Latest Royal Update: Ungrateful Millennials get kicked out of parents house 


Details of Prince Harry and Meghan’s split from the royal family revealed as world reacts

In a separate statement, Buckingham Palace announced the couple would no longer use their royal titles and would not receive public money for royal duties.

The couple will no longer represent the royal family on official duties including military duties and “wish” to repay the $4.5 million of taxpayer money they used to refurbish Frogmore Cottage. However the property will remain their home while in the UK.

The new model will take effect in the northern spring 2020.

To be completely honest, I don’t give two shits about this royal bust up, but I am taking delight at the generation war this has ended up becoming:

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  • The social climbing Millennial wanting all the fun and none of the obligations.
  • Boomer parents paying for it all and getting shitty about the lack of work ethic.
  • Woke feminists screaming this is all about CisHets hating Meghan being a WoC.
  • Whipped like Hazza trending as a hashtag #WhippedLikeHazza.
  • The ugly estranged half family of Meghan vomiting toxic personal details.
  • A Prince of the Crown begging for voice work at Disney for his Princess wife.
  • The glaring absurdity that this is dominating the news when it should be really Prince Andrew’s connections to a billionaire sex offender that we are still talking about.
  • Claims this is Meghan sticking it to the patriarchy when in fact the Queen is the most powerful Matriarchy in the world.

All that said, there is something wonderfully normal in this new age of subjective rage watching a family tearing itself to pieces with all members claiming they are the wounded victim while everyone else takes sides on social media.

Just like in real life.

Can we get back to the planet melting please?




  1. The resemblance of Harry to Hewitt the horse whisperer is undeniable, the male pattern baldness is the giveaway. Charles probably did father the recalcitrant though, if not him then Worzel Gummidge (Pertwee at the peak of his powers).

  2. I think the royal family will be delighted with how their latest soap opera has played out. Two months ago the world’s media couldn’t stop talking about a senior family member who was alleged to have had sex with a trafficked 17y.o. girl. His close friendship with a now dead billionaire paedophile wasn’t a great look either. I’m sure they’re all breathing a huge sigh of relief now that the focus has shifted back to a good old fashioned melodrama, fit to grace the pages of Woman’s Day.

    • @ simonm … It seems the royal buddy of Jeffrey Epstein has quickly slipped back into the family fold. His mum publicly took him to church with her on Sunday. Wonder what he prayed for …

  3. So…typical of a great many contemporary “western” families then? *yawn*

    Good grief people, who cares? Turn your minds to more important issues then get up and act to make a difference.

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