Billionaires who funded Brexit have won their plutocracy – lessons from Corbyn’s implosion


The working classes who have been economically mutilated by free trade globalisation & culturally alienated by intersectionalist social media have spoken in Britain & they have chosen the wall.

The tyranny of First By The Post politics has strangled the desperate votes for change and many voices were made invisible tonight.

Corbyn promised a fully funded left economic alternative, but it meant nothing if Britain could not stand alone from Europe.

Corbyn’s cosmopolitan middle class youth activist base only alienated those working class voters on social media. The Right looks for recruits, the Left look for traitors.

With Corbyn losing, it is the death of the class left in modern Western politics and heralds the rise of Identity Politics Uber Allas.

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The lessons are:

  • That the Deep State will never allow a real threat to the capitalist state to gain power.
  • That anyone serious about Palestinian rights will be branded anti-semitic as a tactic.
  • The Guardian reading woke middle classes will never allow their economic position to be seriously challenged.
  • That in a political landscape dominated by Identity Politics and intersectionist social media, white men from lower social economic strata will start seeing themselves as the victim and become Identitarians themselves. Call white men the problem long enough and they’ll become the problem.
  • The solidarity of class, the 1% plus their 9% enablers vs the 90% rest of us, has been lost in a cacophony of social media oceans all subjectively screaming their wounds at each other.
  • Twitter doesn’t mean shit! Facebook is the space where the debate is won and lost where as Twitter is where the alienating woke conclave congregate to demand mandatory mantra.

And the biggest lesson?

  • The UK Billionaires who funded Brexit have won their plutocracy.

To fully appreciate the scale of manipulation here, one has to appreciate why British Billionaires backed Brexit.

The only real threat to the power of the 1% within Britain was EU regulation to force transparency and close tax havens, thus the 1% wanted to get Britain out of the EU so that their influence and power wouldn’t be challenged, that’s why they stumped up for the Brexit campaign using Boris and Farage as front people while exploiting Cambridge Analytica’s ability to target angry white working men who had been left behind by globalisation.

Manipulating working class resentment into making a decision like Brexit to ensure the power of the 1% is as Machiavellian as it gets. Boris has played the exact same trick Trump did which shouldn’t surprise anyone because the same social media mining company plotted both strategies.

National are currently playing the same game.

Brexit is a blindsiding of Westminster Democracy for a neoliberal plutocracy hell bent on taking power no matter what the price. Dark days are ahead for Britain under neoliberal Boris and Labour’s impending implosion into sectarian fighting will ensure two terms.

God save the Queen, because tonight she can’t save the UK.


  1. What a crock of shit Martyn.
    Corbyn was an utterly unlikeable, unelectable Muppet in the same mould of Andrew Little – except far worse.
    Furthermore, the EU is the most anti-democratic institution this side of Beijing and the sooner it fails the better.

    • Well said Jays. I have just returned from the UK and there is a ton of money waiting to be invested once Brexit is sorted and all Corbyn could come up with was to nationalize the soccer clubs.

    • Nope. Jeremy Corbyn is the most lied about person walking this planet and and there was nothing that could be done about that because Corbyn had the worst advisors possible. Trump on the other hand, a needy narcissist, the most unelectable person, the most disliked – one thing he had going for him was good advisors like Steve Banon. Even Jacinda is an example of a person who wouldn’t ordinarily get elected but for some good advisors feeding her solid information you can still win.

      Personality dosnt mean shit. All youre saying is hand back The UK Labour Party to the neoliberals which I hear Corbyn is currently resisting. Once BREXIT is over UKLabour can select a candidate with a strong message and a left wing manifesto and fight back.

      Even while Corbyn is impaled from all sides you must always be playing the long game.

    • Whats to dislike about either Corbyn or Little?

