Political Caption Competition


National Party Social Media team out do themselves


  1. The cannabis referendum will be decided on party affiliation. Conservative God bothering Nats will wage a scaremongering campaign where they will spout off that cannabis is a gateway drug that encourages young Kiwi’s to become drug addicted zombies with a substance with highly dubious value.

    Then there is the rest of us. People who have evolved and understand the current laws around cannabis make no sense and represent pure hypocrisy on an epic scale. The time for turning good people into criminals is over. Ignorance on all the good medicinal cannabis especially achieves is no longer acceptable. Believing cannabis is a gateway drug is akin to banning coffee for the same farcical justification.

    Caption = “hey folks, I just had a few tokes on this joint and guess what, I’m chilled with no urge to be violent, drive like a lunatic, become a vandal, be a drain on the tax payer or behave like a neanderthal”

    • Alcohol is by far the bigger legal killer and how come ciggies went up causing many of our Maori people to get sore necks and back disorders from looking down. I wonder if ACC claims have increased. In the meantime alcohol remains dirt cheap gosh what hypocrisy.

    • They national along with peter dunny had no problem legalising synthetics was that their ethnic cleansing policy ?

  2. New Ab Fab series announced with millennial Saffie taking charge of her out of control alcoholic Boomer mother Edina and close friend Patsy.

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