New Zealand government must condemn political assassinations


In a letter today to the New Zealand Foreign Minister, Winston Peters, the Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa is calling on the government to condemn the political assassination of two leaders of Islamic Jihad.

Within the last 24 hours Israel simultaneously attacked the homes of two leaders of Islamic Jihad in Gaza and Syria, killing Bahaa Abu Al Ata and his wife in their house in Gaza, and the son of Akram al-Ajjouri in the al-Ajjouri house in Damascus.

Whatever one thinks of the policies and actions of Islamic Jihad they are the micro issue. The macro issue is the brutal racist behaviour of Israel which has terrorised the Palestinian population of Palestine and the wider Middle East for over 70 years.

We want Winston Peters to demand an explanation from the Israeli government for these illegal political assassinations, as well as the blatant breach of both the 2014 ceasefire agreement with Hamas, and the recently-negotiated (20/05/2019) six-month ceasefire agreement which is technically still in force.

With the death and destruction which follows this Israeli outrage we join with the rest of the world in calling for medical and financial assistance, and the lifting of the blockade of Gaza, to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian refugees.

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  1. Human Rights seem to be highly subjective these days.

    Apparently you are allowed to kill people without a trial and no issues with their wife and a child being killed at the same time, if they are against being occupied.

    Well who cares about that, (sarcasm) when there is probably a racial micro aggression, unvented bathroom or period poverty to campaign against and/or maybe due to how unsafe if is, a feminist conference or political speech to ban at a NZ university.

    “We are one”, as long as trade is not affected.

  2. Haaahaaa, really Mr Minto…a terrorist organisation that has, as it’s charter, the destruction of Israel and the killing of Jews is not only required but celebrated! Then all those rockets fired into Israel is ignored, by Israel haters like yourself, but when Israel retaliates it’s a terrible thing because their rockets are better/more accurate/fired by professional….it’s just not fair…pfffft

    • Get your shit together I’m right – as usual, the missiles from Gaza were the ones that were retaliatory! Besides, using your logic as a Palestinian hater, would you approve of Islamic Jihad assassinating Israeli politicians who MIGHT pose a threat to them? As for “rockets are better/more accurate/fired by professional…” (you missed the word ‘assassins’) how would you regard the retaliatory attacks if the Gaza citizens were equivalently armed by international suppliers.

    • he not an Isralie hater ,

      hes John Minto and he is calling for justice, assistance and the end of suffering for the palestinian people

      and good on him because they could really use a hand ..

    • im right.
      You’re a bullshit artist. You spout logical fallacies in that typically abstract though common way to confuse and obfuscate the facts to suit yourself and your murderous, racist, israeli masters.
      When I read your comments I’m reminded of the dubiously curly hair that mysteriously finds its way into ones craw then gets stuck there and no matter how much hoiking and gagging one does it can’t be dislodged.
      You’re like your signature ‘Pffft’. A small fart of dismissive gas, offensive when expelled but thankfully soon dissipates.

    • Absolutely. Israel as per usual is the agressor. Palestinians have the right in international law to take active measures against the occupying Israeli State. If they dont like the missiles they could always move their invading settlers out of the occupied territories. Its as simple as that

  3. Winston does not give a shit, and Jacinda will not have her ‘coalition’ be put at risk, and rather read the newest fashion mag.

  4. Well i note this government has condemned the firing of rockets into Israel by Hamas in retaliation. But then as the New Zealand government notes ” Palestinian Islamic Jihad – labelled a terrorist organisation by New Zealand”, so thats to be expected.

    • do you not understand the suffering of the palistinian people .

      do you not understand the concept of justice .

      were you not taught that two wrongs do not make a right .?

      what do you not understand about that ?

      please take off your blinders and think .

      whats in this for you to crank up the heat and turn it into a matter of religion .?

      because trust me whats at stake goes way beyond that
      do you not understand the concept of justice ? or the human right of all to live in freedom and peace .

  5. One can argue the semantics forever and a day but nothing can excuse the brutality and outright viciousness Israel has displayed toward the Palestinians from the time of the Naqba to now.
    We should all speak up under our own names to condemn Israel and to support Palestinians in their struggle against apartheid

  6. a path to electoral victory in 2020 beckons.

    A CHESS GRAND-MASTER can discern the future direction of the game from the way the pieces on the board are configured. He is thus able to predict the moves of his opponent with considerable accuracy. In some instances, he will be able to identify a path to victory that cannot be blocked. When both players see this path, the doomed King is laid flat and the game is over.A survey by veteran pollster Meno Geva for Galei Zahal Radio showed that 44% of Blue and White voters oppose the formation of a minority government supported from the outside by the Joint Arab List.
    Such a government would include the Yisrael Beytenu party, with the Joint Arab List remaining outside the coalition but voting with it on key issues to allow for the 61-MK majority needed to pass laws.
    A full 59% of respondents voiced opposition to such a government, while just 34% said they supported the idea.

    Of those, 19% of Likud voters thought the appointment inappropriate, compared to 74% of Blue and White voters.

    • What good is a gentlemen’s game played by thieves? There’s very little policy difference between bibi and wood be successors only Washington likes bibi a little more because he’s more radicle. A lot of Israel’s development happened under Clinton. Trumps given bibi a US embassy, recognised Jewish claims and the US funds the Sunni enemies (ISIS) of Israel’s enemy the Shi’a majority in Iran. So along with the war in Yemen if you are against meddling in foreign general elections and I hear that that’s a wee problem apparently then the US Democrats will have a mandate for change. These are Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbards policies and if the polls are correct that Americans are wary of the Saudi War in Yemen then the formal process that okay’s radical Israeli policy will cease to function.

  7. My suggestions for Palestinians are:

    1. Stop stabbing Israeli civilians

    2. Have elections in the west bank and Gaza in order to root out the corrupt thugs currently running these places

    • So nothing about the racist ethnic cleansing and theft of homes, lands and livelihoods by Zionist extremists Andrew ,,,, how non surprising from you .

      Also, have you ever criticized all the beheading, burning, maiming, mutilations and murder against women, children and civilians by Israel zionists ,,,, let me answer for you ,,,, No.

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