farmers who love the Chinese trade. Any trade, for that matter, so long as they can get their big flat, fat feet in the trough, aye Boys?
      That’s why you, the mighty bankster sold us out to the Aussies years ago, right? You lobbied holyoak and the pigster, is that not right? To Australia? Our biggest competitor for the same northern hemisphere markets producing the same products? When I write the word ’Traitor’? What does that mean to you…?
      I swear to God. Some of you urban people are as ignorant as some of our farmers but farmers are isolated and ignored unless they wear black singlets and red bands and say ” Gidday” a lot but you urban people, what’s your excuse. Are you ‘choosing’ to be stupid? That’d be a bit worrying wouldn’t it? You’d probably want to do something about that wouldn’t you?
      P.S. A word on Jacinda Adern.
      In the broader sense, I think she has no real idea what the fuck to do. If farmers don’t and our non farmers don’t and our brightest minds don’t and our stupidest don’t and our most creative and cultivated don’t then how the fuck can Jacinda Adern …do?
      Farmers? I think Jacinda Adern needs a leg up onto the What-The-Fuck’s-Going-On-Here-Then? horse don’t you? Take her for a gallop around the back paddock. Enlighten her on a few this and that’s. But be kind to her.
      I’m praying to the Gods that she’s got good intentions. Hopefully, not the kind the road to Hell is paved with.
      ( Farmers ! ? Do you hear that…! ? That rasping, heavy breathing sound over your shoulder? Do you feel that !? That horrible, hot clammy hand that’s just slipped into your trousers and down into your pockets ! ? Did you see a flash of Blue out the corner of your eye…? That’ll be the Natzo’s ! They’ll sense that you’re trying to open your minds because there’s nothing as sure, nor as bankable as a closed one. )

      • Well that settles that then, at least in your mind.. I wish I could be so trite, and be comfortable within myself afterwards… I had no idea countering a reasonable assumption with a highly unlikely one would be so “convincing”.. Well done son!!

  2. This is proof that crop circles are not made by visiting aliens.
    They are made by hate infused semi-literate rednecks that live amongst us.

  3. Re ‘Hick South Islander unable to spell the word Comrade’
    Why are you being mean to us South Islanders? Why would you write that? It’s divisive and churlish, isn’t it?
    No Class dahlings.
    Worst still and most alarmingly and suspiciously divisive.
    I’ve come to regard TDB as being above that kind of ‘Whaleoil’ sewer prose.
    Here’s me thinking we were all AO/NZ’ers standing together against a common foe?
    Perhaps we need an AO/NZ divided into two seperate states with seperate economies and run by state governments?
    Then, you lovely, cultured North Island people can produce then export what you do and we South Island Hicks will produce then export what we do and at the end of the financial year we South Islanders might lend you the money you’ll need to carry to live beyond your means to support a false economy foisted on you by your big four bankster mates, at a nominal interest rate, of course. We are family after all.
    Oh. And there will be travel restrictions and you’ll get unplugged from our electricity but we can work around that with a hike ( Significant.) in whole sale electricity prices and we can all get pass ports, so, easy aye?
    Now, pardon me while I tune my banjo.

    • What the duelling banjo thing. Why not have a bit of friendly argey-bargey between North and South Islands?
      As there is with (un)friendly Australia. Why waste our energies on them, let’s out-do each other to be up with the best ideas for our disenchanted citizens either wondering what to do with their money if they can’t buy houses, or wondering where the best place for the night is for oneself and perhaps the kids? Remember that there are a lot of fat cats around Queenstown and Ashburton who can organise financial saves when things come apart as in:
      South Canterbury bailout bill: $405 each – NZ Herald
      Sep 1, 2010 – The Govt yesterday paid $1.775bn – or $405 for every person in NZ – to take … South Island tycoon Allan Hubbard’s $2 billion Timaru-based company was … investors of South Canterbury Finance will come as a huge burden.

      That still lurks in some North Island minds. Which doesn’t mean that the same hasn’t happened in reverse.
      I think we should have friendly competition for the good of the whole country and not just big business farmers, property speculators and other foreign-owned hydra from Greek mythology.

  4. Naughty Simon has climbed out the bedroom window in the middle of the night to exercise his freedom of expression on behalf of National.

  5. Christ. If you’re going to insult people, at least get your spelling right. Otherwise you may as well stay home and punch yourself in the face. I’m sure there are farmers around the country looking at this and saying, “Gavin needs to shut the hell up. He’s embarrassing us.” How many straw-chewing simpletons like Captain Lawnmower here could actually define ‘Communism’? If you shoved a microphone under their noses and said, “Righto mate, what’s Communism? What do you understand Communism to be by definition? Take all the time you need.”, you’d probably have to cut to advertisements because the awkward silence would be interminable.

  6. Southland farmer tries to deflect attention from the fact their waterways are not fenced off in accordance with local regulations.

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