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  1. What do people think of this – a true statement?
    “In Against Democracy Jason Brennan argues most political questions are too complex for most voters to comprehend. We mistake our adaptive preferences for common sense. Our status quo bias helps maintain support for inefficient policies. And some of us are just irredeemably stupid. This is how we get Trump. In other words: can we trust ourselves with democracy? In a trite sense the question is a fair one. I make ideological claims and assumptions all of the time that evidence and events expose as nothing more than wishful thinking. But the answer to that apparent stupidity, contrary to what Brennan insists, is not a technocracy. Instead it’s a stronger public knowledge.”

    From Dennis Frank – – at The Standard. Interesting points to think on.

  2. Okay now we can’t buy bulk ice cream any more? Can’t we have any pleasures in life? Can we have large machines that will pump out ice cream into our containers as if we were getting the fruity soft serve version?

    Further, why can’t we get organised and use these hard plastics for other purposes? The plastic fence post company is just the start. Let’s do more of this!

    Ice cream machines dispensing? They need to be cleaned properly. Supermarkets have the systems to ensure this I think. But possible faults are considered here. (

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