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  1. Leave the bloody media alone Labour Coalition.   Any money you have to spend put into hospitals.    We don’t want a Brexit mess here with hospitals run down while you po

    You messed up public TV before, and privatised it.   You let us down in 1984 and some of the airheads from then are still around.     Go home and lie down and refocus.    You have a busy year next year and we want to see some real action on social matters from you.    Up to now you have been disappointing, just a few good changes. I am waiting for you to shut down Bellamys and lease it to a health food cafe.     You are too self-indulgent and fat-headed to make good decisions.   Contract out the important dinners.

    Leave the media alone.    Go back to talking about what you are going to do one day, but make that sometime in 2030 when you have solved all our other problems.    If you muck around with our media we will make you feel the pain of loss.    You are slow learners but try to think hard, and take a 180 degree turn and walk away.     Radionz has been changed enough to do a good job, and by the way, give it a name not a set of capital letters.

  2. But a mixed funding model is not inherently problematic. It doesn’t necessarily lead to commercialised reporting – especially at outlets that are established as not for profit. The BBC gets around 25 percent of its revenue from its commercial arms, selling news and programmes to an international market. And the RTE in Ireland has both commercial and public funding.

    Any bright idea that NZ has to be looked at cynically and with jaundiced eyes, (the ‘yellow press’ could easily ruin anything left with gravitas). Sunce the Labour defections in 1984, and dropping our trousers along with deregulation and its dire results, we know what getting bitten in the bum by smart-alec politicians is like, along with the bright PR talk of the aspirational middle-class.

    Politicians like big, bright ideas that create mana for them. They can always sell these to the public, and go forward with a good hind-wind, with their trousers on too. I don’t think any pollie is capable of handling these slippery media leaders, and their glossy packages. I don’t want bright coloured images of fashionably dressed and coifed presenters and reporters deciding what news makes the best pictures for them. They go on television and get facial recognition, and the public feeling that they are informed, interested and understanding in the hoi pollois’ concerns – not necessarily. Television presenters on private channels have commanded large salaries; on public ones there would be less putea, but there is the facial recognition to go into politics, be a branding aid etc. Keep public radio and television separate but with agreement on sharing some image and news content, to be acknowledged to the public. Different approaches following their own paths is what we want. And that bit about vanishing advertising and being cash strapped – Fairfax bought Trademe which was picking up much of the advertising once appearing on paper, and it would have been a good adjunct to the brand. But they preferred to asset strip it, sold it off to diminishf debt in Australia, which is the norm with takeovers; try to squeeze the same profit out of a leaner entity, and so the income was lost that would have employed the necessary journalists. NZ is being run on business lines, because…. The government is not interested in the people any more, just pretence to get needed votes, meddling with our media will give us alphabet soup, sloppy and soft pap.

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