      Both are men of integrity. And in Corbyns case, he essentially endorsed how NZ was run ( prosperously , unlike now ) up until 1984. I do see Trump congratulated Johnson as well as our own PM. In our PM’s case , she alluded to the fact that once England leaves the EU , a comprehensive free trade deal will be negotiated. Well I suppose that will be good,… however, under the current neo liberal consensus it will mean sweet bugger all to the majority of us on Struggle St.

      The Brits have always seen themselves as apart from mainland Europe,.. its in their psyche. Personally I dont like a united Europe,… too many flaws with differing economies, and the fact they have their armies all pointed at Russia.

      But that doesn’t mean to say we should beat up on Corbyn, – the man was just after a govt that actually gave a damn about the little person. Too bad it isn’t going to happen. But I wonder, however,… will those same billionaires still ask the little guy to enlist , go to war and spill their guts and brains on foreign soil on their behalf while they busily grant loans to both sides of the conflict while they stay in the safe zones back home sipping their port by a nice warm fire?

      Makes you wonder, dunnit.

    • If he was unelectable why was he so favoured by members of the Labour Party? He lost, and Boris the boor won for the very reasons Martyn has listed. It seems you are a fine example of the success of the neo-liberals strategies.

      • Well he clearly was unelectable since he got his arse handed to him.
        With regards to unlikeable, the Labour MPs have wanted him gone forever.
        Corbyn has the same indescribable “X Factor ” as Andrew Little and Judith Collins that makes even their best friends hate them.
        These people are the anti-Aderns who the same as Bill Clinton is just liked. Although Clinton was in a?whole different league.

        • Corbyn lost because right-wing parties have learned that they can just tell lies about the left and get away with it at the moment. If our Labour Party has any sense they’ll establish a social media response team to counter lies within minutes of them being put out to facebook – it’s probably their only chance or surviving the next election. Either that or a huge investment in publicly owned journalism.

      • The reason Corbyn was put into the Labor leadership role is the same reason that Little was made leader.

        The radicals within the party pushed their man into the role without listening to the what the public actually thought. In their little forums and echo chambers Corbyn was the one that would lead the revolution, however no one else thought that.

      • You know was electable means right? The ability to win a general election.
        Just as Clinton lost to an orange orangutan, Corbyn lost to a mop haired boof head.
        Not only that, he lost by near historic proportions.
        If that aint unelectable, what is?
        When will you people learn that a hard core policy set that appeals only to the most faithful of base is a one way trip to the opposition benches.
        As ineffectual as Adern has been, at least she seems to understand that.

    • Anti democratic is First Past the Post, where you do not need to win the popular vote and can yet present a ‘great win’, while just managing to get enough candidates through in crucial seats, using whatever means.

      Have you ever been to the EU, I doubt it, as you sound a bit ignorant, to be honest.

      • So by what majority was the president of the EU elected? Answer nine because he was appointed.
        How many people voted for the formation of a supra national body? Answer is none because it was initially meant to be a customs union and nothing more.

    • Jays: “Corbyn was an utterly unlikeable, unelectable Muppet….”

      So it seems. Kim Hill did this interview with Jonathan Freedman on her show this morning. He said the same thing:

      The voters don’t like Corbyn, think that he’s indecisive, basically don’t trust him. Brexit – Corbyn’s stance on it – is a salient example of his weakness, in the voters’ view.

      • Precisely.
        Adern is likeable despite being pretty incompetent and so won where Little never could have.
        Bill Clinton was incredibly charismatic and likeable and so won despite pushing a pretty anti worker agenda including NAFTA.
        Trump won because Hillary Clinton is utterly unlikable and insulted anyone who disagreed with her.
        Trump will win next year because the Democrats can’t help getting neck deep in identity politics and the Democrats will learn nothing and still blame Russia, racism or whatever they can to deflect attention from their own inadequacies.

