I’m sorry – Iran or America – who is the ‘imminent threat’ and don’t dare think Trump won


Trump has attempted to justify his tantrum assassination by lying to the American people that they were in ‘imminent threat’.

Here is how one Republican briefed on this ‘imminent threat’ responded on seeing the ‘evidence’…

…this entire fiasco is a sick joke, a tantrum pulled by Trump with no foresight of the possible ramifications.

Trump is claiming America was in ‘imminent threat’. Bullshit.

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Who is the real imminent threat here?

America has 6800 nuclear weapons and has used nuclear weapons on civilians in the past, they have over 800 military bases and they have invaded and destabilised 80 countries since WW2.

So who is the actual imminent threat? Iran or America?

Don’t for one second think this is over.

Iran made a public show to save face with their useless missile strike, even warning America it was going to attack empty bases, but the real payback will be the proxy war about to be unleashed on every single American asset outside of the United States.

Trump just made the world far more dangerous.


  1. The Orange Absurdity realises now Iran will retaliate in no uncertain terms, should it be provoked or intimidated by the US, which IMO in its present form is one of the biggest threats to world stability.

    Justifiable evidence of Iran’s “imminent threat to Americans” requiring the assassination of Iranian military chief Soliemani on the soil of a third party nation Iraq, is?

  2. I wish that I could find something positive to say, or just to think….

    Trying… trying…

    But it eludes me.

    I feel that we are all in some way the unwilling participants in some ghastly snuff movie. But this is no movie. Every day people, every day children are being blown to pieces for some war profiteers sadistic satisfaction.

    And anyone who thinks, “but they wouldn’t do that to me” lacks a functioning brain cell.

  3. Thanks for that Martyn, i tried to send you that meme quite some time ago but don’t think it got through. A telling blog from an american site.
    It needs to be clear that none of this cowardly murder was done in the heat of authorized battle. None of it has come during legally declared war. These assassinations are just that: murders without acknowledgement, much less official justification that, when exposed, are flatly denied by implausible baldfaced bullshit from our robotic, faux-Christian Mandarins. Our government always keeps, among its court jongleurs, trained slugs whose unique sociopathic gift consists in being able to look a clueless public in the face and solemnly assure them that dogshit is ice cream.

    What is notable about this sordid history is not that it happened, since this country has foisted the dirtiest, most flagrant deceptions on the world and its own people as a matter of course for generations, but this: that from the beginning of our state murder program enormous effort has gone into keeping the fact of it hidden or, at least, deniable. It remained to Jabba, the President, not only to end that charade, to blow that cover in the Soleimani murder, but also, with idiot vanity, to celebrate himself as its author.

    Quite apart from being astoundingly, stupidly reckless, since The Empire’s functionaries, military and other, become immediate potential targets, it is an offence against the laws of nations and of war. America, the full rogue state, cares nothing for such laws, of course, but some quaint nations still do and it puts it in seriously bad odor with the few suckup lackeys it still may have despite Trump’s relentless campaign to demean and alienate them. Candidates for another “coalition of the willing” to mask America’s brute adventurism are going to be scarce as birdshit in a cuckoo clock.

  4. People in Iran rebelling wanting a leadership change! Wat connection would they be to USA.

    On Radionz.
    The calls were led by Ukraine’s president and the prime minister of Canada, which lost 57 nationals.
    Social media footage has shown protests in Iran, some of them calling for Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei to resign.
    The plane was shot down on Wednesday, hours after Iran had struck two air bases housing US forces in Iraq.

  5. That the strike, which took place last week without congressional approval or debate, should be conducted with the urgency of heading off an imminent threat is actually key to making it legal under US law. But Trump has subsequently made clear — notably in comments Tuesday from the Oval Office — that he was also motivated by retribution after the death of an American contractor at an Iraqi military base, possibly caused by Iranian-backed militias, or violent protests at the US Embassy in Baghdad.

    The death of an American contractor? Donald Trump doesn’t give a hoot about ordinary people except to use them as pawns. It is a reverse of the initiation that caused WW1 to start. In that case it was a person of little standing shooting at the elite. In this case it is the elite treating someone of lower ranks, as if it was an elite, and making that an excuse to kill off a leader.

    Is this going to develop into a parallel with Israel regularly harassing Palestine and Gaza Strip, provoking a retaliation that provides a justification for the next hit on the weaker Palestinians; a war of attrition?

  6. It’s worth noting that Qassem Suleimani wasn’t the only target for assassination that night: the U.S. attempted to assassinate another high ranking Iranian general – Abdul Reza Shahlai – the same night as Qassem Suleimani; but the mission was not successful, according to Associated Press – they killed someone else instead, Mohammad Mirza, a lower-level operative.

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