What Simon Bridges will be saying to Duterte after launching Strike Force Raptor


Simon Bridges to raise concerns over killings in Philippines trip

Along with National’s Defence spokesperson Mark Mitchell, Foreign Affairs spokesperson Gerry Brownlee and New Zealand’s first Filipino MP Paulo Garcia, Bridges will meet with a number of politicians and officials for talks on trade and other cooperation.

Talks will include the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Jose Rene Almendras, Manila’s mayor Isko Moreno, the boxer-cum-senator Manny Pacquiao and a Cardinal Luis Antonia Tagle.

Bridges said he would raise concerns over the extrajudicial killings of drug dealers with the Philippines government where appropriate.

“Clearly there’s some differences in opinion between New Zealanders as a whole and the Philippines administration where it comes to issues of penal policy and drug offenders and death penalty and the like.”

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NO THERE’S NOT! National want to roll back the civil liberties of beneficiaries, prisoners and gang members, the difference is simply the degree with which Duterte goes to, but not the direction!

If it’s anything like him raising human rights concerns with China, Simon will come out praising Duterte’s tough on crime approach and ask him to visit Strike Force Raptor when he launches it!

If Bridges was smart, he’d severely criticise Duterte’s human rights abuses to look tough, distance his Party from the reek of Chinese corruption and make Strike Force Raptor look genuine and not the raw meat policy brain fart it really is.



  1. “Bridges said he would raise concerns over the extrajudicial killings of drug dealers with the Philippines government where appropriate”

    Bridges is a ‘joke’.

    It really just looks like he is trying to look like a ‘real leader’ saying that.

    Especially when he is seen to love to ‘place controls’ on his own citizens in NZ at the same time?????.


  2. “raw meat policy brain fart”

    Those five words sum up everything associated with Soimon Bwidges and the entitled Me Me Me Party. The more things change, the more they stay the same. By this time next year, Bwidges will have been replaced by Saint Christopher Luxon who will ensure normal service resumes…more raw meat policy brain fart.
    100% guaranteed.

  3. These recent trips, China, now the Philippines (India later?) are probably designed to impress those New Zealanders having migrated to NZ over the past 10-12 years.

    These three groups encompass 100.000 to 130.000 votes (conservative estimate), familiar with voting en bloc.

    A well-thought-through, constructive policy response by the Left would be most useful to accommodate demographics. (Forget that misleading ‘generation whatsoever’ stuff and concentrate on substantials.)

  4. Si does like to play with the big boys doesn’t he? Not only big boys, but very dictatorial, bullying, brutal big boys at that! First China and now the Philippines!

    Apart from Brownlee, as opposition spokesperson for foreign affairs, is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the loop re little Si and chums Philippines visit this time?

    National list member Paulo Garcia. Really? He who in the 21 Century believes sex should not be an act of desire or recreation. It’s purpose being solely for the creation of life only! Give me strength, where does National cough up these people from?

    • mary_a

      “where does National cough up these people from?”

      DESPERATION…throw enough darts at a dartboard, one will eventually hit it’s mark. Similar ethos to his other fav, “throw enough mud at the wall…………”

      Bridges would very happily best friend Martin Shkreli if he thought there were $$ and votes in it. He’s the most untrustworthy National Party politician the NZ electorate has ever been subjected to.

  5. He would disagree with EXTRA-judicial killings, I am sure.
    But would he disagree with “judicial” killings, better known as executions?
    I don’t think he would mention this.
    But I’m sure that there would be more than a few in the National Party who would secretly welcome bringing back the death penalty so it isn’t implausible that some anonymous little National back bencher wannabe might introduce a member’s bill.
    It would be for murderers, rapists, child sex offenders of course, and it would fail because it would have been designed not to succeed – but to get the tub thumping mob worked up enough to vote for deliverance from evil aka the Natzskis.

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