  2. Wow, so much emotion in this. Of course you have to have the obligatory woke anti white slur thrown in for good measure.
    The tyranny of first past the post? There’s been endless screeching over the electoral college victory by Trump, after Clinton lost with her popular vote. How about the ‘tyranny’ of Winston anointing Jacinda?
    And if it was the UK billionaires funding brexit, it was only in opposition to the international billionaires funding remain. You win some, you lose some. It’s just a small wonder the left have lost so much, with the left wing media, left wing pop culture, left wing Hollywood, the lefts censorship on opposing views.

  3. Labour were their own worst enemy at this election. Once again, they refused to make temporary alliances with the Lib Dems, SNP or PC to counter the Tories/Brexiteers alliances.
    Boris the Spider simply could not believe his luck: the Brexit Party mopped up the disaffected Northern England Brexit supporters leaving the Tories to cash in on the seats.
    When will Labour learn that to beat the Tories you have to be dirtier than them, not cleaner?
    ……exasperated sigh…….

  4. The nail on UK labour’s coffin in the election was in the last few weeks apparently some in Labour were asking for ‘open borders’… free for all immigration into the UK….

    The conservatives vote pretty much stayed the same as with Teresa May aka 43%, but Labour votes plummeted from 40% to 33%, with Corbyn being the leader both times, so it was nothing to do with his popularity but more their policy and their allegiances.

    “Labour will unveil a compromise position on immigration in its manifesto on Thursday that would not commit fully to free movement after Brexit but would expand the rights of migrants to bring family members to the UK.”

    “Labour under hard-left socialist Jeremy Corbyn has backed Britain effectively being turned into an open borders state, with the party planning to offer votes, free healthcare, and benefits to an uncontrolled number of migrants.”

    Brexit came from the UK politicians not putting in safe guards to protect themselves when the EU expanded into the poorer parts of Europe which increased immigration significantly, very quickly.

    France and Germany put in policy to protect their workers when the fifth enlargement happened with the poorer countries (Malta, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Akrotiri and Dhekelia) and the sixth enlargement (Bulgaria, Romania) and this stopped them getting so many people from there, and they chose to go to the UK instead.

    Millions more came to the UK than they were expecting. The NHS was flooded as was housing (already an issue with the Thatcher selling off the state houses under a ‘Kiwibuild’ type policy and the usual neoliberal overseas investors investing in ‘gold bricks”) and the social welfare system was pushed to the limit so of course they always go for the easy targets, aka the disabled and older migrants (wind rush) to try and save money on.

    In the UK voters that did not agree with the migration floodgates were deemed stupid, racist, uneducated etc and their views and experiences were denigrated. But apparently they had real issues of people coming to their communities and turning them into shitholes, … North of England is now even more of a shit hole than it used to be with ghettos and no jobs.

    Meanwhile in London everything went swimmingly (unless you were a mid to low paid worker) and they drank champagne with the millions they just made from selling that apartment or tax haven to the Russians/Middle East/chinese/ pretty much anyone wanting gold bricks.

    I’m actually all for Remain and Corbyn because I don’t live there.

    However if I did live in the UK as a taxpayer, I might feel differently because if you are a worker or beneficiary and you see the above open migrant policy aka free health to more migrants and their parents, while a picture of a sick British born kid who does not have a hospital bed and is now sleeping on the hospital floor, you might stay at home if you are Labour voter or swing conservative and try to stop the demand from escalating.

    Same happened with Trump!

    When NZ Labour campaigned last year to cut immigration they finally go into power.

    But they seemed to have not kept their promises once they got in and are expanding migrant parents and arranged marriages, yippee (sarc) while the food banks are filling up, Jobseeker up 11% and homelessness is the highest it has ever been!

  5. I don’t think it matters who the fuck ‘gets in’ .
    We have little humans veying for the Big Cock award.
    Good luck with that boys.
    One big fat Meh

  6. First Past the Post brings such results, we had the same perversion in NZ Inc once.

    But look at the VOTE SHARE, we can see the Conservatives have less votes than Labour, Liberal Democrats and Scottish Nationalists combined, how bizarre, how bizarre, the Cons worked out some tricks that Donald the Trump taught them:

    I wonder what agency was hired to get the Conservatives under Boris such a successful outcome, without winning the popular vote.

  7. Reason why Boris won?
    When working class electorates go PRO BREXIT and change from Labour to Tories,, that suggests the “genuine UK” workers recognise the threat of “European” workers coming in and: (a) competing for the jobs = over supply of labour = lower wages; (b) having a child in UK which qualifies for UK pensions which inevitably reduces the payout to aging “genuine” Poms; and (c) soaking up medical facilities.

    Axiomatic, M8.

  8. When looking at it the actual numbers of voting, conservatives vs Labour/Lib Dems are reasonably even, it is how the electoral boundaries are designed to benefit the conservatives and how the first past the post system works that has led to the seemingly large victory.

    A lot of Labour people up North, switched because of Brexit vs more immigration for remain, and that has hurt Labour and Lib Dems.

    Corbyn apparently doesn’t even believe in the EU as much as the Labour evangelists for open borders no questions asked, so not sure how it can be his fault for the election results!

    You also can’t win with identity police, (pride parade comes to mind). If you want to limit immigration you are a racist (Lib Dems) and if you believe in Palestine state you are anti Semitic (Corbyn).

    Who can keep the identity police happy and it’s coming from their own party members who are first to put the knife into their own on race! Meanwhile those on struggle street don’t get much of a mention apart from as some identity group designation that is more racist than the racists and the middle class are just people who should pay more taxes and feel guilty for not being on struggle street and add more people into struggle street and overseas billionaires.

    Labour lost, because they failed to shut the Labour idiots up for promoting more migration and health care for those who are not British born.

    Free broad band isn’t a priority when you are sick and on an ever growing waiting list and there is no housing or schools getting worse but wait, more free health care for migrant families and votes, being promoted in Britain.

    Total votes
    Conservative 13,966,565
    Labour 10,295,607
    Scottish National Party 1,242,372
    Liberal Democrat 3,696,423

    MMP in NZ has got similarly corrupted by the list seats now up for sale by the parties for a mere $100k (Natz), and used for identity purposes to promote newbies (Greens in particular) not how they were intended to actually represent individual votes.

    NZ Labour may fail by taking a bet each way, concentrating on the trivial and thinking that a small change (aka reintroducing aged migrant parents and arranged marriages being green lighted and more migrant crims getting residency) isn’t going to lose votes in a tight election when they failed to do anything significant just like the Natz.

    The intention that speaks a lot. Supporting the few who don’t live here (yet), while ignoring the majority may prove to be enough of a swing to drop Labour while all Natz have to do, is do nothing. (Their favourite)

    I guess power, corrupts and it’s from the inside, that does the most damage!

    • SaveNZ – U got it right in the final paragraph.
      Believe me. I been there and (according to adversaries), done that.

      The current tinkering of donations; by champion of the workers Andrew Little (yeah right m8) is cosmetic crap.

      Read Out of the Inferno
      It deals specifically with political corruption and as Chris Trotter comments on the back cover: “The only way Meurant can tell the truth is write fiction”.

      • @ Ross Meurant – +100

        Corruption is one of the biggest factors to destroy society, and NZ public has a chance to stop it before it gets to the point where impossible to stop, but instead our politicians and officials are encouraging more and more factors for it!

        • I see the dumbos in the left are also saying they want a 5 year term in NZ again another attack on democracy from the inside with not much forward thinking what that means, yep so Boris and Trump as well as all the other politicians need longer periods…NOT!

          And the Chinese President just changed the rules so he can go on indefinantly…

  9. Superb blog Bomber, you say the truth. Whereas Jays and his ilk miss the point about Corbyn’s LP that did pretty well in the previous election. Hardly unelectable, they almost won. This time the issue was Brexit and voters were fed up with it. Corbyn’s weak Brexit position was his downfall. Shame on you Country Boy for lumping 2 main parties together. The Tories have caused terrible damage to the the lives of working and jobless but the policies Corbyn promoted were lost due to lack of any real debate. Poverty will continue to increase, you shouldn’t be blase about the helpless lives it creates.

    What’s this anti Little stuff? He’s widely respected as a person of integrity, you’re pathetic Jays.

    • Regarding Little you seem to have a short memory. Labour were heading for a massive defeat and unlike Corbyn Little knew he needed to step aside for the sake of the party. He was seen as a angry trade union leader that would lead the country into bankruptcy as he forced his ultra left wing policies on us all. Peters has clipped his wings 3 times now and he comes across now as a defeated man of yesterday. He has failed to move the treaty claims forward and the prison population is still growing

      • Little was disrupted by dirty politics and a massive attack against him personally including two lawsuits against him apparently led by a dying man’s wife spending their last months on that! In fact I’m not sure Little ever recovered to fight like he used to for justice.

        And plenty more good people are leaving politics in particular the stale, male like Russell Norman, David Cunliffe, and now Gareth Hughes (being male and a Christian god knows how he lasted so long with all the privilege!)

      • I defend my long and dependable memory, Trevor Sennitt. The way Little stepped aside for the sake of the party, demonstrates his integrity. If you polled the mining communities on the West Coast, they are highly likely to support Little’s integrity. But when I say ‘many’ regard him as I do, I can’t put a figure on that. However, you’ll remain in your mindset whatever I write.

  10. You all say he cared about the ‘little guy’ yet he never visited those people in the Midlands or the north of England. He was in well off cities visiting privileged university students.
    It was Johnson who visited all of those people trying to find the solution to all there problems.

  11. I see no reason to call Corbyn a muppet. But he does come across as aloof, and as a dour Puritan. Whereas Boris comes across as a jolly rogerer with “a bit of blood”, and is very comfortable with the media. I’ve no idea what sort of a prime minister he will make, but the bar is at all-time low after David Cameron who must surely go down in history as one of Britain’s worst ever. I agree that Corbyn’s unconvincing stance on Brexit also hurt Labour.

  12. The outcome of the UK election was as depressing as it was predictable.
    Despite the previous two Conservative Prime Ministers having completely mismanaged the initial Brexit referendum (Cameron) followed by the inability of any kind of suitable exit strategy being agreed upon ( May ), the British public still were unable to vote for the Labour Party.
    Boris is undoubtedly a privileged buffoon, but who else would you believe could do a better job for the next rounds of discussions with the EU heirarchy ?

    • @ Bellemoor, Except 10,295,607 did vote for the Labour Party… maybe if Labour had backed their own leader and didn’t have those in Labour telling the UK public on struggle street, that they wanted open borders with unlimited free health care for migrants in the face of an NHS meltdown, they might have got the North of England on board with their vision?

      Bringing in cheap labour used to be against the Labour vision, aka it was called scab labour. Now it’s all mixed messages in the western world with the “labour” parties being for free trade and offshoring or onshoring labour from cheaper countries with the UK (and NZ encouraging more and more of that cheap labour to come and paying benefits to that cheap labour from existing tax payers.

      Labour don’t stand for what they used to stand for, on Labour and employment issues.

      Many people used to budgeting in the UK up North can probably work out that more demand and tight supply on everything from wages, benefits and health care, means less access unlike the intellectual-yet-idiot middle class in Labour worrying about free broadband, while British kids are on the floor on the NHS and UK Labour are more concerned that not enough migrant families can come and sign on in the UK and have warm fluffy reunited reunions paid for with government taxes.

  13. “God save the Queen, because tonight she can’t save the UK.”

    Appreciate the Gough Whitlam paraphrase. It’s a timely reminder that we cannot become complacent, we cannot afford to think that the government we have now (in NZ) will necessarily make it through for a longer term. We must remain vigilant …

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